Giveaway! $25 Whole Foods Gift Card!

Whole Foods NYC is giving away a $25 gift card, From Me To You!

People pass down many things in families from photographs to heirlooms. What I want to know is, what is your best family recipe? Is it passed down from 7 generations? Is it something you make for your kids? A holiday drink recipe that wouldn’t be a proper family function without it? Or are you like me and have the recipe to a meal your grandmother fixed you growing up? If you don’t have a family recipe to share it could also be one of your own recipes you hope to one day pass down.

I shared my recipe with y’all, now I want you to share yours with me! Tell me a little background or story about your family recipe and post it along with the instructions in the comments below! I will select one recipe, make their dish, photograph it and post it here in one week to announce the winner who will receive a $25 Whole Foods gift card to any NYC location!

If you don’t win this round, follow Whole Foods NYC twitter (@wholefoodsnyc) as they have “Twitter Thursday” contests and give away $25 gift cards! I won once and here is how I spent the money honey!

The winner will be able to pick up the $25 gift card at any Whole Foods location in NYC that they specify.

This is my Grandma’s recipe book, what’s in yours?…

Thyme to Celebrate!

When Whole Foods asked on Twitter Thursday “Thanksgiving is often a time of reflection, what are you most thankful for this year? ” I replied “For having the ability to change, grow, and start new traditions with the ones I love while making new friends along the way.” and I won! They sent me a $25 gift card and this is my way of saying Thanks! We picked up some pork chops with apple cherry stuffing, a wonderful Colorado Sunlight cheese, and a growler full of beer. It was a great night in and delicious meal, thank you Whole Foods!!!