Paris in the Winter


As the skies wept, I walked and walked…

whisperings from the streets of Paris talk. 

Through the viewfinder framed a city of soul

a place of wonder, a world to behold.

With precision I took what I came to see…

the gifts she has given to a girl like me.

I am the Victory, I am the love

I am all that Paris can be to someone. 

-Thoughts from a birthday in Paris

{Paris in the Fall: 2016 || 2015 || 2014 || 2013 || 2012}

8 thoughts on “Paris in the Winter

  1. Newspapers, tussled sheets, Ralph’s and roses, and the duck. The way you see and capture every day things is purely astonishing. You make even a messy bed to look like a piece of art.

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