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Players Club


A night so full of life, dancing, love and music I could swear the gorgeous old wooden floors of Gramercy Park’s Players Club were going to crumble under the vibrations from jazz tidal-waves coming through the halls and echoing off the historic molding. The stomping of feet was so completely committed it was as if they would die if they stopped moving. Being a photographer gives you the certain advantage of being a true observer of life. I’ve been to so many wonderful parties around the world, but this night I saw something different. I saw people in love, I witnessed couples so lost in their own world, so wrapped up in each other’s embrace, it is as if nothing else existed – not the room, not the day before, not my camera and not tomorrow. So here is to 2014, here is to love, and to a group of people in New York keeping the old standards swinging into a new age…


PlayersClub_Party05 PlayersClub_Party06

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It’s that time of year! 

Starting this Thursday I will be live blogging New York Fashion Week! We are talking shows, events, presentations, street style, backstage, fashion portraits, a whole new set of “Daily Style Icons” and of course cinemagraphs

I hope you will join me on this adventure as we jump into the world wide wonder of fashion…

New York Fashion Week runs from September 8 – September 15 / Above image: Anna Wintour & André Leon Talley front row @ Donna Karan this past February, Leica & Kodak Tri-x 400 film

A very special pre-thanks to Tumblr for the opportunity, support, and platform to create and share and a huge thanks my management team at DBA for the amazing work we are about to create together!

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Reaching for the sky, have a soaring weekend!

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