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Perfume is such a personal signature. I love how I can pass a stranger on the street and they smell like my first boyfriend, or when someone is wearing my college perfume and all of a sudden I’m taken back to that time in my life and I can remember things so vividly. My wedding day perfume, which I wore throughout our honeymoon, instantly takes me back to that day whenever I put it on now for romantic occasions. I love that: being able to remember a feeling, a moment, a time in my life just through the delicacy of scent.

By now you know my affection and long-term creative relationship with DKNY. I was looking at the Be Delicious bottle at the studio and I thought it could be fun to show visually the beauty of perfume… the way the glossy liquid swirls and how the light dances. If you know DKNY’s Be Delicious you know its main note is apple, fittingly so since DKNY is all about the BIG APPLE (see all the references now?). I love the opportunity Cinemagraphs give us to make things come to life and celebrate beauty even in small ways.

What is your favorite perfume? Do you change what you wear depending on the weather, your mood, your style that day, or where you are traveling to? Should you have one scent forever or should it change as we change in the course of life?

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  1. Jamie I love this! It reminds of one of my first dates with Joshua. He took me to a department store so he could show me his favorite women’s perfume it happened to be the mate to his favorite colone. He told me he was going to buy it for the woman he married. Years later he bought it for me. The smell always takes me back to that day in the summer air of Chicago and falling so deeply in love with him. The scents for us are Issey Miyake and we only wear them on romantic days.

  2. What a timely post. I’ve been wearching Coco Chanel Mademoiselle for almost 11 years. It’s the one thing I wear day in and day out that I just LOVE. It instantly makes me feel like me. After so many years of Happy, Poison, True Love, Tuscany, Beautiful, Gardenia by Marc Jacobs, True Romance, and about 10 others, this is what I want to smell like. I love the way it smells fresh out of the bottle, but find it too heady when mixed with the same fragrances lotion, shower gel, etc. I also love that when I became a mom it smelled differently when layered with Burt’s Bees baby lotion that I put on my kids. It’s evolved with me over these years. I was heartbroken to read that it’s the number one selling women’s luxury fragrance as I don’t feel so common and haven’t ever met anyone that wears it. I thought about switching to Gucci Guilty, but don’t like their ads demonstrating somewhat eurotrash looking Italians engaging in what seems to be infidelity. Does anyone else feel this type of devotion and dismay with fragrances, ads and personal identity with their scents?

    1. I, too, don’t know anyone personally who wears Coco Mademoiselle. And, I, too, do not like it layered with the other products. Now, Coco with the bar soap version smells heavenly. The bar soap of Mademoiselle smells nothing like the fragrance, nor do the body creme and powder. I find if I wear the creme and powder absent of the fragrance, though, that a delightful scent comes through – don’t know what it is about layering them, though.

  3. I have a few that I love depending on the seasons and my mood πŸ™‚ I love Chloe & Kate Spade Twirl at the moment. In the summer it’s JLo Miami Glow, which smells like summer in a bottle. And my current perfume wish is Balenciaga Paris, but I’m waiting for my BFF’s wedding in England to buy & wear it so it will always remind me of that. I love how certain scents can completely transport you to another place!

  4. I absolutely adore this cinemagraph! It actually makes me want to take a bite out of the perfume bottle, as impossible as that sounds! My current scent is Daisy by Marc Jacobs… I’ve been wearing it for the last 2-3 years now, but before this I wore The One by D&G! Every time I pass by the scent of The One now… it reminds me of the times when I first started dating my now husband. And I get am lost in thoughts of giddiness, and butterflies, and laughter. I hope that one day years from now when I change my scent again, I’ll pass by my current perfume and it’ll remind me of all of the lovely days I’m experiencing now. Incredible how much our sense of smell correlates to our personal memories and experiences…

  5. I’m incredibly fussy about what perfumes I wear. Until recently it was Burberry London by Burberry and Vera Wang Princess by Vera Wang. But recently I changed to Pleats Please by Issey Miyake. But anytime I smell someone wearing Burberry London or Vera Wang Princess I become slightly nostalgic. Because I remember the moments in my life that I was wearing these perfumes. Interestingly enough though my mom mentioned that perhaps my change in perfumes came as a result of my changing of cities. She thought that perhaps the changing of seasons, climate and weather made the perfume seem different to me. Because I’m fussy, I stick with one perfume. But I don’t believe you should have one scent forever. Perfumes change as much as we do. We don’t stay with the same styles of fashion forever either. Personally I may stick with Issey Miyake, but I may not. It all depends. But for now I’ll enjoy the perfume for what it is.

  6. I’m not actually a big perfume kinda girl- I spritz it on before I leave but I don’t have “that scent.” As I’ve gotten older I can see the beauty in having a scent for the moment… perfume bottles are beautiful and I can’t help but think how MORE beautiful they’d look on my chest of drawers πŸ˜‰ Maybe it’s time to start collecting…

  7. So agree with you on how our memory is olfactive. I like sometimes to smell an old perfume and be reminded of a particular time of my life.
    Right now I’m addicted to Voyage d’HermΓ¨s, which coincide perfectly with my love of travel…

  8. My first scents ever were Love’s Baby Soft (Original and Jasmine), Sweet Honesty, Jean Nate – preadolescence through early high school. As a high school junior, on came Anais Anais. Bringing in the college years, I was all over the place with fragrance – experimenting with fragrance as I was with hairstyle, color, makeup, fashion, boys. I wore Tabu, Youth Dew, White Shoulders, Chanel No.5, Crabtree & Evelyn’s Gardenia – I was so nostalgic for my grandmothers during those years and could relive a hug from them while splashing and spritzing myself with their favorite fragrances. A brief foray with Magi Noire and Tresor came before the glorious introduction in my early twenties to Coco. Coco was my early go-to during my married years, with a slight stray after a visit to Paris – for a brief period of time, Annick Goutal’s Gardenia was my favorite. Post-divorce, as a single mom, I found Dolce Vita and wore that along with its powder religiously for almost 7 years.
    Enter my 40s, it’s been Chanel all the way – Coco again for winter months; Coco Mademoiselle for spring/summer. My kids (one now an adult and one who is 15) always have said, when I wear Coco Mademoiselle, “that smells like Mommy”. The fragrance has imprinted a memory of me for them. That means so much to me. Even though I have strayed slightly the past few years (revisits with L’Occitane’s The Vert and Citrus Verbena and Cherry Blossom as day sprays and some of the newer Chanel fragrances – Chance and some of this fragrances offshoots), I have been pretty loyal to the fragrances that bear the legend’s beloved nickname.

    1. Oops, just realized that one of the phrases I wrote could be misinterpreted…*with a slight stray after a visit to Paris* means a stray from Coco, not my then husband! Whoopsies!

  9. My favorite perfume is Euphoria by Calvin Klein. I have only worn it on very special occasions, such as my birthdays, New Year’s and anniversaries I had with my boyfriend. Whenever I smell it I think of those events–the first New Year’s I wore it was also the first time I was kissed at midnight, and for our one year anniversary of being a couple. Because so many of these events were connected to my then boyfriend, for me, it has taken on the smell of romance itself. There is a lotion whose smell reminds me of when I visited Spain so the smell brings that back. Associating scents with places and people gives those perfumes to them. It’s a rather lovely thing.

  10. It’s so hard for me to find the right perfume because my skin is freakishly sensitive. However, my skin is loving Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle (eau de parfum). It’s so subtle but lovely. I’ve also tried a bit of Chanel’s Noir — a bit intense but surprisingly my skin is handling it fine. I totally think change is always good because you never know if you are always going to be defined by one scent. In a way, perfume can reveal a bit about who you are, how you’re feeling, etc.

  11. What a crisp cinemagraph! I could practically smell the apples. I never thought of taking advantage of how powerful smell is in memory and using certain perfumes for certain occasions. I think that’s a very interesting way to, in a way, travel back in time. I don’t really use perfume (just some body spray and I’m out the door), but I’m looking forward to playing with scent as a memory trigger in the future!

  12. There is something very cool and nostalgic about scent memory πŸ™‚ I have an Illume Balsam and Cedar candle that instantly reminds me of Christmas. I change perfume by the season and by the mood, though, depending on what will compliment either one! Currently into Burberry Brit and Lollia Wish.

  13. This exact perfume that you shot takes me STRAIGHT back to college. As soon as I smell it I feel like I should be getting dressed and doing my makeup for a fun and crazy night on the town with my friends. Gosh I love this smell.

  14. What a beautiful cinemagraph, and also what a beautiful description of your inspiration in creating it! While I wouldn’t proclaim to be the ultimate perfume lover, it’s fair to say that of ‘must-have’ luxury goods, perfume would definitely be my pick.

    At the moment I’m rotating through Lancome Attraction (an eBay score — unpredictable quality, I know!) and Hypnose Senses, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille mixed with Kiehl’s Amber oil, Amouage Memoir, and Juliette Has A Gun Citizen Queen. While I love each of these fragrances, I feel as though I’m yet to find the one perfume that I will wear every day and that truly reflects my style and spirit. If I could find an eau de parfum or perfume oil that smells of pure jasmine and gardenia that might just be it, though!

    If you don’t mind my asking, what perfume did you wear on your wedding day? I think perfume is one of the most romantic, evocative things in the world. I just purchased my man Costume National Homme for Christmas, and it’s been so special to see him fall in love with it.

    Happy new year to you and Kevin xx

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