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Snapshots of a weekend in Paris


It’s hard not to fall in love with Paris. Her architectural streets, her dancing light, her chalky tonality bathing  you in softness and drowned in French accents. It was a weekend away, short but everlasting in my memories, swept up in a hotel suite from a dream and made simple with long afternoon walks with nowhere in particular to go… just the way I love to see Paris.

Paris_September__03 Paris_September__04    Paris_September__06 Paris_September__07 Paris_September__08    Paris_September__10 Paris_September__11    Paris_September__13 Paris_September__14

At the vanity below in Triumph’s Amourette lingerie I discovered on this shoot which was a celebration of feminine bodies of all kinds. I loved the look so much on the girls I had to have my own. 


Paris_September__15 Paris_September__16 Paris_September__17 Paris_September__18

On a recommendation from a French friend we discovered Restaurant Derrière which had wonderful seasonal light fare in a tucked away courtyard down a narrow street. The location and vibe was so relaxing we ending up spending the entire afternoon sipping tea and reading the paper, a simple luxury. 

Paris_September__19 Paris_September__20    Paris_September__22 Paris_September__23

Below on the way to dinner at 114 Faubourg, wearing Theory.

  Paris_September__25    Paris_September__27 Paris_September__28

Our favorite spot in Paris is a little place called Les Fines Gueules in the 1st arrondissement

We have been going there for the past 5 Autumn trips to Paris. Tucked away on a quiet neighborhood street in an old stone building, it’s quintessentially French. No printed menus, only an old chalk board they pass around. Seasonal, fresh and unpretentious, food just the way it should be. On this last visit we got a special treat. The bartender took us down two levels to the cellar where we discovered rows and rows of wine bottles, some covered in dust, some in modern day packaging. I love the secrets you can discover if you just wait and be patient for them to find you….

Paris_September__29 Paris_September__30 Paris_September__31 Paris_September__32    Paris_September__34    Paris_September__36 Paris_September__35

Paris_September__39 Paris_September__37 Paris_September__38    Paris_September__40 Paris_September__41

Above, in a new watch design I recently discovered called Bravur which is a perfect casual wrist watch designed around the idea of simplicity. 

Paris_September__42 Paris_September__43    Paris_September__45 Paris_September__46 Paris_September__47


Paris through the years

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The Marchesa Bridal Capsule Collection for St. Regis Hotels & Resorts

There are a couple of things I have in common with Marchesa’s designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. First, my eternal love for a gown moment, and second, the St. Regis New York. For the past two fashion weeks Marchesa has shown their Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 collection in the opulent ballroom that brings to life the fantasy of their designs. Taking the relationship further, they just realeased a Marchesa Bridal Capsule Collection of exclusive and one-of-a-kind couture bridal gowns inspired by iconic St. Regis destinations around the world: Mumbai, Dubai, Punta Mita and New York.

Below is a look at the four romantic visions come to life we photographed in a suite at the St. Regis that left me dreaming of weddings all over again…. New York

Marchesa_StRegis__03 (more…)

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Triumph Lingerie


My latest project with my frequent creative collaborator Kelly got a little more intimate this time around with a look at one of the oldest lingerie brands, founded in Europe in 1886, Triumph. This project was unlike most of our jobs in the digital age, these image were used in print first, layout designed by Kelly, to be picked up at Journelle stores and handed out at Triumph’s fashion show.

We wanted these images to be a celebration of women, to be feminine but confident, uncovered but in control. We wanted to be inspired at the end of the day to put on some lace and love every curve. Now, doesn’t that sound fun?

Below are our four women, full of their own Triumphs, all from different places in the world and celebrated beautifully in their own skin because confidence is the biggest triumph of all.




 Above & in the cover photo Nneoma wears: Amourette Spotlight Underwire BraAmourette Spotlight Hipster panties

Below: Amourette 300 bra

Triumph_Lingerie_04 Triumph_Lingerie_05 (more…)

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It’s hard not to think about Paris when thinking about CHANEL. It’s an entangled marriage that has withstood the hands of time that withers away most relationships. For this shoot I wanted to bring to life the Paris I feel and see when I think of CHANEL. Her perfectly monochromatic glow, silvery reflections of long casted shadows carrying the sound of clicking heels mysteriously descending from rue en rue, the dusty ashtrays at the night’s end as the last dance of smoke from a cigarette disappears into darkness.  This is my Paris. Black and white and smudged with history.

As I write this I am looking out at the rooftops of Paris from my suite at the Le Bristol Hotel pondering this wonderful moment in time. Time is a recurring constant in my life. As a photographer I count in tenths of a second and, as an artist, I try to pause it.

CHANEL released a new timepiece this season inspired by Coco Chanel’s nature to draw inspiration from the masculine wardrobe which has come to be an emblematic style of CHANEL. Coco was famed for her many boyfriends which, not surprisingly, inspired many of her creations and shaped the course of her life. It is then fitting the watch is named Boy.Friend – balancing both the iconic CHANEL watch shape but with a more masculine over-sized face, manual mechanical movement and ardillon buckle.

So we put the three together, my smokey silver city of lights, her mysterious fashion muse CHANEL and in the shadows the spirit of the woman who continues to inspire us all, Madame Coco.


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