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By now you know we are in Paris having the most inspiring time and eating way too much bread, butter, and cheese for the “looks” I packed… but so it goes! We are actually here today to speak at FLOW Paris, the European Social Media Conference, about our work, Cinemagraphs, this blog, Instagram and creating art together.

This is what we said this morning in Paris from the live stream and I encourage you to check out some of the videos of other speakers to be in touch with what is going on in the digital and luxury space.

The Flow is moving forward, are you on board?


9 thoughts on “Get with the FLOW

  1. Thank you for sharing this! You are two very inspirational artists! Jamie, I must say you are one of the few people that inspired me to pick up the camera again after taking a long break from photography. Thank you!

  2. Wonderful to hear you and Kevin speak about your work and relationship! I thoroughly enjoyed it and gained so much to incorporate into my own work and inspire the things I create. Like Cinemagraphs, seeing you both in “action” allowed me to understand your work and mission even more. Lovely!

  3. It’s one thing to follow you guys on Twitter and Instagram and here on your site, and meet you in person Jamie, but another thing entirely to hear you both speak so passionately about your work and your relationship. You’re both a huge inspiration to artists/photographers everywhere who have ever felt awkward about getting in ‘just another shot’ of something somewhere….it’s all totally worth it if it’s what you love to do.

  4. sorry but the presenter is really irritating! at 20:53 he starts speaking in French and says “can we cut the video here or not”, the guy at the back says “no” I suppose, then he continues “no just I wanted to say something not nice about Garance Doré, but I don’t want to say it in the public”, then he turns to you and says “ah I just wanted to compare you with less creative bloggers”. WTF! I’m sure half of the people there are following @garancedore and love her work, I don’t understand how he hosts and chats with bloggers like this. Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg are so creative with their works and Garance Doré too, with her amazing photography. So please, I’m calling to organizers here, don’t let these kinds of lack of respect&information guys host and discuss with these kinds of creative artists…
    and simplicity is good for god sake, I really have to discuss with this guy!
    otherwise, love your work! 🙂

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