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Men’s Hair…

Thomas came by the studio recently to model for Of a Kind and I could not get over his most recent hair cut. It reminded me of a photo series Norman Parkinson did of Montgomery Clift… and I was obsessed.

This post has no real purpose. I just wanted to photograph his hair. #donezo

Yes, Deer Tie” above for Of a Kind / cover image has that scarf again.


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“Outbacks of Australia”

The inspiration for Rodarte’s modern faux bob using Kérastase Nectar Thermique to first prep the hair, followed by Kérastase Mousse Volumactive on the right side for setting waves into the hair with a 3 barrel iron. After some teasing the hair was braided and tucked under creating the full faux bob and finished with Kérastase Double Force hair spray. 
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Hair & Makeup Test

Before we fell in love with his Spring collection Jason Wu was completing the vision at his studio with a hair and makeup test inspired by a mood board and described as a touch of punk, a dab of 1950s and a sprinkling of Pop art

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All PERMED up!

Last month I did something I’ve wanted to do my entire life: Get my hair permed. I’ll admit, the process takes a long time, it smells and you can’t wash your hair for 3 days (sexy) BUT… being able to step off the plane in Paris with still perfectly curled voluminous hair made it worth every second. I love not having to fight humidity, to know that when I go to bed in rollers it will hold the style throughout the next day. I’ll be going back to Bumble and Bumble for a touch up in a few months… and do I even need to say that I love going to the salon ala 1940s housewife?

The Before:

The Process:

The After:

A little bit of this and a little bit of that then I go to bed in these and wake up with Marilyn sized hair and it actually, for the first time in my life, holds all day long! 

Beauty secrets revealed. Done.

Thanks Kelly for helping with photos and thanks to Bumble and Bumble for the AMAZING job! xo

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