Chopard Watchmaking

As I walked through the rooms of Chopard’s watchmaking house in Switzerland I was struck by the interesting balance between man and time. Here were the artisans, these specialized skilled craftsmen working with precious metals in parts so tiny my naked eye could not see it. They are making time, they are making something that counts it beat by beat, but they are doing it by hand and they are doing it over months. Many of these skilled hands dance around the piece: building it from part to part, polishing each layer until it gleams, checking and double-checking for any flaws, carefully putting each tiny component together under a magnifying glass. As the watch comes together, the viewer can only stand in awe at this delicate harmony of machine and man. In a world where technology continues to take over more and more of our lives, it’s hard to believe that humans still play such a large part in this, the art of time.

But this – this is how Chopard makes a watch.

Watching the stunning L.U.C. watches (named for the founder, Louis-Ulysse Chopard) come to life gave me so much appreciation for Chopard’s devotion to quality. It was inspiring to watch mere men & women put these intricate and complex pieces together, more than beautiful watches but award-winning, certified time pieces to be cherished forever.

Come with me as we watch Chopard make an art of time…



My history of Chopard stories through time…and remember our Instagrams from Geneva?

5 thoughts on “Chopard Watchmaking

  1. This is beautiful! I’ve been very much into leather strap watches as of late… well after my grandfather gifted me his he bought in London when he took a ship over from Africa. It’s so nice to see the story behind such a “timeless” piece. x

  2. Beautiful, beautiful.

    I’d love for you to do a studio / apartment tour soon! The snapshots you’ve shared so far have been so inspiring and dreamy. I just moved to the UWS a couple months ago and have been slowly decorating, and am always excited to see what creative souls like yourselves come up with. xx, Steph.

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