Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Last weekend Kevin and I got to escape the crisp fall air of the east coast and join our Veuve Clicquot friends in sunny California for a perfect Saturday of polo and bubbles. The west coast did not let us down with its beautiful people, bevy of celebrity, the CUTEST polo players and endless sunshine set amongst a 1922 New Delhi themed event. It was really torture… muwha.

Welcome to Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Los Angeles, California~



Thank you Veuve Clicquot for this joyous celebration!

13 thoughts on “Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

  1. Hi. I’m from New Delhi….so just a parallel perspective. I’m a designer, and let’s just say familiar with these sort of events…while the ‘New Delhi’ theme is decently captured…though the choice of marigold is a tad typical…the women in the Indian ‘dresses’…really off the mark. I do realise that they are not the highlight of the event & that it is for an american crowd…but my whole issue is how poorly understood the concept of classy and sophisticated is as far as ‘oriental/exotic’ clothes are concerned. I see this very often in the west, even with indians who grow up there…just because a garment has bling on it, it does not become authentically indian or beautiful or ‘modern-indian’. In fact, heritage Indian textiles, no matter how shimmery like the kanjeevaram, are never, never blingy. One can argue that westerners are perhaps not as clued in or don’t need to be, but as an event designer, if you are capturing and recreating a certain part of the world, it has to be well contextualised and understood…or it becomes a cliche. You have to read between the lines, know what is a good representation and what is not. Bollywood, as much I love bits of it, is largely to blame for this mish-mash! It reflects Indian elements, yes, but it is by no means a reflection of any of the rich Indian arts, textiles, or Indian high culture – which is what the polo world is about. New delhi of 1920s was a powerhouse of the British, the Indian kings and sheer opulence….clothes and textiles were the finest. So these atrocious lehengas, heavy make-up and ordinary jewellery are really odd. Someone has attempted a modern spin-off on India, which is great but one loose end kills the effort…at least from where I am in New Delhi.

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