Gunnebo House & Gardens


Just a quick drive out of Gothenburg, Sweden you will find this organic farm-to-table, historic 1700’s estate of Gunnebo House & Garden. It’s a perfectly quiet and secluded spot surrounded in beds of lettuce, fields of livestock, rows of flowers with a sweet little country restaurant serving traditional Swedish dishes with simple country ingredients mostly grown right there on the farm. It was a beautiful example of a balance of life and alluring look back into a piece of Sweden’s history….

Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_02 Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_03 Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_05Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_04Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_06 Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_07 Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_08 Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_09 Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_10 Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_11 Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_12 Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_13 Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_15 Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_16 Gunnebo_House_and_Gardens_17

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