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Living with Art

All Images shot at Piazza della Signoria, Florence, Italy on black & white Tri-x 400 film.

When I walked into Piazza della Signoria in Florence on the #GrandTourista I was overcome by the beauty of the endless amount of emotion circling around me in these statues. What must it be like for Florentines to walk by these breathtaking pieces everyday? I was very surprised whenever I brought up the beauty of the art, the locals were just as proud as I was in awe. Even though they have lived among these works all their lives, they still see the power and passion.. and how can you not?

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With His Hands

I am mesmerized with people who can create beautiful art with their hands, so it’s no wonder artist Andy Espinoza and I would become friends. When we go back home we always pay him a visit and talk for hours about art, working in the creative field, and our passion for vision. There is such a softness to his work; the same way I feel when I watch a ballet. When I look at his pieces I hear the sounds of an old music box playing and I’m transported to this quiet world of feminine beauty that only he can create. Last time we were at his studio I snapped a few photographs while we talked, and our dream is to one day collaborate on a project – hybrid photo painting?… someday.

P.S. – he is also one of my FAVORITE Instagram follows.

While I was there, Andy took my portrait for an illustration, which was such an honor and will live forever on my wall.

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Dancing flowers

Spectra Camera, Impossible film

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Studying the anguish in Ugolino and his Sons

From “Statuesque

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