Men in This Town


I met Giuseppe Santamaria, a men’s street style photographer, back in 2011 covering NYFW together. Since I’ve watched Giuseppe’s career and photography really grow into something very special in the men’s style realm. So special, in fact, that a book of his photographs was published this September called “Men in This Town“.  Giuseppe’s approach to photography, men’s fashion, and street style is quite romantic and not at all trendy or concerned with the “who’s who”. He really shoots from his heart. We sat down at our studio last week to catch up and ask him all about his first book~


Above, a portrait of the photographer photographed on 4×5 black & white film

How did Men in this Town begin?

It started with a tweet. I had photographed my friend’s cookbook cover, and then I started following his publisher on Twitter. One day he said, “Done for 2013 books. Onto next year. Any ideas?” I jokingly tweeted back, “How about a Men in This Town book?” And a year later, it came out.

When did you first start photographing?

By trade I’m a graphic designer. I’ve been working with photos and amazing photographers my entire career. That’s where my eye was trained – not conventionally at all.

How did you learn photography?

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A Book, a Blog, a Margarita & Girl Talk

One of the things that is so great about being from Texas is your instant undying love for anyone you meet who is also from the greatest state. When I made my Texas themed Dinner & A Movie I was thrilled to receive a comment from Jon Paul, a fellow ex-TEX living in New York City. Low and behold he just finished writing a book, Alphabet City- my so-called sitcom life, and blogs here daily and was on this past Sunday’s Page 6! I don’t think I know anyone dramatic enough for Page 6 until now! Well, when he invited me to a Texas themed lunch at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame for a blog interview I had no idea how well traveled, star-studded, Conde Nast and Bon Appetit published he was. Talk about a six-shooter on each hip!  I had to have a copy of his book, knowing that our adventures to the big Apple would be similar… except I haven’t traveled around as Tyra Banks’s sidekick. JP is super funny, wonderfully nice, endearingly personal and I’m extremely honored to be interviewed by him for Peek-A-Blog. Thanks again JP!