Ladies who Lunch

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I have never seen a fashion parade quite like this on 5th Avenue in all my years in Manhattan. Opulence, elegance, humor, chicness… anything goes when you are lunching with the world’s elite of society in Central Park’s stunning Conservancy at 105th & 5th for the 31st annual Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon.

Through the grand gates we arrived, heralded by trumpeters in the garden and champagne sparkling in flutes. Under a tent exploding in spring blossoms, we dined on mint pea soup and Maine lobster salad crafted by Abigail Kirsch. The event hosted by the Women’s Committee of Central Park Conservancy does more than just look fabulous at every age; they raise millions of dollars to ensure this park, for New Yorkers and for all those who vist from around the world, will remain beautiful and preserved for future generations to enjoy. Through robust applause, Anne S. Harrison (my new idol) announced they raised over 3 million dollars this season and furthermore accepted the largest gift to date of 100 million dollars to the Conservancy by Jenny & John Paulson.

So next time you lay on the lawn and gaze up at the trees or walk over the historic bridges in Central Park taking in this sweet escape from our concrete jungle, know that these lovely women are helping keep that possible for all of us, for all the years to come.

Special thanks to Tiffany & Co. for having me as their guest~

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