It has been an amazing year together. I want to thank all the people who check my blog on a daily basis, leave heartfelt comments, chat with me on Twitter and heart the Instagrams. It means everything to me to share my work here and have an audience to be inspired by.

This Thanksgiving week I wanted to say THANK YOU and sweeten the pot with a giveaway!

About the bag: The guys at Lo & Sons created this super chic and simple taupe nappa leather crossbody DSLR camera bag with a beautifully quilted tan interior to hide away your gear without ruining your ‘look’. The best part about The Claremont bag is that it is super lightweight, which is incredibly important when you are hauling around a camera and lenses.

How to enter: Leave a comment saying what kind of stories you’d like for me to photograph next year or what image from the blog this year meant the most to you; I’d love to know!

The giveaway is now closed. Thank you for all your sweet and inspiring comments!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

472 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY

  1. I loved that series you did with Kelly (the glamourai) in Malibu- at Kelly Wrestler’s house! Stories like that that combine the beauty of a place along with fashion are my favs!

  2. I love that bag! Just saw it in black on Of A Kind this morning. I’ve been looking for a great camera bag for my DSLR for ages!

    My favorite images came from one of the first posts I ever saw, and the one that has kept me coming back to your blog ever since. It was Full of Grace — the Daily Style Icon post about Grace Kelly. I was so inspired by the vintage feel of the shoot and the location, which is one of my favorite touristy spots in Manhattan. Every image in that post was absolutely stunning!

  3. How can I chose one of your million brilliant stories or adventures?! It’s absolutely impossible.
    I love to travel myself so I usually adore your travel photographs. It inspires me to try different things on my own travels… and I guess that is something I’d like to see more of in the next year too. Who knows where your exciting life will lead you next 🙂

    Also, giveaways like that are usually limited to the US. I don’t know if this is the case with this one as well, but anyway, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the inspiration and beauty you brought to my life.

  4. the pictures of your wedding were probably the most touching. it was so lovely and intimate. I really fell in love with you two as a couple & what this blog stands for in there.

    good luck in 2013! can’t wait to see what you’re going to do!

  5. There have been so many great adventures and stories already, it is hard to choose one favourite, although any/all of your Moroccan adventures were pretty incredible.

    As for what I would love to see – the librarian in me would love to see photographs of iconic and beautiful libraries! Even NYPL is a stunner, but if in any upcoming travels you find yourself in a city with a beautiful library (Dublin for example) I think it would be lovely to see what sort of fun bookish photographic adventures you might shoot!

  6. Oh what a lovely way to do the contest! I would love to read about some nostalgic pieces about your life…maybe a reenactment of how you and Kevin met via photograph. I’m so intrigued with how you became what you are today. When you found your first camera…what inspires your eye…past teachers/mentors..”.ETC ETC ETC”

  7. The more travel shots, the better! I live for the next trip, the next adventure, so it is handy to live vicariously through others’ travels to spot the next place I want to go!

  8. How exciting! I think this a little over a year since I started following your blog, and it’s been so cool to see your work (and life) change in that time. I really loved your photos from Paris and Versailles, and have returned to them several times to enjoy again. I was particularly drawn to the little glimpses of you, reflected in a mirror or window, during your travels. Not exactly a story, but something you used to do… I’d love to see some more of your own experiments in beauty and fashion… not just tutorials, but product recommendations and photos showing off your style, since it’s so classic and lovely. Happy Holidays to you and Kevin!

  9. So great! I’d love to see a series based on reflections… In store windows, in puddles on the sidewalk, in car windows…. I’ve seen it done poorly many times, but I’d love to see it done really well, without looking overly photoshopped (like I know you could do!)

  10. Dear Jamie,
    it is so difficult to choose just one picture because every post on your blog is inspiring! Your pictures lighten my day, i think you have a very good sense for details and colours. Your personal style is amazing and inspiring, please show us more of your wardrobe!! The picture is admired the most is this one with Kelly:
    I love this so much because it feels like a time travel back to the 50s. Jamie, your posture looks so much like the Dior models e.g., the style is timeless, graceful and elegant. It would be great to put my camera in this beautiful bag because i wearing a lot of beige and brown clothes and scarves. Thank you Jamie and Happy Thanksgiving to you and Kevin.

  11. One of the many favorites that stands out in my mind would be the fashion editorial shoot you’ve done for Katie Ermilio Spring / Summer 2012 and the Morroccan inspired fashion editorial that was styled by Kelly Framel. So unforgettable and inspiring. I feel like day dreaming whenever I look at these photos!

  12. Hi there! Honestly, your technique with cinemagraphs has been my favorite part of your blog. They are absolutely stunning and it’s fun to think about what techniques you used to put them together. I can’t wait to watch for more!

  13. I absolutely love your cinemagraphs! They’re beautiful and I always want to see more, I would love to learn how to make my own some day! Thanks for the giveaway, I would kill for a bag like that! Here’s hoping…

  14. Hello! I think a correlation of historical Paris architecture and today’s modern-yet-classic fashion would be a fantastic piece from you. Everything you do is so classy and effortless, it would be perfect! A bit of a time-warp piece 🙂

  15. OMG! It’s always lovely to read your blog stories & drool over those fantastic images. No exaggeration. I’ve been inspired by your work & two of my favorites from recent posts have been Versailles & the Polo lunch. I’d also love love love to see more of you in a short-story video or a series of Cinemagraphs that tell a story? I realize it will be a lot of work but what can I say! I look forward to seeing more of you. All the way in India here, meanwhile, I’m striving to raise the industry expectations from bloggers by taking a leaf out of your book & raising the bar with photography & blogging. Please come to India & let’s collaborate. Working with you & Kevin will be SO COOL! *hugs*

  16. I just started following you, falling in love with your photography. I am still exploring your beautiful blog and can’t find something I love the best over the all the amazing images you have here! But if I had to choose I would probably go with fashion. Thank you!

  17. Simply cannot pick a favorite although I do have a large soft spot for all of your travel ones. I’d love to see a new take on action photos because the ones from the Polo Classic were lovely. Perhaps dance?

  18. Hi! Thanks for hosting a giveaway but more importantly thank you thank you thank you for the beautiful posts and the inspiration that comes from them. The majority of my favorite pictures from your blog come from the “travel section”. I love all the colorful ones you take of markets and food. They inspire me to explore the world and the place around me, and teach me to find beauty outside my window. Thanks.

  19. Your pictures tell such elegant and beautiful stories. I’ve loved every bit of it this year. I’m thankful for the inspiration you have provided me with this year. I’d love to see more of your adventures over seas as well as at home. It would be great to get a peak at what a lazy Sunday afternoon looks like for you.
    I fell in love with your pictures from Paris. I wish I could print out large scale photographs of some of them to hang on my walls! They are simple and beautiful.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xx

  20. maybe not strictly from this year, but the post that introduced me to your blog (this year) was your guest post detailing your top ten favorite things about kansas city on oh joy! being a kansas citian myself it was so nice to see some appreciation for what the city has to offer, and i would love to see more highlights of destinations ‘off the beaten path’ so to speak.

  21. Hey Jamie! I would love to see you go somewhere exotic and make more cinemagraphs. Your work is beautiful, as are you. I saw this bag on Of A Kind and fell in love. I can’t wait to see what you have planned for the upcoming year! Thanks!!

  22. I love the shoot/article on Versailles you did, very inspirational. Travel-wise I would love to see an article on castles, preferably from England or Ireland. That would be fantastic.

  23. I loved all the photos you made in Morocco. I would love to see more series similar to that one…more “off the beaten path” from the classic Paris and New York fashion capitals. Doing more projects similar to the Morocco one would require you to travel more…I don´t think you´d be opposed!
    Best wishes from South America.

  24. You are such an awesome photographer and so classy at that! I’m a photographer too and I have learned a lot thru your fashion editorials. I am hopin’ to see more lifestyle and travel photos from you this coming year. Thank you for bein an inspiration! 🙂

  25. Your Paris in the Fall photoset was one of the most amazing that I’ve seen on your blog. You’re so inspirational and I only hope that one day I am able to take photos as well as yours. Always look forward to your updates!

  26. It would be difficult to say which one meant the most because all your posts inspire me in some way. Just your vision of these photos are pure perfection. However, if I were to choose…it would be your posts about your wedding. The fact that you were willing to share the most important day of your life with all of us was just wonderful. Also…to see the process and how you guys made it look classic and timeless was great. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! xx, M

  27. Your blog is perfect. You take such great pictures and your cinemagraphs are amazing. I would love to see you put them together into little blog stories! They would make such a good narrative of a trip you take around a city or a photo series of people getting dressed – layering and picking out their outfits, etc. And by the way, amazing wedding photos!

  28. I don’t know if I really could give you any ideas because you already have all the best ones! I think all your travel pictures are my favorite and thats what I look forward to seeing more of in this next year! Maybe more shots of rural areas that most do not actually know about. Have you thought about a Sedona Arizona shoot?

  29. You are so inspiring its difficult to choose just one moment but I loved so many of the shots in your Paris is for Lovers set. When I first saw them I thought they were classic photos of the city you had found, and but are so beautiful they certainly will be now.

  30. I love the photos from Paris in the Fall, as someone who wants to live there someday, I can say that you made the city look real ans even more lovely than usual! I would like to see more photos from different citys.

  31. I clearly recall gaping in awe at the beauty of Marrakech captured by your camera — I had already been wanting to travel to Morocco and experience the dreamy scenery and vibrant colors, and my mouth watered even more as I beheld the beauty of your photographs with their gentle lighting and thoughtful perspective.

  32. I’d love to see more photos that may capture the innocence (and glamour) of being a child in the city. One image that comes to mind is your photo of two children in Paris standing above the subway grates, enjoying how the air gusts suddenly blew up their coats – so natural and easy spirited. Loved it. Also love the photos with you and your other half – also very natural and so sweet.

  33. HEY LADY! Wow, I must say my mind flashed to the image and sound of one particular post…a cinemagraph of candles flickering with the subtitle “Candles alone in a ballroom flicker in anticipation.” It was like a National Geographic post where not only is the photo mysterious and mesmerizing, but the CAPTION just absolutely pulled together this entire story in my mind of personified ambiance, how can I even explain? I feel like my photography strives for those moments– where images can reach a level of emotional connection beyond comprehension. Your work is inspiring to say the least. What I would love to see from you in the future? Some conceptual self-portraits! I’d love to see you turn the camera on yourself, not only to capture those cute, special moments, but to take yourself on a journey through your own mind. We see it everyday, and I’d love for you to share your journey of traveling through your own mental landscapes to provide us with beauty inspired by yourself as the subject! Can’t say what an awesome treat it would be to tote around this cute little number and toss all my canvas and tattered leather i’ll-get-a-better-one-later camera bags! Much love from one visual artist to another!


  34. The photos and stories you shared of Paris were my favourite part of your blog this year. I’m trying to study abroad in Paris and your photographs were stunning with their style and simplicity, all the more encouraging to try to go!

  35. Your Donna Karan Fall 2012 fashion report blew me away. It was definitely the most memorable for me this year (although your shots of DK’s resort collection was a close second). Not only was that color palette stunning, but the way you captured the essence of the show was brilliant. Fashion photography aside, the diversity of your work inspires. Well done.

  36. All of your Paris photos are just stunning. The “Kiss me in Paris” cinemegraph is absolutely, by far, my favorite image of all time. I’ve seen it what feels like a hundred time and it still takes my breath away!

  37. For me, the photos from Paris in the Fall were simply stunning. Right now, my girlfriend is living there while I’m on the other side of the world and the way you captured the little details of the city just made me remind all the amazing moments I’ve had there.

    I hope you keep doing those travel compilations and bring back the Polaroid pictures! 😉

  38. The cinemagraphs from the rainy day shoot still sooth me. They are just so wonderful! I would love to see you do a shoot at Botany Bay, SC (near Edisto Beach). It’s a magical place with trees on the beach.

  39. I found you for the first time this last summer. It was a picture capturing two people sitting in a dark window nook gazing at each other. I was so taken with the picture, I kept coming back to it trying to figure out where it was from. At last the links led me to your website where I then proceeded to search through the archives in a desprate attempt to find the orginal post. A Hudson River Romance is where my searching ended.

    Your work is beautiful and captivating. All to often fashion is portaryed as superfical and unantainable desires. Your perspective is full of soul, and passion. It is incredible to me that this comes through in your photography.

  40. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I’ve been following you for a little over a year now and think you are an amazing artist. Although much of your work is exquisite, I have to say that your “Kiss me in Paris” cinemegraph was the most breathtaking for me. It holds a lot of emotion and emphasizes the ‘moment’ in which a kiss is. Although the two subjects are unmoving in comparison to the leaves and the water, I see this cinemegraph as a scene in which many women have felt, where the kiss with a special someone is a moment that you want to stay frozen in time and perfect forever. That’s how I feel anyhow. Thank you for continuously sharing your work.


  41. The photos from your wedding are so elegant and inspiring. They give us a window into a marriage of talent and vision, photographically speaking. And of course we were also able to peer into the union of what seems to be a loving and quality relationship.

    For next year? Well it always interests me to see photos of people in the midst of their work. From locals working in tea fields to cotton candy vendors. People working their craft adds particular voice to a frame.

  42. I love your blog. It gives me a quick glimpse of another world when I need a quick fix before diving back into real life. The photoset of the Grand Mosque are my favourite! Thanks so much for sharing!

  43. So exciting and so sweet of you to be doing this Jamie!

    Over the last year I’ve seen your blog grow so much and I’m always anticipating the next post! I follow you religiously on Twitter and Instagram as well (my username is “arzooamer” and I’m sure you’ve seen my comments pop up on both!)…

    This last year of posts has been absolutely amazing… from the beautiful fashion editorials to the breathtaking cinemagraphs, and all of the wonderful trips to Paris, Morocco and even Africa… you’ve managed to capture our breaths at every turning moment!

    I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for you… as for favorite blog posts from the last year… there are so many to choose from! But of all my favorites, my absolute and most favorite would have to be your classy and timeless wedding ceremony/reception posts. All of the delicate details (the centerpieces, your beautiful gown, the cake) all came together so perfectly and radiated a classic vintage feel, and it was so much fun getting to see a little piece of the event that marked the next chapter in your personal life! So thank YOU for that! 🙂

    Aside from everything else, I also happened to love the shoot you had with Thomas titled “Men’s Hair”… I thought that was unique and loved there was no real ‘purpose’ to the shoot and that you wanted to shoot it as a photographer, and so you did. I’d love to see more of that kind of stuff along with your exceptional fashion photography this upcoming year!

    Being the talented and brilliant photographer that you are, I have no doubt that your blog posts and photographs will only continue to impress and mesmerize us even more! Thank you for inspiring us with what you do!

  44. I’d like you to photograph more stories on people, because I think that you capture the emotion and everything else so well. A lot of shown through the pictures you take. I love all your traveling pictures, because you notice so many little details that one could miss. 🙂

  45. Wow, what a great bag. I had no idea something like this existed, and that leads right into my thoughts about your blog. I love how you expose me to such beauty. I follow you on instagram too, and it’s just always breathtaking. I love your editorial shots, and especially ones of you and your (seriously, is it that fabulous?!) life. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. i like your personal photos and stories. i know that’s creepy:(. i thank you for allowing us to come along on you and kevin’s journeys. its so inspiring and gives a pretend photographer like me – the idea that i can photograph like you. your journal is one of my delights.
    thank you – a huge fan in houston, tx
    Candace R

  47. My favorite posts were your wedding images – the most breath-taking dress I have seen. I also love the way you capture New York. It keeps me dreaming about the day that I will be able to finally get over there from my wee home in New Zealand.

  48. I’ve loved following your blog for over a year– such beautiful pictures, places, and people. While I absolutely love the breathtaking photos you’ve taken around the world, I’d love to see more of New York.

  49. What about love stories? That sounds absolutely cheesy but with what you do, this would really work. People from all walks of life with different jobs, backgrounds etc. They could have outrageous stories, or completely cliche stories. I would love to feel the rush of happiness after reading one of these stories on your blog. This includes the love failures as well because sometimes those are completely relatable and outrageous. I truly enjoy your blog. Good luck next year! Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

  50. I’d love to win a bag like that! Fingers crossed. I would love to see more of your vintage style posts where you would do your version of a movie star from the 40/50s. They were my favourites and I would love to see them again.

  51. I love your travel photos, and travel section, the photos are always interesting and different. I would love to see more travel photos, especially local destinations in the future.

  52. I really do love your fashion editorials. They are always amazingly well shot, not to mention when given the behind-the-scenes look, really opens my eyes to the work put into the clothes.

  53. I absolutely adore your cinemagraphs. The first cinemagraphs I ever saw were yours, and I was smitten by them! I would love to see even more shots of you travelling! I’m a poor college student, so I don’t get to travel often, but your posts have helped me make a list of places I’d love to go!

  54. I so enjoy your images of people, particularly the non-model shots…there is so much interesting diversity in the city and/or in the many locations you have visited. Those images of folks participating in everyday life, special events or even as slightly out of focus beings going about their business in the background. I so admire any photographer who can capture a bit of vulnerability no matter the occasion. Those shots are what resonate with me the most and I thank you for sharing this artistry with us. I look forward to being inspired by these moments the most.

  55. Your wedding pictures and your Vueve Cliquot photos were my absolute favorites. For next year, continue on with your exotic travels! It’s absolutely beautiful.

  56. Hi Jamie,
    I’d love to see more Pictures of your many travels! I follow you on instagram and your photos are always teaching me something new, I’m always intrigued and would love to read more about your travels through your blog 🙂 My favorite post would have to be the Tiffany & co. photos and cinema graphs, that’s when i first discovered you, and just truly loved your fresh perspective. I also love your Fashion week coverage, so I hope you get to cover the shows in Paris, London or Italy next year!

  57. i honestly love every story, theyre all beautiful in their own way. he pictures with your friends running around and sharing good times and laughs, making memories are my favorite, because my friends are so very important to me.

  58. Hello Jamie!
    That’s an incredible idea to give away gifts. First of all, thank you for sharing your work with us every day, your pictures are incredible and I think I speak for everyone if I say that you’re showing us dreams, every single time.

    I really enjoyed most of your posts, so I cannot choose so easily but… I’d say your pictures of Paris and the evening nights you had there. I love how the spirit of the town is showed in your pictures. But I’m also in love with your autumn shoots, so argh I can’t make a decision!

    I’m wondering what pictures inspired paintings (famous or well-known by most of the people). I think it should be fun to recreate this universe, but real this time. That’s just a stupid idea, of course. I love the underwater thing that someone mentionned earlier, by the way!

    So, thank you again and I hope you’ll have another wonderful year like this one, sharing your fantastic work with us!

  59. I’ve been following you for a really long time now, almost 3 years? Some of my favorite stuff during the course of this time has been “what I wore” where you wrote about everything, down to the shade of lipstick you had on. I miss those posts, and sadly they aren’t in your archives either (I tried looking for a post where you once talked about a corset & a lipstick). Eitherway, I’d love to see more of your personal posts, more of what you guys do in your free time. I miss the personal touch.

    As for 2012, one of my favorite blog posts was about your beautiful wedding, also Paris in Fall.

    PS: come to India!!

  60. I really loved your photographs of Paris. I would really like to see some more photos of your travels. Maybe do one in Rome! I’ve been there recently. A really beautiful city. Im sure that you’d get some amazing shots there.

  61. Jamie you are such an inspiration to me! So classic and beautiful! I really love all of your photos, but my favorites would have to be your travel photography. It inspires me to travel and take my camera places it’s never been before. Next year I would love to see stories about people you meet along your adventures that inspire you. I think that would be very special. Thank you for being such an inspiration and I wish you a happy thanksgiving! Xoxo

  62. I love pretty much all that you have shot this past year, so I would love to see more of the same next year! I also loved seeing your wedding – what a blessing it was to have the glimpse in. Thank you!

  63. Great giveaway! I’ve only been following you for a few months, but absolutely love your blog! I would love to see more travel and lifestyle stories, especially/urban street shots. They are by far my favourite and usually inspire me.

  64. Great giveaway! I’ve only been following you for a few months, but absolutely love your blog! I would love to see more travel and lifestyle stories, especially/urban street shots. They are by far my favourite and usually inspire me.

  65. I enjoy reading your posts. Of which, I found the article about the Etienne Aigner bags to be a very passionate one. Seeing such enthusiasm and passion from another photographer stirs the creativity in me. I am an aspiring photographer with much to learn. I have an admiration for fashion, although I lack much sense in it. That is why I look forward to seeing your posts. I love the class and elegance each photo brings to the page.
    Also, what drew me to your page were the cinemagraphs. It was the first time I have ever seen one. So I sought out to discover how they were made, and alas, I have created one myself. My very first cinemagraph was that of my favorite baby nephew, playing with a piece of wrapping paper. I adored it. And each time I watch it, I am reminded of this blog. Thank you for all you do and continue to do so. Have a wonderful day!

  66. I’d love to see you travel the country shooting local designers from different cities. I can’t pick out a single favorite image, but I’d like to let you know how influential your cinemagraphs have been to my personal artistic style. On days I can’t find inspiration or I’m feeling down, I look at your cinemagraphs and gain inspiratio of all the beauty that is in the world that i might not be seeing so clearly.

  67. I absolutely adore your cinemagraphs, you totally inspire me, and I plan on trying create some this weekend with a friend! I LOVE your Holiday cinemagraph from last year, it is pure perfection… but the Columbus Circle one with the caption “New York can be a magical place.Taxi cabs & Columbus Circle/ the view from the Blog Lovin awards” is my favorite. I work right there and I always try to appreciate what a beautiful place it is and you captured it perfectly.

  68. Your work is always lovely but I especially loved your Great Gatsby shoot. It would be so awesome to see more literary inspired shoots perhaps The Secret Garden, A Christmas Carol or The Prince and The pauper? Great bag too!!

  69. I really adored the pictures you took in Paris with Kevin. I thought it was such a beautiful set of pictures. I also really loved your London pictures. It’s weird to see your city shown to you through someone else’s eyes the way you see it. I just love what you achieve when paired with a camera.

  70. I really loved the images you took in Lela Rose’s studio this year. What I love about her work is that it is so quintessentially feminine and ethereal without being the least bit prissy, and that melded very well with your detail-oriented and soft photographic style. I saved every one on my computer at the very top of my inspiration list. They were truly beautiful. 🙂

  71. i just loved your work on the yachting race this year and your middle eastern travels. Your St. John’s shoot convinced us to honeymoon in the Caribbean Islands. And finally, your Paris in the fall shots made us nostalgic for our trip there last October. Thank you so much for having such a beautiful blog full of inspiring images. I would love to see more adventure shoots, especially travel through your eyes.

  72. You are one of my favorite photographers! Your stories and photos are absolutely stunning. In the spirit of the upcoming new year I think it would be interesting to hear your stories on some new years resolutions, your experiences and favorite times of 2012 and what your looking forward to in the new year. So far since I’ve been fallowing your blog your trips and events have been divine. I’m excited of whats to come!

  73. I really loved your Paris photographs – they really capture a mood / story and make me want to visit! I would love to see some more travel photography from different cities around Europe and how the culture of each city contrasts in terms of small details, fashion, colors, etc. 🙂

  74. Hello!
    First off I would like to say thank you for repesenting Texas so well! 🙂
    My favorite post from the last year has been the one of you and theglamourai in Morocco, specifically the image of you in a beautiful green skirt riding a camel. This was the post that introduced me to your blog and gave me inpiration when I was in the begining stages of creating my own magazine for teen girls called Pure&Simple. This post helped me in understanding the power of femininity and drama in photography and showed me that a woman really can do anythining in a skirt!
    Thank you for sharing your world with us!
    Sarah Draper

  75. One thing I missed from your blog was the posts about what you wore that day. I remember you would have a photo under that post with the inspiration. I thought those were really cool. Keep up with the amazing blog.

  76. I’ve been reading and loving your blog for over a year now so it’s difficult to narrow down my favorite to just one photo! The ones from your trip to Marrakech with Kelly and the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic would have to be my favorites 🙂 You captured the culture, fashion and style of both instances so effortlessly, it’s admirable really. I hope there are a lot more opportunities for travel in your future – I’d love to see more of how you your lens capture different corners of the world. Happy Thanksgiving!

  77. Your photos are so beautiful, and always make me want to pick up my film camera again. The light, the shadows – everything is so inspiring. I’d love to see some shots from a farmer’s market!

  78. come photograph africa, its absolutely beautiful here, come to tanzania and experience places not touched by man! love your blog love love love… keep going 🙂

  79. I loved all the photos in the Paris in the Fall post, especially the header photo (of the man and boy looking up on a bicycle) and the photos of the two kids on top of the subway grating. I’d love to see more travel features in 2013.

  80. I discovered you and your work about over a year ago. At first I was drawn in by our style and sophistication. But you work is what really drew me in. I love the way you documented your experiences and it influenced not only the way I want to present myself in the professional world but the way I want to present myself professionally in the internet world. I was inspired to start a blog of my own work and little by little Im trying to grow myself. I think what I would like to see your blog branch out in how your audience can take some tips and tricks from you. Or perhaps an advice column about being a freelancer. Its hard enough being a woman in the freelancing world but you are a woman who has established yourself and I know that so many young women (including myself) would like to know how you did it and continue to. Regardless I consider you a role model of mine and I look forward to your blogs. Love, Jill

  81. Your photos are so inspiring to me,your photographs are not only feminine but also smart,I would love to see a story in the new year taking place in a gritty/urban or a rustic/ghost town setting that is still feminine and beautiful. 🙂 ps that bag is beautiful!

  82. I’m a wedding photographer, and absolutely in love with love, so seeing your wedding post, and all of the sweet things leading up to that, were the most special to me. I adore fashion photographer, and love the way you slow down to absorb and take joy in life, but it’s the “in love” part of your life that I most enjoy seeing.

    I would LOOOOOOVE to see your take on a line of wedding dresses. 🙂

  83. I enjoyed your blog and even met you a few times awhile back. It’s been great to see the blog evolve in scope, scale and locale. In the new year, I’d love to see your take and interpretation on menswear and the increasing numbers of fellas that are spending time/effort/money to create their outfits. Cheers!

  84. Hello dear! I never wrote to you and i’m sorry, when i came here i lose myself in your shots and i forget to comment!

    Anyway i started to follow you since i saw your cinemagraphs series: isn’t the first time i’ve seen gifs, but yours are different, are awesome, have the power to tell a story, the story of the subject of the shot, which is not always a person (for exaple It’s like you tell to the watcher “hey, look at this, look his/her/its/their story”. You focus the point of view on something that is never the same of the other photo.

    For example the shot “kiss me in paris” ( is my favourite one: it represents perfectly the feelings of two lovers: world can fall, but they don’t matter, for them the time doesn’t run.

    But even, cause you wanna give attention to that old man who isn’t care about the people around him, ’cause he’s reading his newspaper.

    Or this one, that gives the idea to a journey to your magic and awesome world!

    So, congratulations for your amazing work this year.

    About the ideas for the next year, i’d like to see people in contrast, something like how they appear to the world against what they feel inside. It could be represented by a shot, by a sketch, by a quote. Try to imagine what that person is feeling and try to describe it with an image!

    Another idea could be the world of dream: i’ve a similar idea, try to capture a dream (or a nightmare) saw while you were sleeping. Isn’t easy, but i’m sure it will be great!

    Sorry for my bad english, i’m italian!

    Best wishes! <3

  85. First of all I’d like to let you know how much you inspire me to follow my dreams in photography. This year, I moved from Connecticut to California to pursue my passion at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. Your blog serves as a giant form of inspiration for me and I’m so happy you posted this giving us an opportunity to THANK YOU. I’d love to see more of your behind the scenes on instagram, they remind me to check out your blog and suddenly I’m more inspired than I thought was humanly possible. Continue doing what you’re doing, you’re SO talented and your photographs warm my heart. Happy Thanksgiving. – Shelby

  86. I have been admiring your blog for almost 2 years now. I love having little study breaks and get lost in all of your beautiful photographs. My favourite has to be the Caught in The Rain cinemagraph that you and Kevin made. It reminds me of Sai Gon’s rain which I have a lot of childhood memories with. It would be really cool to see how you capture Sai Gon, Viet Nam, where I’m from. I’m sure you guys can make it look so much more glamourous. Happy Thanksgiving!

  87. I’m check your twitter and instagram a few times in a day with hope to see new photos. I ‘m charming your good taste. Ive never be in NY but thanks to you I love this city, its amazing how you show us this beautiful city. I want see in next years something more private ( i really want to see your closet’-) people are terrible You show some part of your live and they want MORE xoxo. Best regards from Poland

  88. I would love for you to shoot more ‘food’. You photograph recipes so well and make everything look so scrumptious and remarkable. I would also like you to take more pictures of pugs because I love pugs – and I love your photography – so that would be a perfect pair!

  89. I have had the pleasure to share, like so many others, in your
    daily adventures. It has been inspiring to see you grow as an artist over the
    past year and it has been so lovely that you have shared so much of your knowledge of photography, fashion, and everything in between.

    Thank you for being so generous with your time and talent!

    I know you’ve visited Savannah before, but I have a soft spot for that beautiful city, and I would love to see you explore it again.

    Your cinemagraph of the SCAD theater, “Caught in the Rain,” is my absolute favorite
    of all of your work. I have stood in that particular spot on that particular
    street, during a downpour, and you have captured all of the romance of that area beautifully.

    Thank you for sharing it.

    With gratitude,

  90. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites. You give us such a gift in capturing a world of beauty for us to enter into. Thank you for creating art that inspires me to create myself. I love your travel series and the glimpses into your life. It is too hard to pick a favorite photo but I do adore the one of the two children with their coats blowing up. It is such a moment of pure joy and delight and the black and white makes it feel nostalgic all at the same time. Your passion for your craft is evident and I’m just so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to follow your journey a tiny bit here and on instagram.

  91. I seriously loved the cinemagraph of the Nichols fountain on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. I grew up near Kansas City, so it was so nice to see a place that is essentially home look as beautiful as I’ve always seen it and shared so others could appreciate it.

  92. There was one moment where u took a photo of rain hitting the pavement in a puddle. So simple and so full of calm. I love the fashion posts but I also love these little gems that pop up every now and then on here. I actually own a Lo and sons laptop bag and I have been contemplating of getting the camera bag, it would be so great if I can win it because I really love their products. Tks for reading

  93. This year I felt a strong disconnection between childhood and adulthood. Up until this year, actually, I always thought that the two coincided. It wasn’t until I saw youthful pastel prints flow ’round the runway on LV’s merry-go-round of innocence, or my little cousin – at the time 6 years old – plant flowers in her hair, or my nephew – at the time 4 years old – hurl his weight on top of a blue bicycle careless and carefree. I guess what I’m trying to captivate now, or trying to taste again, is the sweet innocence of genuine laughter and the wholeness of youth.

    A story that can embody the two will be a tale for all time.

  94. I am an artist – a painter – but I’m a fashionista at heart. Everything you share and the experiences I get to join in vicariously inspire me so much. Your cinemagraphs are amazing. Your fashion “behind the scenes” are wonderful. I love NYC and love seeing your street/fashion scenes from there. But what I recall most (and its been a long year so I might not remeber this from 2012) was when you went out to West Texas. Those images were breathtaking. Texas is my home and WOW did you embody the stark beauty that is the desert southwest, but also the beautiful oasis that people have made there.

  95. Your travel series are my favorites. Drooled over the Paris photos for far too long. And this bag is perfect. A great alternative to lugging around some black monstrosity that screams tourist.

  96. Meanwhile we are the ones who are inspired by you and your work!

    I love all of the changes you guys made to the blog this year but even with those changes I love that your voice and style has remained authentic. I’ve been following your work for a few years now (even before the cinemagraphs were born) and I love how even though so much has changed and evolved for you, the emotion and feeling behind your images is always there and so strong. I loved all the film shots you’ve shared this year, most recently the photos from Paris. But I especially love the pictures that you shot in Morocco. So stunning! The colors were so rich and the feeling! I feel like I was there myself. I also love the images that you and Kelly did for Kelly Wearstler and the video. It was all so gorgeous.

    I’m looking forward to seeing where your work takes you in the new year and I’m also looking forward to seeing (if you decide to share) the pictures from your honeymoon…particularly of Africa. I’m sure they are breathtaking.

    As a fellow photographer if you saw my camera bag you would probably weep so this bag will be welcomed! x

  97. It is my turn now to say everything that I’ve wanted.
    This giveaway is so nice of you! It really made me happy. The bag is so elegant and can be also carried as a simple everyday bag. All this time that I’ve been following you, it seems like a journey. Lots of places, spaces, fashion, ideas and more. My favourite post from the year that is about to end is your trip in Morocco in photos. I am so in love with this place! It is my dream to go there and you just gave me a (very elegant and magical) taste of what it looks like in real. Next year I would love to see more journeys in all over the world and of course more fashion. Your elegant, fine and sophisticated way of showing things. Keep on inspiring us!
    Lots of love,

  98. i love love LOVE your travel posts, and i drool over food photos – how about some of both? Cultural foods and traditional eating in the places you travel to! That’s my favourite :]

  99. Your work is so inspiring. I loved your reveal of the new website with your wedding photos! Both you and Kevin looked blissfully happy. They were the perfect photos to transition to your new life and website!

  100. I’d love for you to photograph more of your daily life; the places you love, the people you love. As for which image meant the most to me, it was your wedding photos. Although I’ve never commented on any of your posts before, I follow your blog very closely and seeing you in such happiness made me happy too. You are my inspiration and a beautiful person.

  101. Your images from Paris are probably the ones that mean the most to me. I had my first overseas trip this year and visited some of the places you photographed. It has been so amazing since getting home to see how much other people fall in love with the same places I do! Looking forward to more from your lovely blog next year.

  102. You’re an inspiration! I love seeing vintage/antique stuff because you can’t see them everywhere and I loooove vintage! I love seeing what you do, it just makes me want to take my camera and go out more and snap anything a see and develop a story!

  103. I love everything you do, but your backstage shots from the Donna Karan Fall 2012 show were especially breathtaking to me – really showed all the details of the fabrics and construction that are so often missed in traditional runway photography! And of course I think we’d all love to continue seeing your Cinemagraphs. 🙂

  104. This is such a nice give away! Really, any photographer would be happy to get this, I know I would.

    As far as a story I’d like you to photograph, maybe you could do a series of something to do with time. Not only young to old people, but maybe with buildings. Maybe you could do a series that involves people attached to a certain building. Like their childhood home. How they both turned out after so many years of existing. Or someone in front of the building of their first job. In the end, you would have met a totally new community and pass by buildings that might mean nothing to you, but are everything to someone else.
    It would be very interesting to shoot.

  105. I’ve seen so many inspirational photos on the blog this year. I think your photos of NYC during the hurricane were hauntingly beautiful! I also love your travel diary photos! The ones you took in Africa were absolutely amazing! Should you be able to travel more in the next year, I would love to see you venture out into the world, one snap at a time! 🙂 Love the blog – huge fan!

    xo Ella

  106. Your photos are something I admire and appreciate. They continue to inspire me in my career and for my personal style blog. I loved your Paris photos, they captured the romantic essence of the city and the beautiful details it holds. Thank you inspiring.

  107. I just came across your blog and your images are beautiful! I have never been to Paris, so those are the images that I drool over the most and would love to see more of. I am a beginner photographer and you are a great inspiration! Thank you!

  108. What a beautiful bag! It goes along perfectly with this beautiful blog 🙂

    For as long as I’ve been following you, your blog has been my first stop for inspirational images. I love your perspective and sense of glamor and your photos from the Met Gala were absolutely awe-inspiring.

    Looking forward to all that 2013 has to offer you (and us through your photographs!)

  109. You have the most beautiful shots ever!! I’m a huge fan of your cinemagraphs especially. I’d love to see more photographs of countries you’ve never been to, places only a few people have seen, telling peoples stories through photographs (or cinemagraphs!) and I’d also love to see photographs of things you’ve never photographed before. It’s kinda like stepping out of your comfort zone or something. Something new is always nice to see because us (your readers) wouldn’t even think that we’d see such photo in your blog, in a good way of course, and we’d admire how beautiful that photo is anyway! xx

  110. What a fantastic giveaway! I am so inspired by your European travel posts and love the architecture – I’m living vicariously through you! My husband and I were married this month and I also found your wedding photos and post so beautiful!! I can’t wait to see what travels you have in store for 2013.

  111. Dear Jamie,

    I have been following you on tumblr for a while now, and I
    love everything about your blog! I have recently made a huge move from Wyoming,
    USA to Odense, Denmark. Obviously, it has been an amazing and eye opening
    experience–one that I love, and something that I could see you shooting. The
    most amazing thing about Denmark is its quiet fairytale beauty and the
    beautiful Viking women everywhere.

    Somehow, I could just see a photo story from you, in
    Denmark, being the most incredible thing in the world. But if Denmark is somehow
    unreachable, please just shoot photos of people. I love how you capture the
    human experience with such joy and obvious love of people.


    Mariah West

  112. I loved all your Paris photos and of course your Fashion styling photos. I would like to see more of your travel photos, maybe more tips on travel essentials and of course more of your Fashion photos. That bag is so stylish and functional.

  113. My favourite posts probably has to be the time you spent in Paris! I just came back from there in May and I absolutely fell in love and seeing your photos allowed me to relive the moments! I look forward to seeing more travels shots and of course your fashion shots are beyond amazing. Until then I’ll just keep on liking your Instagram shots 🙂

  114. Hi Jamie! Love your work. Being a young female photographer, you are definitely an inspiration.

    I would love to see you shoot some darker stories. Your style and eye combined with something a little more ethereal and menacing could result in some real magic.

    I would love to strut around the city with my camera in that bag 🙂

  115. Your photos feel like glimpses into my future. The people and places that you and your camera have seen and shared with us, are the people and places that I wish to see one day. I think stories about new beginnings would be lovely to see. Birth, renovation, rebirth, regrowth, starting adventures,…
    The image that meant the most to me was a row of buildings from your Paris adventures. There are rows and rows of windows, and a sign simply saying “AMOUR,” creeps up on you. But then again doesn’t it always?

  116. Hello, I really love your blog, it is brilliant. Everything you post is simply wonderful. I love the fashion editorials,cinemagraphs and several of your trips to Paris,New York,etc. Your blog is my inspiration, You can find beauty in everything. I would love to see more of everything, especially Lifestyle photo’s I find them quite inspiring and fun as well as the travel blogs. I absolutely loved the ‘As Time Goes By’ post it is breathtaking and stunning. All in all, everything you post is flawless and inspiring:)

  117. You’ve got the magic, girl! There are two things I’d like for you to focus more and more next year: these are: 1) photographing yourself, and 2) sharing more of your photo and fashion photo inner knowledge and personal taste with us. Thank you babe. 🙂 You rock.

  118. I love this bag! I was already admiring the black one on Of A Kind. Your blog originally introduced me to Of A Kind, which I think is amazing. Would love more web suggestions which also highlight artists, creative types, etc. Thanks for the suggestion!

  119. Your blog has continually reminded me to appreciate beautiful and whimsical things. I love the variety of your posts. What I would like to see next year? Just continue what you’ve been doing. All the best! 🙂

  120. The images of your and Kevin’s wedding were just so wonderful. And the personal ones of you two in Paris – such a privilege, to get a peek into your artists’ lives!

  121. Beautiful blog, and an inspiration to other photographers! I love all of what you do, the fashion editorials are gorgeous but I absolutely die for the travel shots, the magic of blogs is being able to experience the world through someone else’s lense.

  122. I’m just amazed by your travel photos, they’re stunning and inspiring. It just brought me joy to spend hours appreciating the beauty, culture, and creativity behind them. Really, well done!

  123. Wonderful! I would get rid of my LowPro in a heartbeat for this bag. I found your blog this past year and have really enjoyed subscribing to your posts, my favorite was probably your recent trip to Paris, but I also love glamorous gowns and parties. You really capture beauty and glamour and I enjoy pretending that yes I can show up to work dressed in a Donna Karran top hat and dress – so please continue doing what you do and indulging me in shooting the beautiful world.

  124. It’s all about the Love…
    Paris and you’re wedding are my top two! You are spectacular! You are everything…
    Thank you for sharing all of you. Your love. Your passion. I am grateful for every moment and every emotion you capture!

  125. I don’t know if it’s possible, but college life maybe? Not necessarily the ‘wild college lifestyle’ with all the parties etc but everything else, the ‘quieter’ side of movie nights and things like that too. First semester’s nearly done for me but I don’t think I’ve gotten the hang of this just quite yet still and it’d be lovely to see other people’s experience

  126. It’s always nice for me to see and drown in your photographs, they seem really nice and elegant and I’d love to see more of that or maybe you can give us your ultimate tips about photography. Because I’m Asian so I would like to see more Asian touch next year 😉

  127. My favorite image of yours has to be from your Paris in the Fall post. It’s the first photo of the man and boy on the bicycle. The motion and their expressions looking up are a once in a lifetime moment.. lovely giveaway.

  128. I’d like to see a monochrome barn series, or farm implements/tools (similar to some of the shots in your recent Shaker post). I know that’s not what you focus on, but that’s kind of why I think it would be fun.

  129. Hi Jamie,

    My favourite blog posts from the past year are the ones from Paris. I was there with my best girlfriend in the spring, and we had the best time! Your photos took me back there, and reminded me of all the special memories we made.

    I also LOVED the story you linked to about how you got kicked out of Versailles! Unbelievable.

    As far as ideas of what you should photograph next year, I can’t say that I have anything specific. I know no matter what you do, we’ll feel the passion you feel for your work; no matter what you’re shooting, the passion always shines through!

  130. I would love to see some pictures from India! My best friend and boyfriend are Indian and I’ve been in love with the country for the past 6 years!

    I can’t wait to finally get the chance to visit! But in the meantime I would love to be able to live through your photographs and adventures…especially to the place I want to visit most.

    Love your blog!

  131. I always love to see journey’s and stories in your photography {Morocco was an all time favourite} and especially travel ones. Obviously saying ‘I want to see more travel photos’ means you need to go away which is easier said than done! But I’d also like to see how you travel, what you pack, why you decide to go where you do, local people and traditions perhaps, interesting little snippets of places that I wouldn’t normally expect to find. Knowing Paris like the back of my hand I loved your photos of the apartment you stayed in ~ a slice of life as it is to live there rather than fleetingly pass through.

  132. Your entire blog + instagram is so inspirational! I love your style and your work, it keeps me moving. If I would have to pick one post it would be the “It’s the perfect time of year for afternoons at cafe and city walks in trench coats” … the framing, his notebook, him being deep in thought and the flopping collars. Perfect. So perfect.

  133. Your several posts of Paris were special to me. I met the woman I am now engaged to for the first time in Paris, while on leave from my deployment to Egypt. The ‘Kiss me in Paris’ cinemagraph reminded me of the sweet kisses we had along the Seine and dancing to street music on the Pont des Arts.

  134. Hi Jamie!

    I’ve been a reader for a few years and I really miss your outfit post followed with the inspiration boards. I love your work and every time I’m here you’ve always managed to outdo yourself from the last post! You’re truly an inspiration and you do a wonderful job at capturing beautiful moments!

  135. Morocco was my favorite SET of photographs from this past year. But of course your Fashion Week coverage is always fantastic, too. I love the way the details get captured in your work. By far my favorite piece of the year was those two people embracing on the riverbank, in Paris. I think it was a cinemagraph. It definitely made me pause and just study it for several minutes. Thanks for that.

    I’ll have to echo many of my fellow readers and say that I’d love to see more of your everyday life. I also really liked (and miss!) the home tours…the way you shot that apartment by Central Park (with the pink sofa!) was a just superb. I’d like to see more of those.

  136. Love the photo series you take when you travel. Your photographs seem capture those moments so perfectly that I feel like I’m there. No matter where you travel this upcoming year, I’d love to keep seeing where you go.

  137. Your images from Paris are probably the ones that mean the most to me. I had my first overseas trip this year and visited some of the places you photographed. It has been so amazing since getting home to see how much other people fall in love with the same places I do! Looking forward to more from your lovely blog next year.

  138. Hello! I enjoy seeing your blog posts pop up on my dash because they always have great photos, it is hard to pick just one, but I do know that the Cinemagraphs are what introduced me to your blog. If I were to pick what I would like to see, I’d like to see a little more menswear stuff, and maybe some more stuff outside of the states 😀 thanks!

  139. I love your travel photographs. Everyday life in places unfamiliar to most of us. I get swept away by the romance of the simple scene and find myself daydreaming….!

  140. Love your New York pictures, and all Polaroids with The Impossible Project.
    Also all the beach pictures are absolutely beautiful. Would love to see a shoot in my home country Egypt 😉
    Keep the beauty coming

  141. Gosh, Jamie, this is embarrassing but a while back I went through the entire archive in 1 day (I know, crazy). I was so taken by your view of life and how you see so much beauty even in the movement of leaves or a flicker of light. It hooked me!

    I love your shoots in far away places – those Paris black and whites you recently posted have a special place in my heart and I go back to them constantly when I need to cheer up.

    Specifically, this image gave me champagne bubbles running through my veins:
    What a precious moment captured!!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway, but maybe more importantly, thank you for inspiring me to take out my camera and do what I love. I’m finally taking my craft seriously (I mostly shoot food) and it is incredibly rewarding!

  142. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Your cinemagraphs are by far my favorite set. I’ve never seen any gifs like them. My favorite might have to be the sparkling magic kingdom in Disneyland or the cinemagraphs of a wind blown leaves falling from autumn trees. There’s something really magical about isolating a particular aspect from a scene.

    I think in the coming year I’d like to see maybe a cinemagraph series telling a story like the blooming of a relationship through stolen kisses and flowers and dates. I think a series that told a small story would be really powerful.

  143. Hi Jamie,
    I’m from Sydney Australia, I first saw you about a year ago on Instagram and quickly jumped on your blog. Nowdays your blog is the first thing I look at on my lunch break. I love that each night you post something new that is waiting for me the next day. Your work is beautiful and its encoraged me to get out and use my camera a lot more. Living on the east coast of Australia the beach is a big part of our culture and lifestyle. What I would like to see is a story about how the American east coasters work and play by the waterside. I can imagine the post already, bright colours, reflections and magical light (that’s how I see the beach almost every day) maybe you could even bring the Glamourai along and make it a fashion story too?? 🙂
    Anyway, thanks for making my work day a little brighter by giving me a glimpse into yours.
    All the best,

  144. I love your travel photos, especially ones from NYC and Paris. I also follow you on Instagram so I can live vicariously through you on the go 😉 Your photos are so romantic and have inspired me to take up photography! Still learning, but it’s a great experience!

  145. I love giveaways, but I love your glimpses into city life even more! Of course the Paris post comes to mind first, but the naturalness and how everyone looks so at home and comfort in the snapshots just add to how gorgeous the photos already are. More of those types of “caught in the moment” while summing up a city posts would be fabulous, but anything, really. All the best!

  146. I know you probably heard it a thousand times before but I simply adore your cinemagraphs! They are just timeless. 🙂

    Also, I love those film shots in Paris. I always have a thing for film photography.

    Maybe next time you could do a travel blog in a little island called Philippines. I don’t know if you heard about it but it is a place I called home.

    More power to you, Jamie! 🙂

  147. Hi Jamie, I absolutely love your blog! Your photos never fail to inspire me to be more creative in my photography. Only thing I wish to see is more of your travel photos in Southeast Asia. It’s a gorgeous region you should explore! 🙂

  148. There were two stories that I really, really loved. I loved the photo shoot inspired by the 20s/30s. It reminded me of the Great Gatsby. The composition was simple and elegant and I loved the use of black and white. My other favorite was the Mexican inspired shoot. Big fan of your work overall!

  149. So thanks for your beautiful blog – it”s the only fashion one I follow. Your photography really makes it! The image you posted of the woman in a green dress kneeling by a Christmas tree with presents, with snow falling outside the window and her dangling, sparkly earring the only moving parts of the image is my favorite gif ever. The way she looks through the camera is mesmerizing. I hope you will do more gif posts in the future.

  150. I discovered your work and blog about a year ago and it has been such a joy to follow your stories and adventures. It would be hard to pick a favorite post but I always love the images you take using film cameras, like Paris. I love all the things you write about but I would love to read more about emulsion based projects you are interested in or just see the beautiful images you make. You are an inspiration of living life to the fullest. Thank you for offering the giveaway.

  151. I’m addicted to your blog. I get the chills when I see you’ve posted and I can’t wait to devour the photographic eye candy. I love the moving pictures. I stare at them for long periods of time as if they are whispering something. If I study long and hard enough I might make out what they are saying. Beautiful!

  152. I love all the travel images and the stories that go with them, so blessed you are to travel so much! I also loved the details of your wedding, I know that won’t be happening again in years to come, but still, beautiful images!

  153. For me my favorite photos are the ones you take of NYC. Just of the people and places that you find interesting. It makes the city more real. More honest. I’d love more of that, and travel photos because I feel like you have a lot of adventures:)!

  154. to be honest it’s hard to pick just one favorite. I always look forward to your posts, and as a budding photographer I feel so much inspiration when I look through your blog. I first found your blog through the cinemagraphs. I absolutely love them and think they are so interesting. You have such a way with what you do.

  155. I think it would be an amazing inspirational shoot to depict Casablanca….you look like a gorgeous old movie film star anyway so it would be perfect 🙂 Also, I believe your wedding pictures because your wedding dress was just incredible. I hope to have a wedding like that one day:)

  156. I love to see posts that are of you… as much as I love to see the beautiful lifestyle you live and the wonderful places you travel to, seeing you around New York City as yourself is super inspiring

  157. It’s just so hard to choose what is more beautiful amongst your shots because literally they are all stunning and beautiful. The motions and movement lines of people are really captured and the scenery are awesome. It makes me wanna go there too and check out these places from the other side of the globe. Being an amateur in photography I am looking forward to every posts you had trying to incorporate your ideas to mine and you know what? They inspires me a lot! The photographs that I can say that is close to me is the fashion photographs you took. As a makeup artist (also) I can say that behind the scenes or what I may call “the busy scenes” are essential and capturing these moments are precious. This giveaway will be just a bonus to ‘us’ your readers than what you have given us in return 🙂 More power to your blog dear.

  158. Hi Jamie!

    Beautiful camera bag – a huge improvement on what’s usually on offer for photographers.

    In the coming year I would love to learn more about your creative, inspiring friends and acquaintances in New York – what do they do? How did they get where they are? I am a young aspiring creative, and I’d love to learn more about how you and your peers got to where you are today.

    Thanks so much!


  159. I have to say your trip to Morocco blew me away. The pictures were beautiful, the scenery, the landscape and the people were beautiful. You make me want to go there. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jamie! I hope you’ll feature more of your outfit because I really love your classic feminine style.

  160. Wow, what an amazing give-away!
    So… I have been following along for quite a long while by now, and while i love all your fantastic fashion (I grew up in fashion, so I LOVE those stories), your travel stories are equally Amazing…. Dreaming of traveling to the spots you feature 🙂
    I would love to see your take on Interior Design…

    OH, and my favorite story has by far been your wedding, a surprise to us readers, beautifully photographs, a happy couple and a lovely love story 🙂

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family,

  161. Your photos from Paris made my year. I’m planning a London/Paris trip for next summer and I will most definitely be taking some romantic photos. Thanks for the constant inspiration!

  162. Wow, it looks like a beautiful bag. I have really been trying to get into photography more, and as I save up to buy a DSLR having a cute bag to keep it in and travel with would be perfect! I have come to love your tumblr, and I am kind of hoping to see some sustainability themes pop up. Maybe a shot of a chic eco friendly built home. I love the lifestyle section, the brooklyn brunch post was really lovely.

  163. Would love to see more travel! It’s something you already do, I know, however the little details of places you bring out are so beautiful and inspiring. You capture the quintessence of the places you visit and truly make me lust over visiting as well. Cannot wait to see where your photographs and talent take you this year, truly looking forward to your adventures, collaborations and creations.

  164. wow, the bag is stunning! I almost never carry a case for the reasons you mentioned, but I think this one could be an exception…

    Your travel & street photographs interest me most, but the fashion stories are also quite interesting. Keep up the beautiful work, and thanks for doing this!

  165. This is the photo that meant the most to me this year. My brother was passionately into photography before he left and these were the sorts of images we talked about him taking.
    It was a pretty amazing moment to see them – I wish I could have shared them with him.


  166. Happy thanksgiving!! I am so addicted to your Instagram and blog. My favorite photos are from your wedding. Just gorgeous, I love wedding photography and yours was perfect!

  167. Hmm…. it’s a tough choice as everything on your blog is stunning, but my favorites are definitely your cinemagraphs! I absolutely adore your travel and street photos too… maybe next year you could share with us cinemagraphs from the corners of the world you visited?

  168. Hi Jamie! I absolutely love getting to see how you and Kelly work together. I think what the two of you (and Kevin too) have going on is what the fashion industry is at its heart. It’s so amazing to see the lines between friendship, business, and creativity blurred in a way that results in the most beautiful images. I can’t wait to see what you all have up your sleeves next! (Hint, hint: The Hudson, NY shoot!) Thanks for being an inspiration.

  169. Your wedding images were my absolute favorites from this year. As a tumblr follower of yours for years, it was so wonderful to see you and Mr. Burg together on such a special day. I felt as though I was there, and it was beautiful.

  170. Hi Jamie,
    my favorite set this year was your recent BW work in Paris, using the TriX 400.
    I really liked the pictures of you and your husband, but I felt that the set as a whole worked well.
    I haven’t taken pictures in a while, but after I saw it I went to buy some film and I hope to go out and take pictures soon 🙂

  171. A story I would be interested in seeing next year is how you developed your photographic aesthetic, how you came to film photography, and what shaped you as a photographer. Your photographs are absolutely gorgeous and you have such a great eye for detail and color. I would be interested in seeing more of your process before taking a picture.

  172. I love your blog and your photos are just beautiful. I especially love the Paris ones! I enjoy reading any interior design and of course all of the designer shoe posts. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the coming year! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  173. I’d love it if you did more travel photography – not fashion as in Marocco, but something similar to what you did in Paris, just capturing the air… I just loved your Paris series.

  174. Such a great giveaway and congratulations!! This year has been so exciting for me as you have inspired me to take on a bit of photography myself 🙂 I have found the photoshoot from the Moroccan inspired shoot very unique and inspiring. I think the mix of beauty, modernity and ethnicity–when done well–is much appreciated. You, Kevin and Kelly REALLY captured the authenticity of Morocco, which is very hard to do given the world we grow up in. I thank you for that, for the exposure. Showing that cultures are beautiful and should be appreciated.

  175. I absolutely loved the pictures of the making of your wedding gown, it was great to see the development and the stunning final result on you! Also, I love seeing pictures of your travels and absolutely adored the ones of your recent trip to Paris! I thought it was a great mix of photography, fashion and travel documentary. Thank you so much as well for sharing the place you stayed at an the restaurants you went to, I loved hearing about that. So I guess what I’d like to see is some personal experiences of your everyday life mixed with your travel adventures.

  176. Dear Jamie, I really do love your blog and it inspired me to learn how to photograph – a thing I love the most in my life at the moment (except from my georgeous husband and my sweet little dog <3)
    The picture I love the most in the last year is part of your "Tweed Run" Story. These are so inspiring and really show the spirit of the peple in New York for me (I´m from Europe by the way..).

    My favorite picture ist the one with the elegant, cute guy with the cute french bulldog in his arms. Why? Because it reminds me of my two darlings a lot 🙂 So.. now fingers crossed for the bag wich I adore!

    I wish you and your family all the best!
    Kisses Silvia

  177. really nice giveaway! i loved your photos of paris, they were really sweet and amazing at the same time! i would like you to photograph next year some images of your daily life, i’m sure they will surely be inspiring!!!

  178. I’m going to bend the rules on the assignment slightly by answering both questions with one response…

    While I always love coming to the blog, the photos from “Paris is for lovers” really stand out as a highlight for me (and for many other blog readers, it seems). I even forwarded the link to my boyfriend insisting that we take a trip there sometime soon! I would love to see more ‘romantic European city break’ entries next year; May I suggest Venice, Vienna, or St. Petersburg if you’re feeling adventurous?

  179. Jamie, I’d love to see you travel to Argentina and capture our culture ♥ My absolute favourite photograph is the one with the man and the boy in the bicycle in Paris. It has been my wallpaper ever since you posted it 🙂 Cheers from Rosario, Argentina.

    PS: please, pick me!

  180. What a wonderful giveaway! It’s hard to select just one image from the blog that stands out to me, but I’ll always remember how I felt while reading the New York blog post you published earlier this month after Sandy. The meaning, the simplicity, the images – everything was perfect.

  181. I love your blog for the fashion and the traveling! I am just a recent suscriber, but I would love to see more of both. If I had to choose, I would ask maybe for a “behind the scenes” of a photo shoot.

  182. I think one of my favorites has to be the cinemaraph of the model shot from a mirror and she’s looking down and then she suddenly looks at the camera, not in the mirror. That cinemagraph is beautifully haunting. I absolutely love it. I think cinemagraphs have been some of your and Kevin’s best work to date. Congratulations on all the success. It is well-deserved.

  183. Dear Jamie,
    If I say, that you are one of the best photographers I’ve ever seen, it will mean nothing. You are awesome. I suppose, you are the best vintage photo creator (let me say this way).
    Surfing your blog here, in Russia, I feel myself as I am in some incredibly picturesque place. So, thank you for your creativity, your stunning cinemagraphs and for you. You are extremely beautiful. And, of course, thank you for such opportunity for me as a person, who is interested in photography, to “touch the beautiful”, as it is said in my country.
    Well, to be honest, my favourite set in your blog is A Fashion Story | Mexicali Rose. Concerning future work, I’d like to enjoy any extreme photoset, for example, shooting with (real or not) snow and model, who will not be in furs, that will be the special appeal.
    Let me wish you luck in creating new ideas.

    Yours faithfully, Dasha.

  184. What a wonderful giveaway! I loved seeing your photos of Paris, especially in black and white. And I love photos of your husband! You capture him in such a lovely way, your love for him shines through the images.

  185. That bag is gorgeous – trying to find pretty camera bags is an exercise in futility. All of your photos with Kelly this year have been amazing (and have stirred deep, deep pangs of travel envy) but those Helmet Newton-esque shot with you two and Kevin in Paris was pretty badass. As were the crop tops and ball skirts in Versailles…. Love the blog Jamie. I think you more than most of the bloggers i follow have encouraged me to wake up 5 minutes earlier and do something a little smarter and more sophisticated then just mindlessly throwing some jeans on. For that reason anything that documents the (seemingly) effortless day to day glamour of your life would be welcome in the new year.

  186. I absolutely adore your pictures of Paris – they keep pushing Paris farther up on my travel wish list! I would love to see pictures of other sites in France and Europe, showing beautiful pictures of areas that maybe are less well documented than Paris.

  187. Happy Thanksgiving Jamie!!!
    Thank you so much for all your works, they always give me some special comforting feelings, you ‘re truely an inspiration to me, I’ve never been to places in your photos, but they make me dream of visiting them in the night after you post them up in my dream. Your photos are the motivation for me to save up and plan for a journey to all those place you’re taken me to through your lens. I love photography too, but I’m way too green, I wish one day I can get to travel all around the beautiful places in our mother earth, and record my journey and capture all the memories throughout the journey.

    Thank you so much for keeping me inspired.

    I wish to see photos by you travelling in Asia, I myself is from HONG KONG, I wish you will come and capture my beautiful city. I’ll be excited to see how you, my favourite photographer would have capture everywhere here.
    * And also more and more and more cinemagraphsssssss pleassssssssse~!!!

    And I wish you all the success and happiness in the coming year.

  188. Under the Paris is for Lovers post with a few pictures of you and your husband, Kevin, specifically the last one. You’re hugging and you’re peeking, looking back at the camera… The way your feet are placed and the look on your eye are perfect. When I saw it, I could really see that you two are in love. Thank you for sharing such amazing pictures!

  189. I first got to know your blog trough the flying earring gif on the glamouraiblog and i was so impressed that i looked up your blog immediately. I have been a fan ever since… Your gifs are definitely the best part on this blog for me. So simple, but always beautifully executed!
    Greetings from Karen (

  190. That bag is absolute beautiful! Who knew that camera cases could look so stylish now?
    I would have to say the behind the scenes photographs in your post where you interviewed Robert Mitra meant the most to me. It is my dream to work in the fashion industry once I finish my photography degree at university. There is nothing more I would want than shooting editorials and photographing backstage at fashion week. The interview and the photographs of the other photographers doing what they do best let me take a peak at what my future could look like and has influenced me at my most.

    Happy thanksgiving!
    – Liberty

  191. That bag is absolute beautiful! Who knew that camera cases could look so stylish now?
    I would have to say the behind the scenes photographs in your post where you interviewed Robert Mitra meant the most to me. It is my dream to work in the fashion industry once I finish my photography degree at university. There is nothing more I would want than shooting editorials and photographing backstage at fashion week. The interview and the photographs of the other photographers doing what they do best let me take a peak at what my future could look like and has influenced me at my most.

    Happy thanksgiving!
    – Liberty

  192. Happy Thanksgiving Jamie! I’ve been following your Tumblr for awhile now – checking this blog has become one of my favorite things to do on the Internet.

    I’ve always wanted to find the time to get more into photography, and finally bought a DSLR last year – it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. My favorite photographs of yours are the unexpected ones – you’ve inspired me to take photos of the less obvious beauty in the world, like a yellow leaf on the ground, or someone’s hands clasped in their lap.

    I also love the way you take candid photos – there’s something so refreshing about capturing people in a moment just as they are, when they’re not posing for you. There was a photo you took in Paris recently, of a man and a boy on a bike looking up, and I absolutely adored it.

    As for what more I’d like to see? I love when you travel – you make me want to go everywhere you’ve been. Other than that I’d say just keep up the amazing work!

  193. I’ve been following your blog for a while and love all of your posts! I’m a relatively new resident of Manhattan and I’d love to see more of the city through your eyes (and camera!) What is your New York?

  194. Jamie, your photo series in Paris was the most inspiring to me. Your outfits so feminine and classic, but uniquely you. And such a treat to glimpse into your real life, like a romantic cinematic love story.

  195. What a beautiful bag! Jamie, I apprecaite getting to live a little vicariously through you, the travel, the adventures, the fashion! My favourites (and would I would like to see more of) would be the times when you get outside the city and enjoy the outdoors, especailly in the fall. I also love it when you focus on the style of different style icons. Thank you for the beautiful images 🙂

  196. I think your most memorable posts are of you and Kevin in Paris and any post from your travels around the globe. Whether it was Paris, Dubai or Italy, you always have a way of exposing the world to a different kind of city than the stereotypes people associate with these countries. I always love seeing your perspective when you travel outside of the states and visit major cities around the world. Your images always reflect a very inviting and emotional point of view that pulls you in and makes you wish you can be there. I love your work Jamie and Kevin; you guys have a skill for making the world a more inviting and beautiful place.

  197. Oh, Jamie! You and Kevin are such dolls. I love following your photographs and they always inject a bit of much needed beauty into my feed which can get kind of dull after the 10th foodstagram. Your life is so charming, and I think what’s best about it is it never feels disingenuous. I’d love to see some more photos of your everyday, in the studio and out for cocktails – there’s something very quintessentially new york about it and I’ve never seen someone from my own generation capture it as beautifully as you do. xo

  198. I have many favorites when it comes to your images…many have even become backgrounds on my iphone! 🙂 But i find your images to be absolutely beautiful!! stunning!!! And they send me into a day dream! So thank you for sharing your world with us!!!

  199. I loved seeing the pictures from your wedding! It was probably one of the most beautiful and stunning weddings that I have seen. Thanks for sharing them and for this wonderful giveaway.

  200. Jamie I just discovered your blog a week ago and have been obsessed with cinemgraphs since! my favorite photos and posts has been the “fashion reportage”. I discovered you while I was looking for photos of Lela Rose collection. Your photography is stunning and I thank you for doing what you do!

  201. I love each and every post, especially your travel photography and fashion pj, but I loved all the Morocco posts (the colours, the details and the matching outfits – oh my!) and Paris is for Lovers too (the classic b&w image of you with the umbrella crossing the street with Kevin reminds me of a old Hollywood movie and your were caught mid-dance routine :)) I’d love to see more behind-the-scene series this year, with some background on your approach to your shoots & how your inspirations & collaborations result in beautiful photographs and more on techniques too – I love learning about the thought and technical processes behind beautiful photographs!

  202. How exciting, and what a lovely bag! I’ve absolutely loved your posts about yourself, actually. It is so heartwarming to see a beautiful woman look happy and fulfilled in her own world instead of so many starving and confused looking girls in clothes they would never choose for themselves. Thank you for captuing the beauty that is YOU.

  203. hey, jaime!
    love your blog.
    you and kevin are such an inspiration.
    really truly.
    street photography is a personal fascination of mine,
    and it would be amazing (i know it would) if you incorporated your love of vivian maier into the work that you do…
    i was so excited when you posted something briefly about her a week or so ago,
    and i am almost sure that you will because her work is so inspiring,
    but keep her work in mind,
    and i will continue to keep living vicariously through the amazing life that you and kevin have created…
    by reading your blog. 😉
    happy turkey day!

  204. I have followed this blog for the longest time.. I love to get lost in the photos (and cinemagraphs!) It brings such joy and excitement to my life. You are wonderful!

  205. I’d love for you to photograph character studies of people on the street — or any kind of strangers. Those portraits are interesting to me, and I’m not sure if you’ve done something similar, but I think it would be lovely to see your artistic perspective of something like that. The images that meant a lot to me from this year come from a lot of your travels. The black and white photos of Paris are stunning; you perfectly captured the essence of Paris. Another bunch of photos that I loved were from Londolozi. I’m so glad to have stumbled across your photographs; they inspire me in a bunch of ways, especially with my own photography. Thank you.

  206. A lovely blog filled with lovely things. I love all that you post but most of all your photos from your travels. I feel like you really capture what makes the places you go beautiful and while it makes me yearn to travel, I always feel like I was right there with you when I browse through your images. Simply spectacular. I do enjoy the posts that are more personal about you, those are always an interesting feature and more would be great.

    A perfect giveaway and I sure hope I win!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  207. What a great way to offer your thanks! I would say discovering you on instagram and visiting your blog daily has been inspiring. I look forward to you capturing moments through your photography. You photos have a way of connecting the moment and emotion within that experience….food, fashion, or travel. Thank you Jamie.

  208. The images that mean’t the most to me were the pictures from Paris recently with the glamourai & your husband (congrats on your recent wedding!). I think you captured Paris perfectly with a 1940’s touch. I’ve been wanting to visit Paris for awhile, and your pictures inspired me to go sooner rather than later. You’re such a great photographer, and it’s been a pleasure watching you capture your life/job through a camera.

    I’m still learning with my DSLR, but hope to be as good as you some day!

    Laura Renee

  209. I would love to see images that expressed love between couples! Like wedding shots but no! Just very natural and faces of bliss on couple’s faces on a normal day out. The best photo from you would be those with nature. One picture of u standing in the middle of a sea to capture sunset. That photo is stunning! And photos of sunsets and trees and landscapes. I love them so much. I love modeling and ur modeling shots are so beautiful too! You’re a talented photographer! Love your photos!

  210. Love love your blog and Instagram! I’m a new follower but I’m already obsessed. I lived in NYC this summer so this is something I wish I had more of. I would like to see you do more pictures of strangers in black and white. Subway pictures are what I have in mind, I know it might seem strange but those turn out to be the best pictures most of the time! Keep up the good work.


  211. I found your blog this year. I’m madly obsessed, intrigued, and mesmorized by this world that is so “un-Wisconsin.” I love everything about your blog. it’s the perfect mix of couture, gorgeous photography, simple life messages, world travel and more. Just keep it up…thank you for inspiring me.

  212. Having to select a favourite image or blog post from this year has proved to be a challenging task! The one post I am still inspired by though, is when you gave us the opportunity to peak at a selection of your wedding images. Your ivory and lace gown was simply breathtaking, along with the lace inspired cake!. Congratulations to the both of you. As for future blogs that I’d love to see next year; anything “New York” is inspiring for me and would make my day just that little bit brighter.

  213. What an amazing giveaway! I would love to see more photos of the fabulous parties you attend! I follow you on Instagram and I’m an event coordinator so everytime I see a gorgeous photo of a lovely party, I swoon!

  214. I love the Mexicali Rose photoshoot! The colors are so bright and I love all the roses. This giveaway is so fabulous and it’s awesome you’re giving away such a great bag. I am working on getting a dslr camera and this bag would be perfect for all my excursions!

  215. Well then, if it is make a whish time I wont be asked twice. I am following your blog since quite some time now and btw I love the new design of the site. I adore your artistic style and sensibility for details, the views of tradition with a twist or the minimalistic shots that still tell a story – never ever borderlining on kitsch. The most I guess I love the mixture you present of professional and personal projects, how life and art blend. If I could make a whish for a new story, it would be seeing myself through your lense … but since that is never ever going to happen the substitute whish would be more livestyle homestories. I always find it so interesting to observe through your pictures a differnet way of life. All the best to you!

  216. I love your shots in exotic locales with the accompanying fashions to match. I would LOVE to see you travel to new places and the fashion you chose to go with them! I get to live vicariously through you!

  217. THAT bag. Sigh. On behalf of my cameras and I, the choice is: A Deeper Journey. What was a fantastic photo shoot. I loved how worlds collided with the old wooden cart that contained all the slick magazines. The shot of the tiles is a color study to die for–this photo may be my starting point when I embark on a redesign of my great (and presently imaginary) home.

    Last, the image of you with the pink caftanette and arms spread really evokes the essence of traveling and the freedom it brings. It resonated the most because it speaks to the experience of finding who you are in a new environment… Plus, I learned a new word! Caftanette! Who knew?

    Next year, photograph what your heart desires! I would love to see more people-on-the-street shoots with film. The happy accident of a moment rediscovered when the film is developed is always a joy.

  218. Hello from Western Mass, I’m a new and proud follower of your blog. I would love to see you feature photo stories on the meaning of love, in spite of how cliche it might sound. What does love mean to you? What does love mean to the people you hold dear to your heart? I look forward to following your blog.

  219. Hi! I’m from Europe, so random photos of NYC are really something I like the most. It seems like such a magical place that I have yet to visit and experience. So I’m looking forward to more photos of your city!

  220. Jamie,
    I’m absolutely in love with every one of your photos! Choose one?! Haha! I love love loved the pictures of you and Kevin in Paris, as well as your adventure in Morocco. You have the ability to see those little moments of life that are so beautiful, simple, and say so much. You capture the atmosphere and feeling, not just the view! I look forward to more breathtaking work!


  221. Hi! Well, I’ve started reading the blog just recently and I already love everything about it.

    One of my favorite cities in the world is New York, so when I heard about hurricane Sandy I did not know how to react, but then I saw a post here with all these amazing images of NY from before the hurricane. After that I just knew you were right: the city was beautiful and she would be that way again…

    Thank you for inspiring me and Happy Thanksgiving! xx

  222. As a career driven young woman in NYC, you have inspired me more than you will ever know. From your life as a successful woman, to your sons and then again your passion for life all inspire me and make me want to be a better woman.

    My dream would be the day I say forever to the man of my dreams be photographed.

  223. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    I would personally like to see more people who are not “beautiful” in a conventional way (model-like body type, young, expensive clothes) but those who fall out of the conventional and break the rules yet are magnificently attractive being who they are.

    J from Vancouver

  224. I don’t have the most established blog, but I have cited you there to inspire others. I have loved following your photos, outfits, and red lips the past few months. My husband, a huge cyclist, sold one of his bikes to surprise me with a DSLR last Christmas. I hope to take lots of great photos of the winter (not usually a huge fan of the cold) and lots of photos of my niece. Just capturing life, nature, and stories.

  225. I would love it if you did a photo shoot inspired by each movies nominated for best motion picture at the Oscars come February. For example this year you would have done: Midnight in Paris, The Artist, Tree of Life, War Horse, etc. All of which would have inspired very interesting editorialized photographs! And through your lens, I could only imagine how beautiful those photos could turn out!

  226. I loved your photographs of Versailles. I went there with my family as a teenager many years ago. It sparked my interest in world travel and photography. I’ve been inspired by your blog to become more serious about my own photography skills and will be taking classes in January. Seeing your trip to Versailles makes me want to return there once I become a better photographer!

  227. Your photos are absolutely stunning and every new post has me excited! I love your photos from Paris and would certainly never get tired of more, I just love how you can transport me to anywhere in the world with a single photograph. Happy Thanksgiving!

  228. I find myself going back to your shots of the Veuve Cliquot polo match in LA. I am a natural blonde who just married the most amazing man from India and I’ve been trying to find a balance of east meets west. The images, colors, and whole vibe captured my heart because the perfect blend of Indian and western is what I’m striving for!
    Thanks for the inspiring images!

  229. Hello there!! I only recently stumbled upon your blog somehow Through Karlascloset’s blog. It’s not easy for me to find blogs that catch my attention and make me want to continue to discover it further, so I was so exited when I found yours…I have paced myself to not look through it so fast (which I do when I love a blog) I told myself to give it time so that I could have something to look forward to everyday after a long day at work. I love the feeling your photographs give off, they have a tendency to always put me in a good mood…I am still admiring and enjoying your blog and have so many favourites. What did touch me thought were the photographs in Africa… Amazing…it’s great to see this continent in such beauty for a change, especially with the media nowadays! So I Thank you for showing the real genuine beauty my continent has to offer. Keep up the great work 🙂

  230. I honestly don’t have a favorite from this year, they are all splendid. But, I think I would like to see a photographic story of something Scottish. Be it a family having dinner, maybe a child with a toy, something that brings in the Scottish culture. Of course you may have already done this, but I thought I would address it nonetheless. Blessings!

  231. I would love to see more pictures of your incredible sense of style! I love seeing the photo’s of you and Kelly on your travels and all of the fabulous clothes you wear.

  232. I read a quote today that reminded me of the inspiring life you share with us through your blog. “The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.” by Storm Jameson. I think this quote embodies your blog actually quite perfectly. One of my favorite photos was the recent B&W Paris photo of the father and son on a bike looking up in wonder. You travelled so far to capture that split second moment while in the moment. So I’d just ask you to keep traveling, shooting, and being in those unrepeatable, inspiring &passionate moments…

  233. I follow you on Instagram and read your blog…and the photos you take speak so much…but the ones that spoke to the most were the ones you took in New York post the hurricane….amidst the tragedy you managed to click pics that captured the spirit of life 🙂

  234. After studying abroad in Paris I’ve fallen in love with everything about the city. Your film photos have captured the true elegance and nostalgia that make the city something to be treasured. Thanks so much for taking them. Hope to see many more from future trips to the city of lights!

  235. I’ve always loved and still enjoy your cinema-graphs. They’re amazing! There’s never a time where you don’t inspire me. One post that still sticks out in my mind is when you were in Paris with your husband. Oh my…so cute, I melted.

  236. I’d love for you to photograph your personal life. Something about artists or photographers expressing their art style in terms of their life makes the piece(s) just more meaningful and great. It’d be interesting (:

  237. My favourite from this year would definitely have to be the photos from Morocco! I adore the way you captured the desert which gave it a sort of exotic fairytale feel, like someplace out of the Arabian Nights! Next year what I’ll look forward to seeing most on your blog would be more photos from your travels and the stories they tell. 🙂

  238. Hi Jamie! From all the beautiful pictures that you have clicked, its soo hard to pick just one that touched a chord or one that meant the most. I haven’t been to any of the places that you’ve photographed or met any of the wonderful people you’ve clicked, but when i see you pictures i feel i can almost smell the atmosphere, hear the chaos,as if i’m right there! But out of all the pictures, i have must have looked and re-looked and re-looked at you captures at the CFDA awards.Although the event was flanked by starlets and stars, you captured them and the candid moments in such a beautiful and realistic light. Hence i all i can ask of you, is to continue clicking the world as you see it and keep inspiring us and making me feel that beauty is everywhere.

  239. Hi Jamie,
    Just wanted to let you know how big of a fan I am of your work. The photographs you take are so beautiful. I would definitely like to see pictures of your workspace and studio and of course the gear that you work with. Also lifestyle photography. No matter what you decide to photograph I will continue to follow your blog 🙂

  240. Hi Jamie!
    Your photos from London really inspired me and brought back memories from the 10 years I spent there… I now live in Tokyo and miss Europe a lot. I’m from Brazil and the architecture of old European buildings fascinates me – something I cannot not see in Brazil or Tokyo. With your photos it’s like I’m there again, looking at all those amazing places! Thank you for your beautiful blog!

  241. Hi, there! I just started reading your blog, and thoroughly enjoy it. My favorite posts have been your travel and fashion posts. Please keep making more trips and photographing your editorial style. Thank you!

  242. I must say, it’s hard to choose one post or image that was my favorite. But I do know that I am always so drawn to your images of ‘personal’ photos from your film cameras just capturing daily life as you see it. I am always so inspired. Thanks for sharing so freely your beautiful take on life. An inspirational joie de vivre.

  243. It’s a beautiful and tasteful giveaway. Thank you forr having such and inspiring blog full of beautiful pictures. I think one of my favorite pictures were the ones from your wedding. You have a timeless beauty and have that old fashion movie star air to you that is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us! Keep up those gorgeous and inspiring pictures. I know everything you do would be great!

  244. Your beautiful cinemagraphs posts is how I discovered your blog. My absolute favorite one is of Old Hollywood. Love the Rita Hayworth vibe shot against a simple black background so you can see the beautiful smoke swaying in the air.

  245. Hi Jamie,

    I haven’t been following your blog too long. I actually found it in a list of top 10 blogs a while ago. But I really love when you photograph everyday and personal things, and I love seeing photos of you in your outfits. You’re so beautiful! I would love to see more of the everyday and personal things, just the small things and people you notice around you as you go about your day. I’ve found those photos you’ve taken are the most touching.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

  246. I must say, it’s hard to choose one post or image that was my favorite,
    But I do know that I am always so drawn to your images of ‘travel’
    photos from your film cameras just capturing daily life as you see it. I
    am always so inspired. Thanks for sharing so freely your beautiful take
    on life. An inspirational joie de vivre.

  247. I cannot wait to see what future trips you take and the photography that goes along with them! Those are my favorite. It’s as if I’ve traveled with you. Thank you for letting us have glimpses of this charmed life.

  248. Thank you for so many intresting topics you covered!!the posts of honeymoon in Paris was spledid!!! in future you could post suggetion by stylists for casual outfit!

  249. Definitely the Cinemagraphs inspired me the most. So much so that I made it my New Years resolution this year to learn how to make one! Better get a move on! I love “Kiss me in Paris” & “Garden of Eden” . Running water is so tranquil.

  250. My favorite set of photos was the one of your wedding! So so gorgeous!
    I really just love all the “lifestyle” section photos of yours, such as the VC Polo Classic and that weekend you spent up in Maine(?) or some other state up north.

  251. Jamie,

    I would love to see picture “vignettes” of people deeply engaged in their creative passions/trades…artisans, dancers,street musicans, local arts/craft vendors…people sipping coffee while engrossed in a book or playing a game of bocce in the park…people engrossed in the moment of life and caught off guard by the camera. All walks of life. All ages. All kinds of classes. Deeply engrossed in living in the present moment.

    My favorite

    I love the “joie de vivre” aspect of these photos. Authentic. Sincere. Relaxed. Luscious Color. Nature. Food. Laughter…happy moments…unstylized…unstructured…uncontrived moments of pure bliss and heart warming interactions.

    Evokes a mixutre of Norm Rockweller’s Four Freedoms paintings and Manet’s Le déjeuner sur l’herbe…kind of vibe.

  252. I love your style, your charme and every pics you take is a magical experience. I can’ choose between all your art works, they are all fantastic: fashion potraits, home decor, NYC, pictures from the place you them all.
    I’d like to learn from you so maybe i would like some lessons!^^
    p.s. the bag is wonderful!

  253. i love your photos! i would like to see something out of the ordinary and candid, maybe someone on the street and not so staged. however, my favorites are always the fashion photos.

  254. A great give away.

    I would love to see a post on packing luggage – I travel alot but I am never prepared or well packed!

    Also I would love to see a return of the fashion week daily style icon style posts. They were fantastic and inspiring. I honestly believe the Audrey Hepburn inspired image changed my whole out look on what I were and how I wear it.

    As for images I realy do love any of the ones you post around New York. Your wedding images, which not your own pictures, are so perfectly styled and framed.

    I have just read the top post and like them I too enjoyed the mens hair post – because I am a huge fan of that style and the images where just perfect.

    I love escaping to your posts and instagram.

    (please note these post comes after spending two days ill on the couch watching on ly mad men so serious nostalgia is coming into play here)

  255. This is great! Thank you for the chance Jamie! I love you and i follow your tumblr and also instagram and i probably like every pictures that you post there 😀

    If i have to choose which is my favorite is probably the pictures you take while you’re in New York and Paris Fashion Week. Your pictures about the upcoming collection of the designers and the backstage photos of the models always excites me! It’s like i want press like on every picture that you take. I also love the pictures that you took on that Polo Match, it’s very classy and beautiful, love it very very much! Can’t wait to see another set of pictures in 2013, because your pictures always brighten up my day and inspires me to learn more about photography whether it’s digital and analog, because i love it both.

    What i really want to see in 2013 is more pictures from your analog camera! It would be really nice and exciting because i think analog photography is interesting in a mysterious kind of way. The feeling of getting your film roll got develop is undescribable, because you have no idea what the pictures will turn out right? Well perhaps we can see more your analog photography skills (which i’m sure you are really good at) next year.

    Once again thanks Jamie! 😀 😀

  256. your wedding photos touched me the most. Your entire gallery is stunning; all of your works amaze me, but i was so happy that you were willing to share this big event from your personal life with us! You looked absolutely gorgeous.

  257. I love your photos in general but specifically the ones during your travels. I’d love to see more candid, less editorialized shots especially during your travels.

  258. Hi Jamie, I’m Francesca, an italian follower! I have discovered you thanks to Instagram and i follow your blog every day! I love your photos, your point of view, your charme and lifestyle…all your way of living the big apple!!! I just want to thank you for everything …keep up this good work!
    The bag of giveaway is amazing and it would be perfect for my first reflex camera that I hope to find under the Christmas tree!
    I will be in NY in February, so I hope to use it to make some cool shots. 🙂
    P.S. Full of Grace…my favorite post…you’re beautiful!

  259. I loved the recent post for Etienne Aigner, as well as thefact you shared details about the history of the designer. Thank you for the lovely bag,you are so thoughtful.

  260. There are a lot of photos that I love from your blog but if I had to choose, I’d have to pick the Paris adventures. It’s one of the places that I want to visit someday. Thank you for capturing the charm and beauty of Paris and for sharing your personal journey. As for future posts, I’d love to see more travel shots, especially ones that are caught on film.

    Thanks for inspiring us!

  261. I’d love to see love stories or family stories. Or stories of how people are connected to treasured old things, ex. an antique engagement ring, an old journal, book or toy.

  262. Such a great giveaway Jamie!

    It is so hard to pick just one photo as a favorite from you. Your wedding photos on film were stunning, they suited you and Kevin perfectly. I’ve also loved how much you have been collaborating with the Glamourai. The photos of the two of you have so much character to them, and the editorials of her are so stunning. I loved the cinemagraphs you did with her too, when she is standing by the water, really beautiful.

    You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photography and story telling with all of us! I look forward to much more from you in the new year! I love your style posts too, keep those coming!


    Sarah Konyer

  263. I love all your photos, but I especially love your travel photos. Photos that were taken in film–<3!!!! It would also be awesome if you could indicate the type of camera and film for each blog post 🙂

  264. More cinemagraphs in 2013! Of them my favorite is Kelly in Malibu – those shots came up on the site just after I moved from NY to CA and, perhaps that’s why, they struck a chord. Thank you for your work and a chance to win this beautiful bag.

  265. I enjoyed your coverage of the polo match the best. Every time I look at those photos, they just make me happy – I especially love the one where you are wearing a white dress, brogues, a hat, and carrying a yellow umbrella; this one is on my study wall along with about 30 other photos I find inspiring. Please keep providing coverage on events that the rest of might not be able to participate in because of geographic or financial reasons – events like the polo match. For the same reasons, I also enjoy your travel photos; it allows the rest of us to live vicariously through you. Thank you providing us with access to such extraordinary images on a regular basis.

  266. would love to see more stories on film! self developed, black and white, polaroids, anything. as long as it is film. as a developer of my own film, i found yours very very inspiring to my young eyes.

  267. I absolutely LOVED your photos from morocco. I would love it if you could travel around the world and take more 🙂 I also love your fashion photos from the fashion weeks, it’s really quite something to see! Your cinagraphs too! (I don’t know whether I’m spelling it right..) haha…

    Alas, your blog is one of my favorites, and I can’t wait to see more!

  268. I love, love LOVE the peaks into your day-to-day. For those of us aspiring to the creative level that you and your husband have reached, it’s great to get an up-close look at what that looks like. I’d say continue to post those as well as more behind-the-scenes posts and images. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us! xoxo

  269. Being from Paris myself, I’ve really enjoyed your Paris photographs and stories. You captured the city so beautifully… I keep going back to look at them!
    I hope you’ll keep making amazing cinemagraphs next year!

    Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all,
    Much love,

  270. hi jamie! it’s so lovely of you to do this. i love the tone of your blog posts and your photography, and especially the little peeks into your life. for me, my favourite posts by you are definitely the ones that always feel the most intimate. i’d love to see those continue on. 🙂


  271. I loved your sailing pictures from Puma’s Ocean Race in the UAE. The blend of stunning scenery with the vitality of ocean racing was so raw and powerful. Don’t get me wrong though, I love the fashion editorials as well as your travel shots in general but perhaps I appreciated the novelty of ‘unconventional’ sport photography. As a Canadian (shameless self promoting) I would highly recommend a trip to the far north. The Northern Lights are a must-see and dog-sledding would be a very cool experience and theme. In the summer I would recommend a trip to Haida Gwaii for an experience of true wilderness and vibrant aboriginal culture. Quebec City is one of my favourite places in Canada. A trip to its cideries (orchards) would be well worth your time! What I am trying to say is – more ‘action’ images and please come to Canada 🙂

  272. I’ve never been to Paris, but have always wanted to go. Your photos actually inspired me to re-up my bank savings account with France in mind, and it would be wonderful to have a house for my old 35mm whenever I go!

  273. To be honest I love all your posts. I love how you mix your photography work with what you get up to in your week. I appreciated your wedding posts the most because it was so personal, and you didn’t have to share that with us you did. You always post just the right amount of pictures, and they always compliment each other, and I love that you update regularly. I know I can always come here or to instagram to see whats going on with you. Blogging is quite quite time consuming but I appreciate how much you put into your blog. Keep it up I love your work!!!

  274. Your wedding photos were stunning! I especially loved the series showing how your dress was created and how your husband’s tux was made. As for 2013, I’d love to see a studio tour of your space. And of course many more NYC photos. Happy Thanksgiving! x, Rebecca

  275. For 2013, it would be fabulously inspiring to view creative spaces of talents including yourself! Whether it’s the inside of a chef’s kitchen, or a designer’s place of refuge for innovative ideas, a deeper look in any of these places would be c-double-o-l.

    Your work takes my breath away! It suspends my imagination in a time outside 2012…

  276. How can I pick a single post or article you’ve written? I don’t know much about photography, but my parents bought me an SLR for graduation, and every post of yours whether you’re snapping shots of Parisian streets or of the apple orchard, I’m inspired to learn more about how my camera works, and how to capture that shot.

    Thanks for a fantastic blog and a fantastic look on life!

  277. You are amazing! Such a talent and creative force. Thank you for this giveaway! I love to see everyday shots. Of the daily lives. Struggles and triumphs. How a person organizes their calendar. Stopping in for a daily coffee. Just life. I love to see those moments captured. Thanks again and all the best to you in 2013! x

  278. I would love to see candid street photography on your blog….. photos that have less “studio” feel to it, photos that are not “posed” for….. but frozen moments of everyday life, maybe someone on a bike passing in the street…… I’d love to see how the everyday world looks like from your lens. 🙂 forgive my english, it is not very good.

    with love.

  279. Hi, Jamie!

    You are incredibly talented and your works are beautiful and inspiring! I love to look at travel photography and all your romantic pictures of life and your lifestyle. I would love to see more pictures from outdoors, maybe someone at the ocean or sea Or fashion photos in the woods, might be a good project.

    Best regards,

  280. The photos from morocco meant a lot to me and were so inspiring. I lived in Egypt and I miss the desert every single day, so it was incredible to see the concept of ‘the dream’ or the ideal self in that desert. I love the 1930s and the 1960s styles so anything where you have classic movie pictures and try to recreate the style – I LOVE that, I hope you do more! Thanks so much for your photos!

  281. Dear Ms. Jamie,

    I originally started following your Instagram some time ago and now I daily click on the little “From Me To You” button on my favorites tab to see your inspiring photographs. You asked for my favorite post in order to enter in this giveaway. To be honest, I don’t have a favorite. Your photographs encompass such beautiful things I am never disappointed and think one post better than the other. However, this post particularly caught my eye because of my lack of camera bag! I am a photography student who is constantly having to borrow my teacher’s extra camera bag. Next year I am going to college (in hopes of a possible photographic future), I suppose with my camera slung across my shoulder and lenses wrapped in bubble wrap! It would be so wonderful to have this one and even more so that such an established photographer has deemed it suitable. {Not to mention its beautiful!} Thank you for your time and I look forward to more splendid posts!

  282. Jamie 🙂

    I really love your work and you style! It’s so inspiring! I like all the posts for different reasons! And that’s why i don’t get tired of it! Your blog is always the first i see! But the drop of rose post doesn’t get out of my mind! I loved that colors! Bridal thoughts!!! Well of all the things you post, I think it would be cool to do a post about glamourous nightwear ;P Never seen one!

  283. Hello Jamie,

    My comment won’t mean much… Oh well… I want to see more happy moments… more close-up of still life… places/ shops that you find inspiring… more backstage rather than the spotlight… with your gift for colours

    At the moment, people are so afraid, so grey… And I love your blog for the smile it brings on my face whenever there is a new post.

    Thank you for putting so much effort on your blog.
    Lots of love from Laure

  284. Great bag, I carry a Lowepro Passport Sling bag now, but this looks loads better.

    I was introduced to your blog with your wedding photos – stunning – and remain for anything from Europe. Have you done anything in Italy yet?

  285. I started following your blog since the first time Kevin tweeted about it. A friend of mine, Micah, told me: You should check out my friend’s girlfriend blog, it looks awesome. He was referring to the design, which I agree, was awesome, but the photographs are what I fell in love with.

    I loved that All The President’s Girls series you did. And being a wanderlust, lately I’ve been living vicariously through your exotic travels. I hope you and Kevin get more awesome commissions so you get to shoot more exotic places. Your travel photos is a reference goldmine for an illustrator like me. (

    What I like most about your work is not just how good it is, but what the photos (and your whole online presence) say about you as a person. It seems like you’re living the kind of life most people strive to have: doing something you love, with people you love, there is no line separating work, life, and love, because everything you do, you love, everything you love, you do.

    I just want to keep seeing this in your blog. Whatever subject you choose to shoot (travel, food, people, fashion) seeing you & others doing things they’re really passionate about, motivates me to find the same in my own life.

  286. To be honest, I’m new to your internet space and I’m loving it! My husband just ordered my first Lo and Sons bag and now I’m keeping my fingers crossed I win this great camera bag!

  287. Jamie, I’ve been an admirer of your work for years and you have been one of my inspirations for my work in photography. I love dressing up and I know this bag would go best with my outfits rather than a bulky black one.

    I love the way you photograph fashion in such an elegant and sophisticated way and I look forward to your posts all the time! One thing I would love to see from you is photography of Muslim girls in their Muslim clothing. Last year I did a feature on a Muslim fashion show and I was amazed at how these beautiful young women were able to wear their traditional garments and still stay fashionably modern. I have many Muslim friends with in incredible sense of style while keeping their traditional customs.

    I think this would be an amazing photo opportunity to photograph a different culture that has such an ancient custom in a modern world.

    Thank you for this great opportunity and I look forward to
    your next post as always! <3

  288. What a wonderful giveaway- thank you so much for hosting this! Because all of your photos are so beautiful, it is too hard to choose just one favorite! I would love to see you capture more weddings next year, as I am involved in planning a few and will appreciate all the inspiration you can provide with your talent! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  289. I first came to know you from stumbleupon; then I found your inspiring blog, and have been coming back ever since. What led me here remains my favourite of your works til today—-your cinemagraphs. I love the way the quiet and stillness in every frame brings out the moving “cinema” parts….whether it be leaves in the wind, rain, ripples across a puddle, or diamond earrings gracefully swaying. And your cinemagraphs are also what I look forward most from your blog, next year, the year after. Always.


  290. Pretty awesome you’re doing..One of my favorite posts was of the behind the scenes for dkny core people. It was very relatable, as it was inspiring. How you got yourself i volver with this blogsphere.. Keep doing what you’re doing. We love it!

  291. What a beautiful bag! It’s so lovely of you to do this. I have been so inspired by all of your travel photos, especially the ones you took in St. John. I can’t pick a favorite picture from that post! They are all so beautiful. I’d like to see some love stories on this blog next year. 🙂

  292. Hello,

    I have by mistake reached your site and I started to really love “my mistake”. I loved the photos with the people dressed like in the 20s, really nice. I also enjoyed your trip to Morocco. For the next year it will be nice to make as many photos from your travel :). Thank you for your lovely photos!!!

  293. I don’t have a camera to put in that lovely bag, and I’m sure the giveaway is closed now, but I wanted to leave a note because I, too, enjoy looking at your photography so much. I love your various self portraits – they’re always so flawlessly executed. I also loved your series of black and white photos of statues at the MET. I don’t believe they’re from this past year, but they’re stunning.

    I’d love to see more art through your eyes, and maybe, as another reader said, vignettes of people lost in their passions and creative endeavors. Best of luck for the coming year!

  294. Hi there Jamie,

    I would love to see more romantic photoshoots, like those in Paris. You have a way to make us feel emotional through your pictures! It’s not just fashion, and that’s why I love your tumblr.

  295. I know this giveaway is over but I wanted to leave you a comment anyway regarding your blog, which I have been in love with for about a year or so now.

    I came across your photos on instagram, when I was looking through the top photos one day. I loved that one of the most liked photos was taken right across the street from where I work–on 59th street. I not only loved that it was a photo of my hometown, NYC, but I also loved everything about the photo..the filter, the composition, everything. I started looking at more of your photos and knew I had to follow your instagram feed. I found your photos inspiring and they made me want to pick up my camera again–your photos give me that feeling everyday.

    One of my favorite posts from your instagram (and then I saw more related posts on your blog) was from your wedding. I love that your photos told the story of your special day! I was able feel the emotion of your day through the photos, and I thought they were so appropriate for your style of photography. Your wedding photos conveyed your style and the love of the day. I loved that you gave your fans and followers the opportunity to share your special day with you through the eyes of your photographer, as well as through the eyes of the bride.

    PS…thank you for keeping film in your selection of photographic mediums

  296. Sad to have missed out on the giveaways, this one was a good one!
    I’m still excited to see your safari photographs 🙂 I grew up in Botswana, so I have a soft spot for the location. I’d love to see more photographs of yourself as iconic actors, the way you used to do on the old blog, but everything you’ve been doing has been so inspiring!

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