Four Seasons Rancho Resort Encantado

In my recent journey across the United States by far one of the highlights was Santa Fe, New Mexico. In fact, I had only planned to stop for two nights and ended up staying four. The problem was I never wanted to leave The Four Seasons Rancho Resort Encantado which I discovered tucked away into the quiet rolling hills of Santa Fe. It was a small semblance to my life in France. Living with nature, enjoying a glass or two of wine by the fire at the end of the day, recapping what new discoveries had unfolded.  I liked being away from the hustle and bustle of historic downtown Santa Fe, but I also liked knowing I could hop on the shuttle provided by the resort and be in the middle of everything in 20 minutes.

Most of all, I loved having a my own private casita (small house) to stop the forward motion of cross country driving and just enjoy for a moment. To enjoy the amazing stars dotting the velvety purple sky and s’mores over a campfire. To enjoy the snow fall from bed to the sound of wood cracking in the adobe fireplace. To enjoy the Southwestern flavors at the resort’s restaurant Terra which, you know me, included a few orders of bison tacos and margaritas. Perhaps the main treat however, was my facial at the spa which is one of the top rated in the world. My esthetician had owned her own spa in LA for over 30 years so I followed all her advice on skincare post facial and my skin has never looked better. I feel amazing without makeup on which has always been my goal for taking care of my skin. *here is a good tip she taught me: dampen your skin slightly before applying your serum as it helps to absorb into surface* 

So you can see why I wouldn’t want to leave. 

It doesn’t take long when you visit Santa Fe and the surrounding region to understand why it’s known as the land of enchantment. There is something to the colors, the history, the architecture that burrows into your soul. I can never get over how beautiful the sky was. A 24 hour nature show! I shared all of the discoveries in real time on Instagram stories but I wanted to leave a list here to reference and share shall I ever be so lucky to find myself here again in Santa Fe, in the great American Southwest. 

Vinaigrette // Modern General // Georgia O’Keeffe Museum // Ghost Ranch  // Cafe Pasqual’s // Santa Fe Farmer’s Market // Shake Foundation // El Santuario de Chimayo // Bandelier National Monument // Ten Thousand Waves spa // Kakawa Chocolate House // Ojo Caliente // Shiprock Santa Fe // La Choza // Dolina Cafe // Gruet Tasting Room // O’Farrell Hat Shop // Whoo Donuts // The Teahouse // Canyon Road // Tent Rocks // The Shed // Traveler’s Market // Plaza Blanca // Home Frocks // Ark Books // Apuntia Cafe // Geronimo // Ohoris Coffee // Radius Books // Sazon // La Plazuela // Joseph’s // Coyote Cafe // Tia Sophia


Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva

Needless to say, any time you stay at the Four Seasons it is a special experience. From the fireworks of floral displays to the historic chandeliers reflected in the perfectly polished marble, each property seems to be fit for royalty which is precisely who walks through the doors here. The Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva is the sparkling jewel of Geneva. Of the many times I have visited this wonderful city for work I have always made a point to either dine at one of their restaurants or have a cocktail at the bar just to visit the timeless glamour of their world. It was such a treat on my weekend getaway to spend a few nights in what I think is the best hotel in Geneva.

*Practical information- Just a 9 minute walk from the train station, the location is perfect for exploring the city. You can easily catch a water taxi, dinner cruise, city tram or walk to many of the hip neighborhoods of Geneva right outside the hotel entrance. One of my favorite places to eat in Geneva is at Izumi which is on the rooftop of the Four Seasons. The hotel has a beautiful indoor pool, fitness center and amazing spa. I had perhaps one of the best Thai massages of my life here! A speciality of the spa. 

See more about Geneva in my guide!  

The Four Seasons Hotel George V


Up, up and away we go around the world. Here I am in Paris, a city of never-ending inspiration for me. The past month I have been to Bali, Maine, New York, GermanyReims, Provence and my favorite city on earth ‘bien sur’, Paris.

There is something about her perfect corridors and boulevards that simply takes my eyes down an endless journey of dreams. There are so many reasons why I love Paris, but mostly it is because she can leave you feeling enchanted, eyes wide open, like watching a beautiful ballerina floating weightless, as if being held up by the dancing musical notes projected from the orchestra below.

In my memories of Paris she remains this white coral shell, precious and valuable and under the full moonlight, absolutely glowing. I stood on the balcony of my Four Seasons Hotel George V suite, jetlagged from my marionetting around the world, and watched her there, quiet and asleep, and completely translucent from the night’s light. It is a gift of travel at times to deliver an altered view of life, be it warped time or foggy daydreams, that puts you in a place you might not have ever been mentally or physically and all the sudden, you see the world in a way that is neither familiar nor dishonest. You see the truth in the beauty of where your body rests at that moment, a clearer present, observing through a mirror that which will again disappear with time. When the lost hours of airplane travel caught up to me, I drifted to sleep wrapped in a French dream of crown modelings, baby blue brush strokes of color and ornately draped curtains whose edges giggled with a can-can line of tassels.

I can’t even remember arriving to Paris that day, having travelled for 24 hours. Did a driver pick me up or did I Uber? I don’t know. The first thing I do recall however, was walking into the lobby of the George V and being hit like a tidal wave of beauty with a wall of flowers exploding in crimson and purple, unforgiving and spellbinding. I gasped, my eyes awake for the first time in hours as I took off my sunglasses and did a full 360 degree turn absolutely breathless at the beauty of this hotel lobby. There are not a lot of hotels that are beautiful enough to distract you from the alluring fact that Paris herself is waiting. This is one of the exceptions. Like only a handful of other Parisian hotels, she is so ingrained in the history and culture of this city that being here feels just the same as being outside. As decadently rich as French culture.

Built in 1928, the Four Seasons Hotel George V is positioned in one of the most luxurious blocks of Paris. A stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées and the Effiel Tower, her location in the world is among the most prestigious. I felt like royalty swanning around her private balconies with the setting sun. Dining in her restaurants, the modern and feminine L’Orangerie, the elegant and traditional three Michelin starred Le Cinq with the most unforgettable “deconstructed French onion soup” paired with Madeira wine that imprinted my tastebuds so impactfully that I have literally dreamed about it since.

A moment ago I found myself in the glamorous world of the Four Seaons Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat along the French Cote d’Azur. To sum up both experiences in one word: Loveliness. 

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Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat


There can’t possibly be anything more glamorous than checking in to a chic white hotel perched on the edge of rocky cliffs cascading down into the emerald Mediterranean Sea. The Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, a Four Seasons hotel, is one of those truly perfect classic icons that keeps the French Riviera sparkling, and for me, a dream destination.

This hotels ranks as one of my personal favorites. It’s so timeless in design from the marble bath and crown moldings to the french windows that over look manicured gardens and sweeping sea views. I loved dining on Niçoise salad in my room with a glass of rosé, windows open playing along in a slow dance with the floor-to-ceiling sheer white curtains. I loved the crisp white palette with elements of French design revealing themselves through a blue linen chair or gilded mirror. From movie stars to royalty, writers to artists, this property has housed some of the most amazing talent and minds in the world who come for peace and solitude in the must luxurious comforts.

When I dream of the Cote d’Azur, I dream of this….


Above, traveling in an outfit by St. John, which I love, along with this brand because they do not wrinkle. Shoes by Stuart Weitzman, luggage by SteamLine (OBSESSED), bag by CHANEL.  

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