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Over the past year, I’ve been going through a minimalistic phase, simplifying as much of my life as possible, including my beauty routine and wardrobe. Less is more right? When reading Steve Job’s biography, I really loved the idea of a uniform. As much as I love fashion, I love photography more and I want all of my time and energy to go into that, not picking out my outfit. So this transformation of simplification has begun and it feels really, really good.

This what I have found is important to me in this new phase of my personal style:

1. Buy less and save for quality. That item, whatever it may be, lasts longer, feels amazing, fits perfectly, makes you feel confident wearing it and is made of high quality fabrics. Even if you can’t afford these pieces new, there are sites such as LXR & Co. that sell luxury items on consignment at a fraction of the cost. I got my travel Hermes backpack that I LOOOOOVE here and a new Chanel watch for my birthday (above)!

2. Classic never goes out of style. I mean, obvi.

3. Shop conscientiously. I *love* companies like Obakki, whose philanthropic counterpart is a registered charity that focuses on providing clean water and education in Africa.  I also love FEED – with every purchase, you feed a certain number of school kids in Africa. Then there is MAIYET, a pioneering luxury brand that “incorporates rare artisan skills from unexpected places throughout the world, with the goal to promote sustainable employment in places that need it most.” I love my basic MAIYET white shirt dress and gold cuff. These things not only look good but make you feel good about wearing them and telling people about the brand because you believe in what they are doing with your money.

4. K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid. I was very inspired by Cuyana’s lean closet initiative that “challenges us to collect fewer, better things, and to donate the pieces in our wardrobes that are merely taking up space to those who need them”. Simplifying your closet and ultimately your life feels so good, and it gives you more time to focus on things that really matter.

5. Stay fresh faced. I used to wear a lot of makeup. Even though I’ve been living in New York for 11 years now, it took a while to shake my Texas roots and ideals of beauty. I realized last year in Paris I have been spending all this time “putting on my face” when really, it’s not the makeup that makes someone pretty. I have reduced my beauty routine to Restorsea face cream, sometimes mascara, bronzer, and lipstick. That’s it. 2 mins. Boom.

Recently, we were shooting a beauty story for Joanna Goddard’s blog, Cup of Jo. It was such an amazing group of women who came together, talking, taking photographs, and sharing beauty tips. Courtney, who was just as beautiful barefaced as with makeup on, told me about a documentary called Miss Representation about the way women are viewed in the media and how that makes us view ourselves. At one point in the documentary the point is made that every time you look in the mirror, you should imagine there is a little girl standing there hearing what you are saying to yourself. Horrid right?! I told Kevin there has not been a day in my life that I have not looked at myself in the mirror getting dressed and thought “if I could just lose 10 lbs…”

And now I have to ask myself why? For what? For who? What am I judging my body against that I would say that to myself? So these may be the articles of clothing I wrap around my body to move in and out of the day, but now when I get dressed I don’t tell myself I need to lose weight, I think about the things I like, that I feel fortunate to have. It’s not only a physical makeover but a mental one. So here are my new classics and it feels really, really good on the inside and out.

Above cover photo, the basic black turtleneck. I can thrown it on with jeans and get to work and then change into a pencil skirt and go out to dinner, so versatile that I live in these! 


Tibi Agathe Jumpsuit: it looks like a dress but it’s pants! Plus it has super clean lines and amazing pockets. And as we know, Tibi also travels very well: Brazil & Paris


 I have been living in Cuyana’s Alpaca Infinity Scarf this winter. I also travel exclusively with their leather tote (monogrammed of course) which is a piece of amazing quality and simple design. It would make a wonderful gift! Also wearing Banana Republic’s Sloan Colorblock Sheath and I just ordered this for summer!


Luxury comfort…This is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own; it feels like a teddy bear hugging you all day! TSE Cashmere Draped Back Sweater paired with TSE Printed Silk Pants. The quality and comfort of this brand is the very best, either in the studio, or out in the world.

JamieClassics-4 The versatile wrap dress, you can wear it open or closed. Emerson Fry is one of my favorite working girl brands, the kind of effortless cool you sometimes need. Close it for a meeting, open it for a party! I’m also really obsessed with lingerie these day, from shooting it to buying it. Above wearing a set from True & Co. which lets  you try at home for free before you buy.


 Obakki, nice simple comfy dresses. Also, my favorite overcoat is from here!


 The ultimate artist work dress: TSE Cashmere Satin Back Crepe Dress. Huge pockets, loose and moving, amazing fabric and comfort. One of the kinds of pieces I will have and wear until it falls apart. Couple with the few pieces of jewelry I own: Chanel vintage watch & MAIYET gold cuff.


The biggest staple of my wardrobe is men’s white button up shirts: on a tripout at nightfor work. I have them from Ralph Lauren to J. Crew. You feel polished, but it’s a no brainer and you can wear it with anything…and that for me now is everything.

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  1. Your style is very timeless and chic. The colors and natural lines is something I’ve begun to acquire for my closet. Thanks for all the inspiration, Jamie and you’re beautifullll! xx

  2. Jamie, you are something else!

    I love posts like this where we get to see a bit of your personal opinions and views, and I love the whole feel of simplicity and naturalness that you’ve been into lately! I’ve been trying to minimize my closet as of recent as well (which is horrible for me cause I tend to hang on to so many unnecessary things!) but I really do hope to make a switch over to quality pieces over quantity as you’ve mentioned.

    I hope you know that I (and I am sure so many other women out there) think that you are absolutely perfect the way you are! You radiate with beauty and a positive attitude and I hope you always see the light that is so clearly visible to so many of us in yourself! <3

  3. I am seeing a trend in fashion blogging that, quite frankly, I am LOVING! And that trend is to embrace less, not more. It’s as if we’ve all hit a wall with mass consumption and realize that it hasn’t made us happy or given us peace. It really is possible to love fashion, be creative and have less than 75 items of clothing. In fact, I find that wearing what I have challenges my creativity even more in that I have to see what I have with fresh eyes….it’s so easy to just BUY more, but far less rewarding than living contentedly with what we have.

    I’m looking forward to watching Miss Representation! I find that I’ve spent a lifetime picking myself apart. Thinking just 2 sizes lower and I’d feel fabulous. But you’re so right! What a horrid way to live! All bodies aren’t supposed to look the same!! It’s what makes each of us unique….some of us are curvy, some are more angular…..but each of us is fabulous (as Bridget’s Mark Darvy would say) “Just the way you are”. I love reading and looking at your blog, but this is the first post that you’ve done in a while that really leaves me incredibly enthused!! Peace! Serene

    1. Thank you Serene for this wonderful comment. You must watch Miss Representation, it’s so interesting and refreshing as a woman. I agree with you that it is fun to be more creative with less, the mass consumption is just crazy now and is not what makes us happy. I was worried about posting this because it’s so personal but your comment made me glad I did! Xx

  4. I am currently in the process of editing my own closet and finally, at 41, have realized what my uniform is. I had not heard of Cuyana and will certainly send them my edits. I agree with your comment about dressing simply, getting on with the day and doing the things we love–which I might add includes fashion. But lucky us, we get to include that in our work !

  5. How stunning are you!!? You *almost* make me want to grow my hair long! Have you been reading ‘Wide Eyed Legless?’ Her ‘perfect wardrobe’ series is super inspiring. Beauty is so many things, but to me the most beautiful is purely being yourself. Sure, it’s fun to play around with a red lip or ornate hat from time to time but you absolutely have to embrace your own personal beauty. As a fellow artist, I like versatile, functional but still feminine pieces.

  6. Oh my dear…I hope you can see from all these comments here that you clearly ARE quite lovely and frankly, even more so with minimal ornamentation. I actually stopped reading style blogs years ago because reading them caused me to feel terrible about myself (and who needs that help, right?).

    Do you remember when you used to have an outfit post for each day of NYFW? My favorite look was always the Amelia Earhart one. You looked comfortable and ready to do whatever was needed to be done! Not that one can’t achieve that wearing beautiful and feminine things, but the point I’m trying to make is this: a confident look is what makes a woman beautiful.

    You share your (very personal) art with us every day so it’s really wonderful hear something that’s just about YOU for a change. I know you guys have a busy life but I do hope we get to hear more of this in the future. Take care. XX

  7. Jamie, I look forward each day to seeing your exciting and beautiful pictures. You look absolutely stunning in these pictures. I appreciate your sharing your personal routine, but I must ask do you wear sunscreen? Your skin is so fair and beautiful I think that you must wear it everyday. Thanks for taking the time to share your travels, your photography, and your personal routine with all of us who are your biggest fans.

  8. In my mid thirties i have come to realize that i should prioritize quality over quantity. Maybe it is the combination of my travel experiences, being more mature and having a better idea of my style that help me realize this important point.

  9. Love, love, love this post! You are stunning and your taste is flawless! May I ask, what sorts of undergarments do you recommend for a men’s white button up? I always have vague outlines of my bra, and either the bra is too white or too beige and is always visible. You look absolutely flawless in them!

  10. I’ve been dying to know what’s in your closet 🙂 You are stunning and so effortlessly chic. Now, I wouldn’t hate it if you wanted to give us a peek into how you style your hair 🙂

  11. Ive never left a comment before but I couldnt resist! I have very similar hair but your’s looks so much more healthy! What hair product are you using? As a fellow Texas girl and lover of travel, your blog and photography transport me into a dream world. Its always a highlight to read your posts.

  12. I understand the need for simplicity in make up but i think it’s not easy for everyone. You’re a beautiful women naturally so even without make up, we can see beauty looking at you. I use make up to “hide” my face. I feel so uncomfortable when i’m not wearing make-up as if i was nude in the street…
    That said, it’s always a pleasure to see pictures of you. You are an elegant women and these words are from a Parisian girl 😉

  13. You are such an inspirational beauty! I always admire how effortlessly chic you are in your Instagram photos and all. I love reading posts about your perspective and personal style, so thank you for sharing [:

  14. gorgeous photos – inspiring post! Lovely hair – so shiny!!! How did it grow so fast – its in such beautiful health, id love to hear what you use to care for it?!

  15. Jamie, this is so inspiring. I, too, was really impacted by Miss Representation and have found it a powerful exercise to refocus my time & energy on the work I love & the good I can do. I still love fashion & design, but am looking for a more streamlined approach. Thank you for sharing yours!

  16. wonderful post Jamie! I also am artistic in so many ways; teach art, fashion, I paint, and love photography. I look forward to seeing your posts, because as an artist I am always looking for inspiration ~ I find it in the pieces you post and write….THANK YOU!

  17. That is truly a nice portrait, and a nice illustration of your simple, always chic and confident style.
    I love your authentic and honest approach.
    I have never heard about the Miss Representation project, but will surely watch it, and spread the word in France too.
    Thank you for the inspiration you have been providing me with for few years now, since your first and dear blog From Me To You. I only regret we cannot see your beautiful pictures and articles in an Archive category here !
    I wish you all the best and to your beautiful website!

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