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Ari Dein

AriDein_01 Recently I’ve been really getting into lingerie: not crazy garter corset items, but wearable everyday pieces that feel and look amazing. I start with sets for the daytime and end with beautiful slips at night. When I stopped by the CFDA’s Incubator space to interview the designers behind Timo Weiland this past NYFW, I ran into Arielle Shapiro – the New York-born, former ballerina designer behind the line Ari Dein. It was like instant love. Her pieces are made to be wearable, flattering and feminine. It’s no wonder brands like Carolina Herrera have brought her on to design capsule collections for them. I was so thrilled when she made her fall line available for me to photograph exclusively at the studio and sat her down to get the story on how she went from working for other designers to starting her own line of lingerie….

AriDein_02 AriDein_03

What do you think it is about lingerie that inspires confidence in women?

I think, to me, fashion creates clothing that allows women to change their entire sensibility about themselves. You put on a dress and you’ve become something, a certain style or character.

Lingerie helps you accept and embrace who you are because it’s something that only you know about. And because the fit is so crucial, the size becomes about loving your body. No one ever says, “Oh, I wish I had this size band…” It’s the Holy Grail when you find something that fits, and the fit changes how you feel about yourself.

I think there’s something modest about lingerie, actually. It’s a private thing, something only you know about…but then if someone else is going to see it, you’re prepared and they’re lucky.

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Márcia Ganem

Márcia_Ganem_02 One of the joys of traveling is discovery. Discovering new food, a breathtaking view, new smellsa new skyan amazing hotel, a new way to see life and in Salvador da Bahia we discovered fashion designer Márcia Ganem. Drawing from the Bahian tradition of handcrafted lace, Marcia brings it into our modern day by constructing garments and accessories out of salvaged seat-belts! I loved how her pieces look to the eye as delicate as the finest lace but in actuality are almost indestructible. I purchased a beautiful jacket whose construction looks like the intricate and delicate skeleton of a fish in white and reminds me of the lightness of this special city and the inspiring artist we met along the way…

My travel companion Kelly and I put our pieces together at the studio on our beautiful muse Macy Nicol, turning her into something like the exotic birds we saw on our journey through South America with that all important touch of African influence whose roots in Salvador are undeniable.


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Winter Whites

We are all flowers in the garden of the world, but she -

she is an orchid, pure and white and lovely,

a small blossom on willowy stem.

she blooms, and I am lost

in her delicate lines.

She breathes life into me -

I was adrift in winter;

she gives me the promise of spring.

Youthful yet wise,

elegant and profound,

I dream of the day I may see her again.

For what other flower can there be?

What other love?

None but my orchid.

above and below:  Zuhair Murad gown, Chopard bracelet

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Sébastien Dubouchet

Kevin and I were recently in Geneva on a shoot for one of our clients who put us in touch with Sébastien Dubouchet to help with assisting. I didn’t know anything about him when he showed up on a foggy Geneva morning and we got to work right away. As the day progressed, we all chatted in between shots and we discovered Sébastien was an amazing still-life photographer with his own studio and a camera to make my heart flutter. After we wrapped the shoot, we went back to his place downtown to see how the Swiss do it. Scissor lifts, a digital view camera, an app on his phone to control his studio lights… it was a photographer’s dream.

Kevin took off his watch and Sébastien did a quick test to show us his process while I asked him questions about how he became a photographer and what it means to him.

How did you get started as a photographer?

I started because I wanted to be a wildlife photographer, I loved the nature and going out to see animals, wildlife, everything. I didn’t want to go into the world of adult people, I didn’t want to grow up. I was traveling and looking for strange animals trying to catch them with my camera. After a few years I realized I couldn’t make any money like that. So I started working in a hospital for a photographer of opthomology. The only field in the hospital where they have a complete department in photography. I then started to work for Stefan Vos as an assistant on everything from Harry Winston to Chopard. I spent 4 years with him and then I decided it was time to go out on my own and start my own studio.

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