Autumn in Provence


I like the soft and dreamy and romantic. Sometimes I make believe it, but always, I look for it in everyday life. A French afternoon dappled in light, a glowing wine glass. Smudgy and dreamy, never completely clear or harsh. The world is harsh enough, don’t you just want to live in a dream? I know I do…

When I set foot in Provence early last autumn I started myself on a new journey. Self discovery and reawakening my vision. I just wanted to experience something entirely new. I wanted to fulfill a dream to live in France. I wanted to find new challenges, new inspiration, a new way to see life. I’ve seen it through the eyes of the girl who grew up in Texas, then I saw it through the adult eyes of the woman who worked in New York. Much like the landscape outside my window, I let each chapter change me as the seasons change the vines and I hope, with spring’s new awakening, something even greater blooms.

Here are a collection of photographs from autumn in Provence~

Autumn_In_Provence_004 Autumn_In_Provence_005 Autumn_In_Provence_006 Autumn_In_Provence_008 Autumn_In_Provence_009 Autumn_In_Provence_010 Autumn_In_Provence_011 Autumn_In_Provence_012 Autumn_In_Provence_013 Autumn_In_Provence_014 Autumn_In_Provence_015 Autumn_In_Provence_016 Autumn_In_Provence_007Autumn_In_Provence_017 Autumn_In_Provence_019 Autumn_In_Provence_020 Autumn_In_Provence_021 Autumn_In_Provence_022 Autumn_In_Provence_023 Autumn_In_Provence_024 Autumn_In_Provence_025 Autumn_In_Provence_026 Autumn_In_Provence_027 Autumn_In_Provence_028 Autumn_In_Provence_029 Autumn_In_Provence_030 Autumn_In_Provence_031 Autumn_In_Provence_032 Autumn_In_Provence_033 Autumn_In_Provence_034 Autumn_In_Provence_035 Autumn_In_Provence_036 Autumn_In_Provence_037 Autumn_In_Provence_040 Autumn_In_Provence_041 Autumn_In_Provence_042 Autumn_In_Provence_043 Autumn_In_Provence_044 Autumn_In_Provence_045 Autumn_In_Provence_046 Autumn_In_Provence_047 Autumn_In_Provence_048 Autumn_In_Provence_049 Autumn_In_Provence_050 Autumn_In_Provence_051 Autumn_In_Provence_052 Autumn_In_Provence_053 Autumn_In_Provence_054 Autumn_In_Provence_055 Autumn_In_Provence_056 Autumn_In_Provence_057 Autumn_In_Provence_058