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All about Lips

make cosmetics, we see beauty

I’ve been very inspired recently with old masters paintings: Vermeer, The Frick, and simplifying my beauty routine. When Chelsa & I discussed this we loved the idea of forgoing the dramatic eye and focusing only on a strong lip. No mascara!  How fresh it looks to me; now her eyes remind me of all those souls in the beautiful paintings I’ve been lost in recently…

Here’s a step by step tutorial using MAKE cosmetics to get the look!

make cosmetics, we see beauty

Step 1: Brush Alabaster all over the lid, but not quite to the eyebrow.

make cosmetics, we see beauty

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All PERMED up!

Last month I did something I’ve wanted to do my entire life: Get my hair permed. I’ll admit, the process takes a long time, it smells and you can’t wash your hair for 3 days (sexy) BUT… being able to step off the plane in Paris with still perfectly curled voluminous hair made it worth every second. I love not having to fight humidity, to know that when I go to bed in rollers it will hold the style throughout the next day. I’ll be going back to Bumble and Bumble for a touch up in a few months… and do I even need to say that I love going to the salon ala 1940s housewife?

The Before:

The Process:

The After:

A little bit of this and a little bit of that then I go to bed in these and wake up with Marilyn sized hair and it actually, for the first time in my life, holds all day long! 

Beauty secrets revealed. Done.

Thanks Kelly for helping with photos and thanks to Bumble and Bumble for the AMAZING job! xo

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Up Sweep

At the launch of Banana Republic’s new Mad Men inspired collection they had professional hairstylists at work giving women swept-up hairstyles à la Joan Harris.

I took some notes and here’s what I learned:

Step 1. Divide the crown of your hair into a section and clip out of the way.

Step 2. Tease (back comb) the rest of your hair all the way around.

Step 3. Brush smooth one side of the hair half way around to the back of your head

Step 4. Using bobby pins, pin the combed back hair into place in a vertical line top-to-bottom. This will be the anchor for the up-do. / I really like Goody bobby pins best ($4.87)

Step 5. Comb the other side of your hair back over the line of bobby pins.

Step 6. Using both hands, work your hair around itself into a cone, tighter at the bottom and bigger at the top.

Step 7. Secure into place from bottom to top with bobby pins on the seam

Step 8. Take the crown of hair on the top and section out a front piece for styling later backcombing the remaining crown of hair.

Step 9. Using your brush, smooth the crown over the back top of your head. Where the crown hair meets the twisted up-do you created previously, sweep it over to the side and pin into place.

Step 10. Take the tale that is left from the top crown and twist it down the seam of the up-do pinning it in place as you go.

Step 11. Style the front section of hair to your liking and pin into place… if you have bangs how cute are you.

Step 12. Gently pull the crown of your hair up to give it more volume

Step 13. HAIRSPRAY / My favorite is TRESemme Extra Firm Control ($5.99)

This is how I did my hair for Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

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Mad Men Style~

Joan’s curves, Mad Men’s true to life styling, and women being every part feminine. Trying our hand at this retro look and celebrating the beauty of curves…

Model: Molly Shuster

Dress: Vintage

Hair & Makeup: Me! Best tool for the job- BeneFit BADgal Mascara & liquid liner

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