Cashmere Aura


I spent this past week in Paris. Paris is different in the fall than New York. She turns a beautiful tone of grey, softness in the sky, everything becomes sort of fuzzy. It was cold for the first time this autumn and I found myself wanting to be wrapped in cashmere and bathed in that perfect Parisian light that angles through the windows glowing off the surfaces of skin and disappearing into folds of fabric. Matching my current mood and experience completely was Donna Karan’s Cashmere Aura perfume. I have been a fan and a client as one of her photographers, for many years. Donna Karan represents the kind of woman I strive to be. Independent, confident, successful, world traveled, strong, elegant and most of all… a New Yorker.

But here I am in Paris, exploring the light and exploring new sides of my creativity, taking the time to really feel confident about who I became in New York, what all the hard work was for, and where I want it apply it in my work moving forward. I’ve been making notes about attributes about myself that I can now come to say define me. One of those is my love for scents. I am always perfumed. It’s a daily ritual for me. My hair is scented, my sheets are scented, my baths are scented, my candles are scented, whatever it is about my senses that loves the taste of good food and a beautiful painting also loves a beautiful scent.

I change my perfumes based on the weather. I change my perfume based on my mood. I apply the scents to my neck, behind my ears, on my chest, behind my knees, on the inside of my ankles and always before bed and most certainly on my way out the door. In all the apartment buildings I’ve lived in New York, I’ve always had neighbors comment to me how they loved the way I smelled and always knew when I had passed through the halls that day. That aura that we leave behind, that delicate piece of our existence.

This is a new fragrance in my collection sent to me by Donna Karan. In its luminous rose gold bottle, this mini art sculpture is inspired by the work of Donna Karan’s late husband which is something I’ve always found so touching about her perfumes. The notes are a bright and sparkling balance of modern florals with cashmeran, coumarin, vanilla, sandalwood accord, cassie absolute, ylang ylang, orris accord, sparkling aldehydes, Italian bergamot, and orange oil. A perfect projection for essence of a woman, confidently feminine, and her aura into the world.

My days in Paris were marked in my memories by this scent… and I hope a little piece of my aura was left behind. Below are images captured from moments of my life where I found the intimacy of perfume, skin, light, and life beautifully enraptured in creating the scent of a woman.


10 thoughts on “Cashmere Aura

  1. Oh my…you just made me look at perfume in a different way. Usually I only apply before bed and when heading out the door…but this sounds lovely. Actually, the perfume I use is called Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker and I also like one by Jennifer Aniston. They are both subtle, soft and quite elegant. But, now I’ll have to try this one by Donna Karan. Thanks.

    1. David, the coat is on website on sale for $499.00. The color is called Chrome Grey. Look under the heading for coats. It’s there. It has semi circular pockets. Hope this s helpful. – Irene.

  2. Gorgeous! I want to sniff it 🙂 I like the fact that there is no jasmine in it (i love jasmine, but my fiance hates it, don’t know why but it makes it hard for me to find perfume that we both like)

  3. Jamie, these photographs are absolutely STUNNING! I am in the beauty industry, and have been for the past 28 years. Therefore, I know that a fragrance is not only about the way it smells, but also (and perhaps most importantly) how it makes you FEEL. To me, fragrance is a feeling; an emotion; an experience. And what you so brilliantly accomplished with these photographs is that they convey each one of those things.

    Well done….WELL done!

    P.S. I adore Donna Karan fragrances. I was a big fan of “Chaos” and “Black Cashmere.” And even though they were sold as women’s fragrances, I wore them both.

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