Ladfabriken Inn


Tucked away on one of the 8,000 small islands off the west coast of Sweden is this charming and colorful hideaway on the sea, Ladfabriken Inn. Previously an old shipping warehouse, these two creative owners Marcel and Johan (Johan is a Creative Director at Reebok) transformed this old working structure into a living world of light, life and inspiration. Art, quirky collections from world travels in previous careers, and their two dogs make this B&B rich with stories to be shared over a glass of wine while watching the sun slip down below the sea.

We more than welcomed the perfectly prepared home cooked dinner Marcel served up with his colorful and clever table arrangements followed by a breakfast extravaganza that is not to be missed. I think, however, my favorite aspect to this unique place, is the exploding garden that wraps around the entire home. You are greeted by a wash of colors and smells the moment you pull off the main road, and it’s a wonderful welcome. Throughout the Inn, and next to your bedside, Marcel leaves traces of the outside garden with his beautiful flowers arrangements perfuming the entire home.

This is one of my favorite stays on our journey with Volvo around Sweden!

Ladfabriken_Inn_02  Ladfabriken_Inn_04 Ladfabriken_Inn_05 Ladfabriken_Inn_06 Ladfabriken_Inn_07 Ladfabriken_Inn_08 Ladfabriken_Inn_09

I fell in love with this sculpture by Swedish artist Lillemor Peterson hanging in Ladfabriken. The artist depicts a man striving for money then once he gets it… it kills him. A reminder that money does not mean happiness.

Ladfabriken_Inn_10 Ladfabriken_Inn_11 Ladfabriken_Inn_12 Ladfabriken_Inn_13 Ladfabriken_Inn_14 Ladfabriken_Inn_15 Ladfabriken_Inn_16 Ladfabriken_Inn_17 Ladfabriken_Inn_18 Ladfabriken_Inn_19 Ladfabriken_Inn_20 Ladfabriken_Inn_21 Ladfabriken_Inn_22 Ladfabriken_Inn_23 Ladfabriken_Inn_24 Ladfabriken_Inn_25 Ladfabriken_Inn_26 Ladfabriken_Inn_27 Ladfabriken_Inn_28 Ladfabriken_Inn_29 Ladfabriken_Inn_31 Ladfabriken_Inn_32 Ladfabriken_Inn_33 Ladfabriken_Inn_34 Ladfabriken_Inn_35 Ladfabriken_Inn_36 Ladfabriken_Inn_37 Ladfabriken_Inn_38

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Ladfabriken_Inn_40 Ladfabriken_Inn_41

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