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It was a sparkling finale at Burberry

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Going Burberry

“At Monday’s show, the clothes were back—and how—with what was one of his most fully realized, visually appealing, and, perhaps most importantly, rather more emotionally satisfying collections for quite some time.” – Mark Holgate, Vogue.com

What an experience attending the Burberry show during London Fashion Week at Kensington Gardens with all the glitz and glamour of celebrity as we watched Burberry’s vision for spring walk down the runway:

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Up, Up & Away

The Daily Style Icon: Amelia Earhart 

On today’s agenda: Sleep in. Room service breakfast (muwhhaa) Pack up the amazing suite the Hudson Hotel so gracious let us work from during the craziness that is NYFW, water the plants, and pack… CUZ WE’RE GOING TO LONDON Y’ALL!!! For the next week we will be live blogging what we can find across the pond (and hopefully coming back with some new hats *screams*)

It’s New York Fashion Week, you can’t just wear any old thing! I’m taking inspiration for my daily outfits to the tents from the women who have done it so well before us. We all have a right to look like a fashion icon, right?

Plaid shirt: Brooklyn Flea *LOOOOOVE the Brooklyn Flea* 

High Waisted Pants: Twenty8Twelve on sale from $355 to $89!!! 

Silk Scarf: Recollection by Sandra Murphy 

Leather Saddle Bag: Coach Classics Rambler’s Legacy 

Shoes: Tory Burch Oxford Pump

Location: The Intrepid 

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