Images of a Weekend


For all the horror that winter brings in Manhattan, she certainly makes up for it in June. The city is happy, the energy is good, and behind every turn awaits an explosions of flowers, artists, farmers market harvests, and the sparkling sunlight. The Hudson glitters like a canary diamond and, for once, even the garbage trucks seem to hum quietly to themselves while lovers quarrels are called to a truce in place of strolls through the park in all the quiet pleasures of life.

I went to the farmers market, I walked Riverside Park, I explored Gotham Market and learned that rice crispy treat ice cream is a thing and it’s amazing. I started watching the 2nd season of Chef’s Table (one of my all time favorite food shows) and enjoyed my new Diptyque candle that smells of home cooked Madeleines. This I photographed {above} with my Monica Rich Kosann locket and a memento from one of the sweetest moments of the weekend — when I stumbled upon a poet writing poems for donation which he bases on any theme you told him. I asked him to make me a poem on Provence and this is what he wrote…

The image need not be imagine

it’s beautiful as it is

The people need not be questioned

they’ve an honest way to live

Give to the land and in return

the land gives back to you

It’s funny how we go so far

to learn the truth

-Lynn Gentry


Riverside Park

June 11th, 2016

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Images of a City Summer Weekend~

Bike rides and long walks, movies and dance… sometimes the best times are long summer afternoons in New York City….

*cracks knuckles* Here is how I spent my weekend:

-Stopping by the flower market to stock up on this week’s office flowers (I swear it makes me work better)

-Lunch at the old Tavern on the Green in Central Park turned Food Truck mecca… the mini pita burgers at Pera Turkish Tacos are to die for. I ate them so fast I forgot to take a picture. #fail

Then this happenedhow could it not?

-My current favorite summer dress. A little 40s throw back but made new. I discovered The Reformation: “Inspired by vintage, these pieces have been reformed with a modern eye to create something at first recognizable but in the end completely new.” Love, Love, Love 

-A long walk along Central Park West dreaming of the lives lived in the amazing apartments and how I’d find a way to “borrow sugar” from my famous neighbors muuuhhaaaa

-Experiencing Project Nim at the Film Society Lincoln Center… and also experiencing what it’s like to wear shorts 

-Exploring the Lincoln Center campus and running my toes through the roof lawn

– couldn’t resist a little bit of dis…  😉

-and closing the night to the tunes of Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing big band

I hope you all had a great summer weekend as well! xo

A Fashion Designer’s Apartment on the UWS

A modern day classic, a beautiful fashion designer with a family history of iconic clients, a Central Park West apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and a collection of lovely things….

Welcome to the home of Fashion Designer Katie Ermilio.

*Tidbit! The cooper framed mirror is an old relic from the Flat Iron Building!

*Tidbit: Her Grandmother’s china next to a black & white photograph of her Grandfather’s Philadelphia store. 

As seen in Rue Magazine Holiday 2010! Please do flip through to read the story about Katie her Manhattan home and see the beautiful designed layouts!

See more from my At Home With series as we go behind the doors of real people in New York City.

Pinhole Camera Adventures

Jessica Kausen gave me a Pinhole Camera! One little pinhole, exposures anywhere from two seconds to five minutes makes this little box quite an adventure… Thanks Jessica! This was fun.

These are images from my weekend with the coming of fall, farmers market, a subway trip to midtown, a flea market, and an adorning UWS.

If you build it…

The adventure begins…

Mr. Manhattan

One of my favorite records is the soundtrack to Woody Allen’s classic black and white film Manhattan, with the epic Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. Sometimes when I walk the streets of New York I’ll listen to this song and watch the city pace to it’s beat. I don’t believe a place has ever been captured more accurately than though those musical notes. James Nord and I recreated George Gershwin in front of his 33 Riverside Drive penthouse where his rooftop parties started an era of glamor in the Jazz Age. Maybe this is what it was like to meet Mr. Gershwin on the streets in his Manhattan. 

Images were shot on two film cameras, Hasselblad 500C and a Toyo View Camera with Kodak Tri-X 400 film

For James, Happy Birthday and thank you ever so…

A Disposable Two Hours

I know I can’t go back to Paris in the 40s when artists like Hemingway and Man Ray hung out in cafes all day but it certainly felt that way sitting outside Gallery Espresso in Savannah with friends and new artist acquaintances talking about art and projects. My ears perked up when artist Mary Novack began talking about a new collaboration project she started called A Disposable Two Hours. Once returning to New York I wrote to her saying I would love to be apart of her series and to my great happiness a disposable camera arrived in the mail for me shortly thereafter. The instructions were to set out on a two hour walk- one hour in one direction, then the second hour back and simply observe your surroundings using the disposable camera to capture what you saw. Walking may be a part of every New Yorker’s day but walking for the sake of experiencing the city around you and being aware is something we rarely take time for. You can compare and contrast other people’s contributions to A Disposable Two Hours and read more about the project on Mary’s blogThank you Mary for this experience!

Here is my contribution and observations of two hours in NYC~

My route as sketched out by Kevin~