Roussillon, France


If Cezanne’s heart lies in Provence as it surely must, it is most likely in Roussillon. This village, tinged in blood orange is best seen at sunset. Its earthen colors become saturated and emboldened to the point where they gleam with the warmth of a stove hearth fire in deep winter.
Charming streets wind up the mountainside to the cathedral. Stunning houses sit perched with glorious balconies overlooking the valleys below. Verdant green, speckled by ochre palisades. Complimentary colors arranged as if by chance.
In the midst of autumn harvests, apples and gourds and certainly Roussillon made me feel as if I was curled within loving arms in front of a cozy fire, sipping a fine apple brandy, on a crisp moonlit night.
roussillon_003   roussillon_005

roussillon_007 roussillon_008 roussillon_009 roussillon_010 roussillon_011 roussillon_012 roussillon_013    roussillon_015 roussillon_016 roussillon_017 roussillon_018 roussillon_019 roussillon_020 roussillon_021

All things Provence here

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  • Gorgeous photos. I love the sky in the last one.

  • tahoe

    Beautiful, Jamie. These photos are keeping my recent trip alive.

  • Raj N

    Wow, amazing set of images. Very jealous of your pics!

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