Marchesa__02Here we are, sitting in the New York Public Library, the lights of the room dim to darkness and I stare up at the glass ceiling glowing blue in the early evening light. In this 30 secs of darkness I wonder what creations Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig of Marchesa are about to bestow on to us. What dreams and fantasies we were about to see. For me, when I go to these shows and photograph all these amazing gowns, it is about where the pieces take me in my imagination. Are we going to be princesses or Oscar winners? Will we be midnight kisses in secret gardens or attending balls at the white house? I think about fashion, what it means, and for me it is that dream, the escape, the fantasy. It’s like watching a movie and if you let your mind be free enough there is a whole world of adventure to be had in the lace of a bodice or ripple of satin. When the designers talk about their visions for this collection they reference billowing bonfires sweeping through the Scottish Highlands… now that is a dream I can get into.

Marchesa__03 Marchesa__04 Marchesa__05

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