Images of a Spring Weekend

A couple of days free in the city, quiet wonderment, discovering new blossoms & new works of art… a small glimpse into a spring weekend From Me To You

Patches of daffodils and bare legs hit the streets

She & I visited “Food for Thought” which inevitability made us hungry– insert delicious lunch at Co., have you been there?

I saw a lot of girls wearing a lot of braids…

The bodegas were in bloom

While seeing his documentary my admiration for the man and his work grew… which also caused a slight obsession with getting a bike… 

Went to the MET to creatively recharge… found her there doing the same.

Pink was everywhere!

So I wore pink too…

….and at the end of the day, walking back home, I found some lovers in Central Park enjoying the view and what a view… so I enjoyed it too.

I hope you all had a Happy Weekend!

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