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New York, NY Autumn 2012 / All images shot on 35mm tri-x 400 film 

I love New York. We all do. After Sandy hit I went for a walk to see the bruises it left on our city. It is not in my nature to photograph things in pain — this post is not about that. In our life here I always carry a simple film camera around with me as a way to capture the beauty of our city in small fleeting moments as I run to meetings or kill time on photo shoots. These are images from the past few months the way she was… the way she will be again.

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Paris in the Fall

Paris, France September 2012. All images shot on 35mm tri-x 400 film 

 Earlier this fall we arrived in Paris to speak about Cinemagraphs at FLOW, shoot for MTV House of Style, and attend Carine Roitfeld’s Le Bal, but before all the events and shoots we took a few days in Paris to live quietly, eat simply, and walk the streets with no purpose but to see through the eyes of a Parisian.

I think of these images as postcards brought back to be shared

From Me To You…

Kissing in Paris is a must, the sparkling Eiffel Tower always steals my heart, the first time I went to Paris it was just as magical, Paris & Polaroids just go hand in hand, I wish we had their cafe culture, and in my memories it looks something like this….

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Behind the Scenes at Ralph Lauren…

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Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, Fall 2012 / Tri-x 400 Black & White film

Like a dream of endless beauty: top hats, feather capes, delicate sequin dresses that could have danced out of a scene from The Great Gatsby. The collection, so rich in heritage and romance, it can be no other than Ralph Lauren

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