Paco Rabanne

We left the Paco Rabanne studio in Paris feeling mesmerized by the craftmanship and care we witnessed in the creation of these garments. I knew I had to photograph them to life, in movement, and on a woman strong enough to carry the clothes. When Kelly suggested shooting the collection on her friend Athena Calderone I knew it was right. She is an incredible interior designer in New York, wife, mother, content creator and gorgeous woman. She effortlessly slipped on the heavy metal work dresses and floated around the set as if she were weightless. For a moment in time I felt the spirit of what Paco Rabanne means for women was alive in front of me. A celebration of hard and soft, excess and simplicity, modern and expressive.

In the middle of Hurricane Sandy, without power or subways,  Athena, Kelly (both walking 5 miles to get here) and I found our way to this collection to bring a form to it and see the vision realized by Lydia Maurer and those talented craftsmen who spent so many hours lost in the French couture details of Paco Rabanne.


A very special thank you to Athena Calderone  for being my fearless muse. 

Paco Rabanne Spring 2013 / Styling by Kelly Framel

In the Studio With…

Coco Chanel once commented that Paco Rabanne was the “metalworker of fashion”. Known for pushing the limits on wearable fashion, Rabanne constantly questioned the conventions of clothing design.

Rabanne started his own fashion house in 1966 and retired in 1999 after his final collection. Since then, the house has been in the hands of multiple directors. Now 29-year-old designer Lydia Maurer is the creative director. In a recent interview, Maurer said, “This is not a fashion house that’s purely about style, but mostly about handwork and craftsmanship, and texture and material.”

This past fall, when we were in Paris, we had the honor of stepping inside the studio of this historic French fashion house the week before Paris Fashion Week. Watching the workers meticulously craft every garment by hand (especially considering most of the pieces are made of metal!) was really astonishing… and I hope you’ll gather that from the images below.

Welcome to the studio of an always-modern Paco Rabanne.

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