At Home With Kelly Wearstler~

A beach-side Malibu mansion, an interior design legend turned fashion designer, a home so artistically put together even the smallest of details is breathtaking… this is the incredible home of Kelly Wearstler and what became the inspired background to our most recent fashion shoot~

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At Home With Kate Spade~

Tucked away on Manhattan’s Upper East Side is this colorful and joy filled home where the art ranges from Andy Warhol to pieces found in thrift stores and the people who live here seem to have found a perfect balance of love, family and life… I mean, what else would we expect from Kate & Andy Spade!?

The entire shabang in this month’s Matchbook Magazine! 

“There are two ways to run a business, you can motivate people out of fear or you can motivate people by inspiring them. Katie and I were always motivated by people that inspired and challenged us.”Andy Spade in Matchbook Magazine

Elle Decor’d up

Sent to photograph and report back over at Sacramento Street a stroll though Manhattan’s Chelsea Gallery District to the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House to get some inspiration and learn a thing or two about A-List interior design! 

Check out the wonderful article by Lauren Larson about this space and it’s conceptual designs over at Caitlin’s Interior Design wonderland blog Sacramento Street! xo

Of A Kind Co-Founders Apartments in Brooklyn & Manhattan

This is a special double feature! A look at two women together launching the first Tumblr based store Of A Kind and how they live on and off the island… all while doing so in 4 inch heels.

The Dumbo, Brooklyn home of Erica Cerulo and her pet Bunny Ernie aka stealer of my heart:

The Upper West Side Manhattan home of Claire Mazur along with her affection for 20×200 art.

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The Architects’ Loft in Brooklyn

Constructed loft living space of Jim Dreitlein, Justin Smith, Serban Ionescu,  Narek Gevorgian and Eric Juron 

We’ve been here since August first, but we didn’t sleep inside the structure until it was complete, which was in December of 2009. It felt like a strange ritual to sleep outside of it, surrounding it…”

See more images & read more about the Architect’s home in this month’s issue of Working Class Magazine!