A Day in Florence

With such a beautiful hotel it can only live among a beautiful city. We had one full day to walk this historical city, to see the masterpieces, eat the food, smell the perfumes, and observe the Italian way of life. I fell in love with this place – the light illuminating the golds and greens of the landscape were exactly what I dreamed Tuscany to be. I look forward to our return, and many thanks to the St. Regis Hotels & Resorts for taking me along on a magical Grand Tourista…




26 thoughts on “A Day in Florence

  1. Looking at your photos the feeling of walking the streets come back to me in the most intense way. It was so beautiful in daytime as well as night time! I, too, want to return to Firenze. I haven’t travelled a lot, but it’s the most romantic city (with a mix of medieval mystery especially in the alleys) I’ve been so far!Thanks for sharing your photos. Some I have taken exactly the same or very similar views, however of a bad quality!

  2. My favorite city in Italy. Don’t know if you happened to notice, but in the next to last photo, the one of your husband on the rainy street, one of Clet Abraham’s street signs is featured in the background. You never know where you will spot one of his signs.

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