Márcia Ganem

Márcia_Ganem_02One of the joys of traveling is discovery. Discovering new food, a breathtaking view, new smellsa new skyan amazing hotel, a new way to see life and in Salvador da Bahia we discovered fashion designer Márcia Ganem. Drawing from the Bahian tradition of handcrafted lace, Marcia brings it into our modern day by constructing garments and accessories out of salvaged seat-belts! I loved how her pieces look to the eye as delicate as the finest lace but in actuality are almost indestructible. I purchased a beautiful jacket whose construction looks like the intricate and delicate skeleton of a fish in white and reminds me of the lightness of this special city and the inspiring artist we met along the way…

My travel companion Kelly and I put our pieces together at the studio on our beautiful muse Macy Nicol, turning her into something like the exotic birds we saw on our journey through South America with that all important touch of African influence whose roots in Salvador are undeniable.


Márcia_Ganem_04 Márcia_Ganem_05 Márcia_Ganem_06 Márcia_Ganem_07 Márcia_Ganem_08 Márcia_Ganem_09

 Márcia Ganem clothing & accessories modeled by Macy Nicol of MSA Models / Styling by Kelly Framel / Makeup by David for Stila Cosmetics / Hair by Justin Woods for Kerastase / Photographed at Ann Street Studio on Impossible USA film

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