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Jumperfabriken’s Design Studio


While in Gothenburg, Sweden on our #volvooverseasdelivery road trip we stopped by the design studio of Swedish label Jumperfabriken to meet with the label’s owner and designer Elisabeth Synnes who created the feminine and timeless fashion brand inspired by old photo albums from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s “taking the best from the past to the future”. Her classic approach is meant to provide pieces to last you a lifetime and never go out of style. Mostly known for their ladylike dresses and cozy cardigans, it’s the warmth from the designer that really makes you feel at home in these Scandinavian pieces.

10 Questions with JUMPERFABRIKEN‘s owner and designer Elisabeth SynneS


If you could give advise to yourself when you started Jumperfabriken, what would it be? 

ES: Be patient. To build a solid brand takes so much more time than one thinks.


What one famous person has worn your label where you had a holy-cow moment?

ES: Sarah Jessica Parker. She bought Blue rose patterned dress (above) which started as an aquarelle painting  I made in my summerhouse in Sweden.


What is one thing about running a fashion design business that took you by surprise?

ES: That everyone in the business from big to small brand  is working so really hard to get a profitable business. The business is tough with hard competition so today you need to offer something that stands out to be successful in the long run.


Where do you find inspiration?

ES: It is a mix of old and new things around me. Old photos from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, strong women , icons like Ingrid Bergman, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin  and my own mum. She was a beauty as a young girl with a great style.. In the 50’s John F Kennedy flirted with her on a boat-trip in Stockholm.


Below, a photograph of the designer’s mother graces all the brand’s tags. 


What do you love most about what you do?

ES: I love to create!…and I love to run a company that grows and building the brand little by little every day.


What is the one thing Jumperfabriken is most known for?

ES: Modern Vintage-style in feminine colorful knits and dresses.


Below, Elisabeth shows her personal teacher bag she designed and how beautifully the leather wears in over time. 


Who is your personal favorite fashion designer or brand?

ES: I admire classic brands like Gucci, Chloé, Miu Miu,Chanel for doing art with clothes, the materials, the cut and styling. I could never afford to buy it and it wouldn’t fit  so well in my closet or body, but it is a joy to look at!


One reason why you love Gothenburg?  

ES: I love the friendly atmosphere, you can be yourself and do your own thing. Unpretentious. I love that we are right by the sea and close to all the thousands of wonderful islands.


Where do you want Jumperfabriken to go from here?

ES: We want to expand to other countries, selling Jumperfabriken in America is a dream for me!


Favorite place to eat in Gothenburg?  

ES: Sjömagasinet, classic dining with excellent food and Bord 27  very unpretentious and Swedish


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Guide to Gothenburg

Snapshots from Gothenburg, Sweden and some of the most beautiful places to see.

We recently took a road trip around the southern part of Sweden in a new Volvo XC90 which we picked up directly from the factory just outside the city of Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast. Volvo has an overseas delivery program where when you order your car they will fly you to Sweden to pick it up and test drive it around the beautiful Scandinavian locations just as we did for a few weeks this past June. Once your journey is completed they will ship the car to you back home in the US. It’s a fun way explore a new country, get to know your car and make a ton of memories!

Our first stop on our #VolvoOverSeasDelivery was to Gothenburg, the gateway to West Sweden. This is what I loved: The people are so nice. The fresh seafood, especially the oysters, are amazing. The trams are not only beautiful with their blue lines rolling around the city but also very clean and easy to use. Gothenburg had a lovely balance of old architecture and cobblestone streets mixed with modern day conveniences.

Snapshots from Gothenburg, Sweden and some of the most beautiful places to see. Snapshots from Gothenburg, Sweden and some of the most beautiful places to see.


  1. Atelier – One of my favorite restaurants ever. Think champagne, roses, etched glass, velvet couches, and incredible seasonal, locally sourced food. One of the best meals from the entire trip!

2. Dorsia – Amazing dining terrace with a great sophisticated social scene.

3. Gabriel – Inside the “Fish Church” of Gothenburg, perfectly fresh seafood lunch not to be missed.

4. Norda – Beautiful for dinner with a very lush dining room.

5. Brewer – Sourdough pizza joint and craft beer bar for something more casual

6. Taverna – Stunning courtyard for a cozy dinner or dine inside surrounded by galleries of cool modern art.

Snapshots from Gothenburg, Sweden and some of the most beautiful places to see. (more…)

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Snapshots from Provence

Snapshots from Provence in the South of France Snapshots from Provence in the South of France

Provence is a country to which I am always returning, next week, next year, any day now, as soon as I can get on a train.

Snapshots from Provence in the South of France

Favorite eats:

La Bastide de Marie

Le Garage à LumièresLe Mas Tourteron

Snapshots from Provence in the South of France (more…)

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Provence in Polaroid

Provence Polaroid film.

Everything in Provence touches your skin. The leaves of a rose bush may brush against your arm as you walk through a field. The light in the morning rakes angularly though a room illuminating your face. “Bonjour” the day says. The oil from the olives stick to your fingers, which I always enjoy rubbing into my hands like lotion. Wine inevitably presses againt your lips filling you with the energy of the vine, of life, that surrounds you in this sacred place. The air kisses your cheeks while you lay on a blanket under the dappled afternoon sun. Everything, though seemingly still, is alive here if you just slow down to feel it…

A collection of vintage SX-70 Polaroids of our moments spent in Provence 

Provence Polaroid film. Provence Polaroid film. Provence Polaroid film. (more…)

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