Mr. Manhattan

One of my favorite records is the soundtrack to Woody Allen’s classic black and white film Manhattan, with the epic Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. Sometimes when I walk the streets of New York I’ll listen to this song and watch the city pace to it’s beat. I don’t believe a place has ever been captured more accurately than though those musical notes. James Nord and I recreated George Gershwin in front of his 33 Riverside Drive penthouse where his rooftop parties started an era of glamor in the Jazz Age. Maybe this is what it was like to meet Mr. Gershwin on the streets in his Manhattan. 

Images were shot on two film cameras, Hasselblad 500C and a Toyo View Camera with Kodak Tri-X 400 film

For James, Happy Birthday and thank you ever so…

A Disposable Two Hours

I know I can’t go back to Paris in the 40s when artists like Hemingway and Man Ray hung out in cafes all day but it certainly felt that way sitting outside Gallery Espresso in Savannah with friends and new artist acquaintances talking about art and projects. My ears perked up when artist Mary Novack began talking about a new collaboration project she started called A Disposable Two Hours. Once returning to New York I wrote to her saying I would love to be apart of her series and to my great happiness a disposable camera arrived in the mail for me shortly thereafter. The instructions were to set out on a two hour walk- one hour in one direction, then the second hour back and simply observe your surroundings using the disposable camera to capture what you saw. Walking may be a part of every New Yorker’s day but walking for the sake of experiencing the city around you and being aware is something we rarely take time for. You can compare and contrast other people’s contributions to A Disposable Two Hours and read more about the project on Mary’s blogThank you Mary for this experience!

Here is my contribution and observations of two hours in NYC~

My route as sketched out by Kevin~

24 Hours in NYC

When Wolfram Magazine asked me to do a photo essay on New York City I knew I didn’t want to shoot the iconic (and touristy) places being that’s just really not a part of my day living and working. I approached the project with an honesty of what it’s like visually as a New Yorker interacting with this amazing city and decided my essay would be based on 24 hours in NYC in 24 frames.

*All images were shot on Ilford Film with my Hasselblad 500C