Today we’re pleased to launch our second premium Tumblr theme: Paris Nights!

Paris Nights is a French inspired theme based on the magic of nighttime in the city of lights. The idea for the theme came from spending time this summer in the French Impressionist wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We visited flea markets around the city and collected vintage Parisian correspondence, letters and postcards you might have found abandoned at a café table so many years ago. One of our favorite things about Paris is the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower at nights so to capture that visual romance hover your mouse over the hanging lights at the top of the theme.

Just like my theme and Southern Afternoon you can post images, text, quotes, music, conversations, links, videos and Q&A posts. We have built in support for Disqus comments, Google Analytics, customization such as font style and size for both the body and header, links in the sidebar and you can even add vintage photo corners to photographs!

View a sampling of how Paris Nights could be as your own.

Walking down the streets of Paris at night the lights glow against the old cobble streets, the sounds of the cafés fill the night air and couples tuck away in the romance of life. This theme is inspired by beauty of Paris nights and the ability to create our own lovely lifestyle and post it here for all to see and maybe even themselves be inspired by.

To purchase Paris Nights click here.

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