Hotel das Cataratas


It was a bizarre and wonderful experience: boarding a plane in the middle of winter in one of the biggest cities in the world and 14 hours later, walking off a flight onto the runway of a single baggage claim airport on the edges of Brazil’s famous rainforest, being immediately wrapped in summer’s heat. I couldn’t wait to get here, to smell the forest and feel the dampness on my skin. The air, sticky and thick, wrapped around you like a hug from an old friend.

We arrived in the quiet of night, a blanket that covered the infamous Iguassu Falls but could not hide the sounds of her roar. We stood there over the vista listening, catching the faintest glimmer of white capped water reflected from the starlight. We had just missed the full moon where upon the falls appear lunar rainbows, like a secret gift from the constellations.

Our hotel with its open-air walkways and pink-washed walls framed by grand oak rooms was more reminiscent of dreams I have had of colonial inspired adventure travel than anything I have experienced before. The beds where lords and great minds have rested, where Princess Diana took in the very view that stood before me, was as proud and polished as it was when it was built in 1958. I wondered what they thought about as they lay in the silence of night with one of the natural wonders of the world just a breath away…

*PS- if you stay at this property you can have private viewing access to the falls one hour before the park opens to the public!

Hotel_das_Cataratas_03 Hotel_das_Cataratas_04

Hotel_das_Cataratas_05 Hotel_das_Cataratas_06 Hotel_das_Cataratas_07

Above, in a MAIYET shirt dress / vintage Hermes backpack you can read about what is inside here / Michael Kors watch


Above: As legend goes, step on the heart in the stone and find your one true love… 

Hotel_das_Cataratas_09 Hotel_das_Cataratas_10 Hotel_das_Cataratas_11 Hotel_das_Cataratas_12 Hotel_das_Cataratas_13 Hotel_das_Cataratas_14 Hotel_das_Cataratas_15  Hotel_das_Cataratas_17 Hotel_das_Cataratas_18 Hotel_das_Cataratas_19

Hotel_das_Cataratas_20 Hotel_das_Cataratas_21 Hotel_das_Cataratas_22 Hotel_das_Cataratas_23 Hotel_das_Cataratas_24 Hotel_das_Cataratas_25

Above Dana Maxx dress

Hotel_das_Cataratas_26 Hotel_das_Cataratas_27 Hotel_das_Cataratas_28  Hotel_das_Cataratas_30 Hotel_das_Cataratas_31 Hotel_das_Cataratas_32 Hotel_das_Cataratas_33 Hotel_das_Cataratas_34 Hotel_das_Cataratas_35 Hotel_das_Cataratas_36


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  1. Oh… I’m in love with Brazil already! Your stay at the Hotel das Cataratas seems so dreamy, I can’t even imagine waking up to a view like that. Looking so forward to all of your photos from your trip (And how is that you can make a simple shirt dress look so classy?! You’re always so beautiful, Jamie!)!

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