Caroline Ventura


As an artist there are some people who I LOVE photographing. I could photograph them everyday. There is something about their beauty, bone structure, and spirit I love to capture, that my eye finds fascinating and wants to study them over and over. This is the case for jewelry designer Caroline Ventura who is one of (along with Heather) my muses. I first met Caroline on a shoot for Cup of Jo three years ago and we have been friends ever since. Did you know she was the first cinemagraph we ever shot? We just never tired editing it until AFTER our first public one. She was the first person I photographed at our old studio and this shoot is our first together at our new one.

We are both artists and we have known each other as photographer + subject for sometime now. I’ve shot Caroline beautifully, I’ve shot her COOL, but as we have been getting older we are looking to find more depth in our work. I’ve been wanting to focus less on the clothing in my personal shoots these days and more on the beauty of the female form. Caroline and I were going to meet up for dinner and I said, hey, let’s do a shoot before we head out, which eventually turned into a night of film photographs, margaritas, girl talk, and these moments below.

… and just for fun I asked Caroline a series of fill in the blank questions just for a new take on an old friend.

I am most inspired by…

My friends. I’m so lucky to have an incredible circle of talented friends who all support each other and push one another to do/create beautiful things.


An ideal day for me is…

When I can see blue skies. As long as the sun is shining, anything can be thrown my way.


My favorite artist is…

Lia Chavez, who is doing really beautiful things in the art world right now. I am so fortunate to call her a friend. Her solo show, Carceri, just opened at Two Rams on the LES. She is one of the gentlest and most humble humans and a huge inspiration to me.


The best way I express myself is…

With my mouth. I talk a lot.

Caroline_Ventura_25 New York City is…

Home. No matter where I go in my life it always pulls me back.

Caroline_Ventura_10    Caroline_Ventura_14

If I could go back in time, I’d tell my 21-year-old self…

To be more fearless. You have nothing to lose.

 Caroline_Ventura_17 Caroline_Ventura_18 Caroline_Ventura_19

Beauty to me is…

Someone doing something they love. When their passion radiates and you can feel it just by being near them.


I wish people appreciated more…

Things made by hands and not machines.


I wish more women…

Picked up a tool box and got their hands dirty.

Caroline_Ventura_342014 for me will be…

Better than 2013. That was a difficult year full of a lot of growing pains.


Caroline_Ventura_40I am most passionate about…

Simplicity. No muss, no fuss.


I am happiest when…

I have a cup of something warm to drink, my husband’s hand to hold, and a dog to pet.


Love is…

I’ll get back to you on that.


I find my calm amid the craziness by…

Taking little drives out of the city to put my feet on actual grass.

My shoots with Caroline from around the web, so fun to see our friendship through photographs!:

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Styled by Kelly Framel