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Snapshots from Guatemala


I love that moment in the plane when  you begin your final descent into a new country, that first glance down onto foreign soil. What are the colors? How is the light? What does the landscape look like? I’ll never forget watching the sunrise over the flat dusty plains as I touched down in Africa or seeing the Patagonian glaciers of Chile streaked in time. Looking at Guatemala from that little frame I was enchanted with the layers of volcanoes dancing along the horizon line of a setting sun.


It was just a weekend getaway, a short stop through Antigua, which was one of the most beautiful and romantic places I’ve ever seen. We didn’t have time to wander around but I will come back someday to photograph it and stay at the Meson Panza Verde which is heartbreakingly beautiful. We had a late dinner there on our last night in Guatemala in which I discovered its enchantment. From there we ventured around the lakeside town of Panajachel where the fashion accessory brand Mercado Global‘s design offices are located. The purpose of this trip was to discover the craftsmanship behind these artisanal bags. We spent a little time in Santiago Atitlan and in the hillside town of Santa Catarina Palapo where we slept in a dream villa.

I have many takeaways from Guatemala. The fruit is incredible. The people, so petite, are beautiful in their traditions they hold on to despite globalization. I loved comparing their dress to how the Peruvian women dress each in their specific way. The beautiful colors in their clothing are mimicked in the textiles of the market and lush nature landscape bursting with flowers in sherbet orange and hot fuchsia. As we wandered through the old colonial built towns there is the distinctive sound of women’s hands patting out corn tortillas, and I’ll never forget the way they tasted hot off the griddle. I loved how drivers would honk as a courtesy, a way to say thank you. Perhaps though, my favorite feature of this beautiful country are her volcanoes. It had not been since Bali that I found myself gazing upon such a scene. Every day is a new view, sometimes with smoke billowing out a top, sometimes in silhouette to a setting sun. I found them a constant reminder that the earth is alive beneath our feet and for the mere fact that I am standing in Guatemala, I realize I am alive too.

Guatemala_003 Guatemala_004 Guatemala_005 Guatemala_006    Guatemala_008 Guatemala_009 Guatemala_010 Guatemala_011 Guatemala_012 Guatemala_013

Above, visiting a traditional housing community in the country in Rodebjer in Irene fringe dress and Maiyet desert sandal

Guatemala_014 Guatemala_015 Guatemala_016 Guatemala_017

Above, visiting the popular and best coffee shop in the lake side town of Panajachel, Cafe Loco. The coffee made with coconut milk is AMAZING.

Guatemala_018 Guatemala_019 Guatemala_020

Above, ordering a Michelada from a street cart vender in the market. Michelada is a popular Latin American drink which is consists of mostly beer with tomato juice, lime juice, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce. It’s kind of like a fizzy, lighter version of a Bloody Mary and perfect for sipping in the afternoon. 

Guatemala_021 Guatemala_022 Guatemala_023 Guatemala_024

Above, Kelly explores the markets of Panajachel in a RIXO constellation dress and WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie backpack

Guatemala_025 Guatemala_026 Guatemala_027 Guatemala_028 Guatemala_029 Guatemala_030 Guatemala_031 Guatemala_032    Guatemala_034

Above, Kelly explores a town square in KAELEN printed silk cotton bell sleeve shirt dress

  Guatemala_036 Guatemala_037 Guatemala_038 Guatemala_039

Above, admiring the traditional dress of the Tz’utujil men in Santiago Atitlán.

Below, in C.F. Goldman linen cuffed shirt dress. 

Guatemala_040 Guatemala_041 Guatemala_042 Guatemala_043 Guatemala_044 Guatemala_045 Guatemala_046 Guatemala_047 Guatemala_048    Guatemala_050 Guatemala_051 Guatemala_052

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Snapshots of a weekend in Paris


It’s hard not to fall in love with Paris. Her architectural streets, her dancing light, her chalky tonality bathing  you in softness and drowned in French accents. It was a weekend away, short but everlasting in my memories, swept up in a hotel suite from a dream and made simple with long afternoon walks with nowhere in particular to go… just the way I love to see Paris.

Paris_September__03 Paris_September__04    Paris_September__06 (more…)

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“Fly the ocean in a silver plane…”

An old propeller plane seen from the ground in South Africa. “…see the jungle when it’s wet with rain…”

As I write this, I am somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and the United States. I always request a window seat because you never know when you’re going to get that perfect shot of the sun rising over South America or see a distant thunderstorm illuminate the horizon on your descent into Singapore. I was just lost in thought gazing out the window and thinking about how flying’s magic is not lost on me. The fact that you can close your eyes in New York and wake up in a world you’ve only dreamed of in what seems like minutes still leaves me in childlike wonder.

I ponder sometimes if the pace of our distances allows us more or less? What would Darwin have accomplished in the era of air travel? Part of being a freelancer is never knowing which way the current will take you nor how hard the undertow will be but I feel so incredibly lucky to have seen so much of the world through my lens. I haven’t yet figured out what the ultimate influence will be on my life’s work of all the lands I’ve seen, and to be honest I am still exploring…it’s true what they say: “The more I travel, the less I know.”

A view of New York City from above the clouds. Cover image originally from HERE

Second image is flying out from New York


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Napa Valley & Beyond

A honeymoon trip through Napa valley Even though our private little cottage at Carneros Inn was the perfect hideaway for newlyweds in love, we did find the “courage” to venture out into the hills of California’s Napa Valley. So what does one do in this stunning American wine region? … drink and eat. A LOT. It was so much fun hopping on bikes and bouncing from one winery to the next, sometimes making a picnic and sometimes trying world-famous restaurants such as Bouchon. My absolute favorite winery was James Cole, where we bought a case of Merlot we gave to family members as Christmas gifts…and saved some for ourselves (for special occasions, like this past Thanksgiving). We played tourists on the Napa Valley Wine Train and spent a day in Santa Rosa, the city one of Kevin’s favorite beer breweriesRussian River, calls home. The details are foggy with the passage of time (or maybe it was the wine) and now only the highlights of my memories remain and these very few snapshots on film of the time in our lives when we were newlywed ~

A honeymoon trip through Napa valley A honeymoon trip through Napa valley A honeymoon trip through Napa valley


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