Diary of a Weekend

After flying every week since the start of the New Year, we were so happy to be home this weekend in New York. I’ve really been wanting some time for reflection, inspiration, and simple pleasures. Below are a collection of Polaroids from my archive through the years and thoughts from a weekend home…

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Images of a Spring Weekend

A couple of days free in the city, quiet wonderment, discovering new blossoms & new works of art… a small glimpse into a spring weekend From Me To You

Patches of daffodils and bare legs hit the streets

She & I visited “Food for Thought” which inevitability made us hungry– insert delicious lunch at Co., have you been there?

I saw a lot of girls wearing a lot of braids…

The bodegas were in bloom

While seeing his documentary my admiration for the man and his work grew… which also caused a slight obsession with getting a bike… 

Went to the MET to creatively recharge… found her there doing the same.

Pink was everywhere!

So I wore pink too…

….and at the end of the day, walking back home, I found some lovers in Central Park enjoying the view and what a view… so I enjoyed it too.

I hope you all had a Happy Weekend!

Images from a Weekend~

A visit to the Union Square farmer’s market, a stop by The Strand to look at gardening books, a walk through Fishs Eddy, planting a new herb garden on our stoop, a homemade roast and reading The Bell Jar I found at a thrift store for $3… why can’t it always be the weekend?

All images were shot with my Minolta SRT101 & Fuji 160 film

Images from a Weekend

Friday night I had the immense pleasure to attend the SNAP! Out of Winter party thrown by Aperture through the generosity of 20×200’s twitter contest which I won! (Side note, @20×200 & @aperturefnd are great twitters to follow). Below is the CEO of Polaroid speaking and some shots of one of the world’s largest Polaroid cameras which I had to keep reminding myself- DO NOT TOUCH. A few of my photographic idols were among the crowd… the I-came-home-and-flipped-through-their-books kind of idols. It was also a great pleasure meeting some of the nice folks behind 20×200 & Hey, Hot Shot!, so thank y’all for an unforgettable NYC evening.

Saturday- what a Saturday in NYC. It was stunning and all of Manhattan came out to experience it. A picnic in the park, Frisbee, and a search for a budding spring filled my afternoon. Saturday evening I embarked on a 2 hour walk for an art project I’m contributing to called “A Disposable Two Hours”. 

A girl’s gotta eat- My first homemade rosemary bread and my new baby- a pasta maker. Breaking a sweat hand rolling out pasta dough is for the birds.

A visit to Museum of the City of New York to view the illustrations of Charles Addams and some famous lips on view in “A Tale of Two Models”.