10 Fav Looks: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren's Spring / Summer 2015 collectionRalph Lauren always takes us on a journey, be it the rolling green estate of an English manor, the perfectly fitted and delicately embellished world of Jay Gatsby or lost on the shining streets of Paris at night. This season we find ourselves embarking on the greatest journey of all- Safari. With a slight military embellishment and topped off with colorful crystals that take my mind deep into wilds of India, Ralph Lauren takes on trekking in the chicest way possible. The closing dress to the show gave me goosebumps and a rush of a thousands visions of photographic moments: running through the tall grass on a vast savannah, riding on the back of an elephant enveloped in clouds of red dust or climbing on to a prop plane under a setting sun in the most ‘Out of Africa‘ romantic way possible…

Ralph Lauren's Spring / Summer 2015 collection

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10 Fav Looks: Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta's Spring / Summer 2015 collection

There is no one on earth who makes a woman feel more beautiful than Oscar de la Renta,she said to the world. Sometimes I feel like I get in trouble because all I want is to get caught up and live in the romantic, beautiful world like the one ODLR has built these floral walls around. Every woman looks like a modern day Hepburn gliding down the runway and it’s all I can do to stay focused on taking the picture rather than getting lost in the garden party of dreams. High above Bryant Park to sound of classical music, we were all lovely ladies for Oscar’s moment in time…

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10 Fav Looks: Donna Karan

Donna Karan's Spring / Summer 2014 collection

It’s a rare collection where I personally want to wear every single piece, but then there is Donna Karan‘s spring/summer 2015 show. I’m 100% into everything, and I’m not alone in this sentiment – style.com called it “vibrant, uncomplicated, desirable“. There’s the perfect way the sleeves were rolled on her popped collar tops that made me feel like we were getting ready to dance the salsa all night long…even the patterns (something I typically stray away from) were turned into chic, wearable art by Donna.

So the love affair continues with the Queen of New York…

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5 Fav Looks: Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham's Spring / Summer 2015 collection

Jenny Packham‘s collection this season was inspired by the most famous woman in the world. While waiting for the show to start I read an open letter Packham wrote to Marilyn Monroe on the depth of research and inspiration she based these designs on. I found it quite beautiful and thought I’d share so you can hear the designers thoughts directly on this collection that makes me so glad to be a woman:

Dear Marilyn,

I’ve read the book and listened to the recordings, visted your bungalow at the Beverly Hills and sat in your chair at the Max Factor building where you became a blonde, all the while challenging why you are still so relevant in this brace new world. I’ve held your ‘some like it hot’ LBD, looked inside your corsets and collected your images. I’ve tried to decipher whether your attraction is familiarity or something else. 

A self-made woman and a brilliant actress who sewed buttons into her bra and affcted a walk and a giggle, enough to make armies of men fall at her feet. You were media savvy, a photographic phenomenon and the first woman to have her own production company. However, for me it’s that smile that makes you ever relevant and time enduring.

As a muse you’ve been inspiring: your style is definitive and your images have, with their technicolor intensity, created this season’s colour palette. 

At first I was nervous, I tried to be clever with the way you influenced me but you handed me inspiration on a plate and I decided just to eat it up!

Thanks Marilyn.

Jenny Packham's Spring / Summer 2015 collection

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5 Fav Looks: Lela Rose

Lela Rose Spring / Summer 2015 collection

Lela Rose is an always one of our go-to designers for shoots, be it the young romantic, Manhattan dreamer, or natural beauty. Her pieces make the best ladylike date outfits with a whimsical twist, leaving you feeling, in one word: pretty. This season’s collection the designs were a modernization of a vintage kimono, shown through structured folding and wrapped bodice cut-outs. There is such a beautiful lifestyle to the Lela Rose woman, and you know wherever she’s going, I want to go too…

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5 Fav Looks: Tadashi Shoji

Tadashi Shoji Spring / Summer 2015 collection

Fashion has a way of being transportive. Sunday we were on an adventurous trek around the globe with Jill Stuart, earlier today Prabal took us to Nepal, and now, Tadashi Shoji has us lost in the romance of Venice. Traveling is so important to open our minds and hearts. I know for me, traveling has changed my life and way of thinking. It’s no wonder so many designers take inspiration from places beyond our own everyday boundaries and then reinterpret these sights, smells, colors, experiences and emotions in their work so that we may all experience it with them. So here we are, sitting on the Grand Canal in Venice with Mr. Shoji, watching the magnificent Ca’ d’Oro reflecting off the water like the brush stokes of a Monet…

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5 Fav Looks: Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart spring / summer 2015 collection

I loved the earthy vibe of Jill Stuart‘s spring collection- it’s the kind of look I imagine wandering around dusty old souks or adventuring around South America in. There is something more elevated and intelligent about the woman who will wear these pieces – she wants to be put together but remain effortless, chic but comfortable. She doesn’t need to show you every curve of her figure because her beauty is within. Swept away in the sandy color palette I could forever travel the world in these five pieces…

Jill Stuart spring / summer 2015 collection

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5 Fav Looks: Sally LaPointe


I recently discovered Sally LaPointe on a fashion shoot a couple of weeks ago out in Amagansett. New to me, I decided to check out her show this NYFW and needless to say, I fell in love with her simple palette (you know how I feel about black and white) and interesting silhouettes paired with menswear-inspired shoes (CHECK). The idea behind this season’s minimalism from Sally herself:

“Inspired by the idea of spring cleaning, this collection is about streamlining and stripping away. The joy of less creating confidence and certainty.”


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