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Another New York Fashion Week is beginning today, which means a full week of beauty, glamour and all sorts of gowns…but I thought it would be nice to kick off the coverage by focusing on a brand that really thinks about the world around us and changes it for the better one mouth at a time.

FEED, founded by the wonderful Lauren Bush Lauren in 2007, has so far been able to provide over 75 million school meals globally through sales of a collection of totes, handbags, wallets, jewelry, t-shirts, scarfs and more. This season, FEED is introducing a new luxury collection of leather bags (I personally LOVE) handmade by master artisans in Kenya. Each item you purchase, whether it is one of the leather totes (available this fall) or a burlap all function bag, has a number on the back which tells you how many meals for the year you have provided with your purchase. I was intrigued by this design decision, because it’s so rare that you get to know and fully understand the personal impact of something you buy. When I complimented Lauren on it, she said she wanted to make sure FEED was tangible and meaningful in a way you can relate to personally and not simply a “percentage of proceeds” product.

The amazing thing about the production of the FEED products is not only the good that is brought about from the sales but also that it provides sustainable employment to the local craftsmen in Kenya or Guatemala who can then send their kids to school where they can have nutritious meals sourced from local farmers. Lauren’s passion toward the work she does with FEED comes through so clearly, whether she’s talking about how the beading on one Kenya Messenger Bag took two and a half days, or through watching the 8mm films of school children in Africa she shot on her most recent trip.

So here is to remembering this Fashion Week that there is nothing more fashionable than doing good.

FEED_Hertiage_03 FEED_Hertiage_04

FEED_Hertiage_05 FEED_Hertiage_06 FEED_Hertiage_07 FEED_Hertiage_08 FEED_Hertiage_09 FEED_Hertiage_10 FEED_Hertiage_11 FEED_Hertiage_12 FEED_Hertiage_13 FEED_Hertiage_14

PS- The first time I met Lauren was in Paris where we talked about our love of Africa and how much I enjoyed her segment on Capture with Mark Seliger! 

9 thoughts on “FEED Heritage Bags

  1. I love FEED! I found about them a couple of years ago have been supporting them. I can’t wait for the leather handbags. Good quality, good products, and all for a good cause…that is a great investment.

  2. I think the organizations and the people that you choose to feature on your blog speak volumes about who you are as a person, Jamie. I hadn’t heard of FEED before this, but love what they are doing and love even more that you shed light and bring focus to people who do these wonderful things. I remember thinking the same thing when I read the piece and saw the photographs that you had taken with Edythe for Project Model tee as well.

    And good luck with Fashion Week… I already know to expect wonderful things, and can’t wait to see all the upcoming Fall ’14 lines that you photograph!

  3. This is nice. But for me it is kind of weird, so they support one thing, but then again use leather for their produce isn’t that a bit ignorant? When there are so much good fake leather out there nowadays! (I am not sure maybe that is the only thing they have there in Kenya!) but for me word ‘good’ doesn’t seem to fit with animal slaughtering for fashion!

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