Donna Karan

Every piece tells a textured story

The story is of an urban traveler…a woman trekking across the world, finding beauty everywhere she goes: in the swirling dust of the Australian Outback, the golden plains of Africa at sunrise, the red clays of the American Southwest. The journey has a palette of dusty reds, browns, and golds wrapped in the open expanse of blue summer skies.

The result of this voyage is a collection that is perfect for summer…

The pieces are earthy and sensual, draped for real women’s bodies to highlight our beautiful femininity, regardless of size or shape. What I loved most is how realistic and supremely wearable they were without losing any sense of style or artistry. This season was full of artisanal beauty, with hand-blocked prints and hand-beaded embroideries, which only added to the grounded sophistication.

This season our New York woman goes back to the earth with Donna Karan


Backstage and up close before the show… 


Donna Karan through all the seasons 

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