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Man’s best friend

New York City, Central Park West

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Central Park in the Fall

There is no better time in New York than that of the fall…

One last weekend of splendor, thinking about the holidays to come, a long walk in Central Park before the last leaf falls.


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Images of a City Summer Weekend~

Bike rides and long walks, movies and dance… sometimes the best times are long summer afternoons in New York City….

*cracks knuckles* Here is how I spent my weekend:

-Stopping by the flower market to stock up on this week’s office flowers (I swear it makes me work better)

-Lunch at the old Tavern on the Green in Central Park turned Food Truck mecca… the mini pita burgers at Pera Turkish Tacos are to die for. I ate them so fast I forgot to take a picture. #fail

Then this happenedhow could it not?

-My current favorite summer dress. A little 40s throw back but made new. I discovered The Reformation: “Inspired by vintage, these pieces have been reformed with a modern eye to create something at first recognizable but in the end completely new.” Love, Love, Love 

-A long walk along Central Park West dreaming of the lives lived in the amazing apartments and how I’d find a way to “borrow sugar” from my famous neighbors muuuhhaaaa

-Experiencing Project Nim at the Film Society Lincoln Center… and also experiencing what it’s like to wear shorts 

-Exploring the Lincoln Center campus and running my toes through the roof lawn

– couldn’t resist a little bit of dis…  😉

-and closing the night to the tunes of Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing big band

I hope you all had a great summer weekend as well! xo

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Up the Hudson River Line

A ride along the Hudson River with my new bike, discoveries of Manhattan’s quiet treasures- the Little Red Lighthouse, Grant’s Tomb, Riverside Park and the 91st Street Garden (hello You’ve Got Mail) made for a beautiful Saturday ride and unforgettable memory of this day I shared with my Father…

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