24 Hours in Dallas / Fort Worth

24 hours in my home town and at my parents house in the country, I became a part of the car culture as I commuted between Fort Worth and Dallas on my day’s errands and social engagements. This is my first set with the 24 hours series that was experienced with car travel and what I’ve learned in comparison with the other cities I’ve photographed is that you miss so much life when you zoom by at 70mph. I always ask myself “why do I love living in New York?” and through this project I’ve come to realize that I like being open to new experiences. When you walk from one destination to the next you have to experience the sounds, smells, weather, locals and events that you hadn’t planned on happening around you. In Cape Cod when I went for a walk down to the ocean’s edge I came across some local fishermen and we talked for about an hour on the business of being seamen accompanied by fascinating stories. If I had driven I would have missed that conversation and richness to a local culture.

To me, this set of 24 hours is very different because it consists of moments of destinations premeditated with broken time intervals where I commuted in the car which breaks up the narrative of the day. However, that is what this series is for — to compare the different cultures, landscapes, people and experiences of time spent in diverse cities to better understand how we live and how we choose to live in the future. 

24 Hours in is a series where I capture an honest portrayal of a place through my experience and what I see within 24 hours shared in 24 frames. All images taken with my Hasselblad 500c and black & white Tri-X 400 film.

Snow? In Fort Worth?

This past Christmas Eve it snowed in Texas… about 3 inches… this is a big deal. Never-mind that the day I left New York for Dallas I couldn’t see the steps OR handrail down my brownstone’s entrance having been buried in the blizzard and I still managed to get to the airport with an on time flight departure. BUT.. 3 inches in Texas means the city shuts down. I don’t think I’ve ever seen downtown Fort Worth so quiet and empty. The only two people “crazy enough” to be out taking pictures in this weather was a newspaper photographer and me.