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Ecco Domani’s Spring Fling

EccoDomani_Spring_02 Last fall we had the pleasure of shooting the new packaging and in-store displays for the contemporary Italian Wine Ecco Domani at our studio here in New York. Just because it was a photoshoot and not an actual event taking place – in this case, a book-club party with a group of girlfriends at home – doesn’t mean the food shouldn’t be a great pairing for the wine!

My friend Molly who is an amazing food stylist (remember this series we did together?) created a few spring-time inspired grilled flat bread recipes for our shoot that were DELICIOUS with the crisp Pinot Grigio wine (after we wrapped, we enjoyed some ourselves!). I love Molly’s recipes, they are so fresh and seasonal. This past December she created two special wine cocktail drink recipes for our Ann Street Studio Holiday Party with Ecco Domani’s Pinot Grigio and Merlot. It’s very important to the global wine brand “to produce wines that are fruit forward and food friendly” so the pairings had to work in real life just as in our book club photoshoot.

I’ve really been enjoying the relationship with Ecco Domani this past year, a brand that also thinks about tomorrow not only in their wine but in the world around us. They do a lot in the fashion industry with the Ecco Domani Fashion Fund to help young emerging designers create their collections and present them to the world.  So many of the past EDFF winners have gone on to shape the fashion industry and be a driving force in our culture such as Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung, and Rodarte to name a few!

It’s been an amazing experience finding a balance between being creative and getting the shot the client needs for their messaging and display / box dimensions. And of course, it is always a joy and pleasure to get to work with your friends, the people you have a creative conversation with so seamlessly that it makes work feel like play. For this shoot we collaborated with food stylist Molly Shuster, stylist Erin Framel, and hair and makeup artist Ana Sicat. So perhaps you’ll be inspired to have some friends over on a Saturday afternoon, talk about what you’re reading, have some wine and try out Molly’s recipe, sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon to me….

PS-This light, floral, citrus-y and crisp top selling wine is also very easy to find in your local wine shop or Italian restaurant, and now when you see the advertising and packaging you know who shot it! Xx

EccoDomani_Spring_03 EccoDomani_Spring_04 EccoDomani_Spring_05 EccoDomani_Spring_06

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Dining in San Pedro

It was really hard to imagine good food was going to be possible in the driest hot desert on earth but good food was all we could find! In fact, all the food we had in Chile was outstanding. Our guide told us, “Unlike the food grown in America, we do not use chemicals – it’s all natural and better tasting.” One of the most important  local crops to Chileans is quinoa, a now super trendy global food once rejected by Americans. We found ourselves one afternoon dining in San Pedro, a tiny Atacama desert town, where we tried all the dishes with quinoa on the menu at La Estaka we could find, including a quinoa risotto!

Food is very important to me…it fills your soul in a way nothing else can and sometimes, it can be the best part of my day. I was quite nervous about what the quality of food would be like in South America especially considering I live in one of the food capitals of the world. I was so pleasantly surprised at what was placed before me. Every single meal we ate was better than the last and almost all the restaurants we dined at had menus that changed daily to reflect what fresh produce or seasonal item they received that day.

Also, writing this post has officially made me starving.

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Ralph Lauren

There are those really special moments in life where you find yourself in a place that you have only dreamed of. If you have been following along on Instagram you know we are in Paris, and Paris in the fall is one of the greatest experiences in life…the beauty, the light, the smells, how the leaves crackle under your feet on the old cobblestones. I am always looking for new Paris recommendations to keep discovering this beautiful city each time we return.

I had heard about Ralph’s, Ralph Lauren’s restaurant on the famous Boulevard Saint German in the Latin Quarter of Paris, and when I walked through the archway I knew this was the place I had been dreaming of…an old Parisian mansion built in 1683, saved and renovated to the highest detail and quality by Mr. Lauren. We arrived to dine in the courtyard, surrounded by beautiful landscaping, massive windows slightly ajar allowing you to hear the clinking of champagne glasses from inside. Ella Fitzgerald, Edith Piaf, and other old jazz standards echoed off the stone walls and dissipated up into the night sky. I laid back on a sea of Ralph Lauren linen pillows with a glass of Chateau de Tracy with its mesmerizing floral bouquet and said to Kevin, I feel like I’m living in Jay Gatsby’s world, if he were in Paris to visit Hemingway.

Surrounding the restaurant is the complete world of Ralph Lauren. Room by room, positioned around gilded mirrors and enchanting fireplaces are the collections of this iconic American designer, but the view of Boulevard Saint Germain from the old mansion’s windows leaves no question in your mind, you are in Paris and what a city she is…

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Summertime’s Food & Beer Pairings

One of Kevin’s and my favorite treats is riding our bikes down to Madison Square Eats and having a culinary adventure in the Manhattan sunshine. I always look forward to great food and beer pairing this time of year… remember THIS epic beer dinner?!

All of which gets me very excited for SAVOR, the American craft beer and food experience June 14th & 15th in New York with so many of our favorite brews and yummy bites. I hope you can join us, we are going June 14th and I can’t wait to see what our friends at Dogfish have brewing up this time!

Food and Beer Pairing

Sixpoint Sweet Action & Seoul Lee Korean Barbecue Korean tacos

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