Journey to Juma Lodge

All the greatest adventures require a great journey to reach them. This would be the third time, after Safari and Patagonia, I have dedicated over a day just in travel to reach a destination… but it is worth every transfer. Two flights, two buses and two boats and halfway through there, we said goodbye to WiFi and cell service. After passing pink dolphins, and navigating through large trees jutting out of the water, we motored up to the Juma Lodge just as the sun was setting. Being so far removed from modern civilization, we had ventured into an unknown world.

On Juma Lake in the Amazon River, we climbed the stairs to our treehouse bungalows. Our first night spent in the rainforest, we lay on the deck looking up at the night sky, almost bursting with stars of every size and color. We started to live by nature’s standard – it was such a funny thing, the moment we took away the every day technologies, we were all in bed by 10pm and up at 7. And what a wake-up call it was. Each morning we would hear a “knock” on our door, up and down all the cabanas, only to find a monkey waiting outside, climbing up your limbs to be cradled in your arms or sit on your shoulders. It was an awesome experience. We would swing in hammocks on the deck, suspended high above the waters below, and relish in a afternoon thunderstorm that brought a bit of relief from the humidity.

I think back on this experience and I can’t believe it lives in my memories. To see a part of the world so untouched, still so mysterious, and so influential in our modern day medicines and sciences, it almost felt spiritual, like we were sleeping close to ancient gods and all they could do was smile down upon us.


Where the two rivers meet – the above image illustrates the Rio Negro (black water) and the caramel-colored Amazon River flowing side by side but not mixing due to the different makeup and temperatures of the two rivers. This was the last Instagram I got out before we lost service!

Juma_Lodge_002 Juma_Lodge_003 Juma_Lodge_004

Juma_Lodge_006 Juma_Lodge_007 Juma_Lodge_008 Juma_Lodge_009  Juma_Lodge_011

Before our final boat ride we stopped at a little shack and bought some beer and fresh coconuts while waiting for the rain to settle and boarding the boat to Juma Lodge. Below – I love how he made a scoop with the shell of the coconut so we could eat the meat inside.

Juma_Lodge_012 Juma_Lodge_013 Juma_Lodge_014 Juma_Lodge_015 Juma_Lodge_016 Juma_Lodge_017   Juma_Lodge_020 Juma_Lodge_021 Juma_Lodge_022  Juma_Lodge_024 Juma_Lodge_025  Juma_Lodge_027 Juma_Lodge_028 Juma_Lodge_029 Juma_Lodge_030 Juma_Lodge_031 Juma_Lodge_032  Juma_Lodge_034

We were lucky enough to get to travel with our friends Kelly & Zach throughout this adventure, stories and experiences we will cherish together forever.

Juma_Lodge_035 Juma_Lodge_036 Juma_Lodge_037 Juma_Lodge_038

Juma_Lodge_039 Juma_Lodge_040  Juma_Lodge_042 Juma_Lodge_043    Juma_Lodge_047   Juma_Lodge_050 Juma_Lodge_051

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  1. Absolutely breathtaking, as always! I am a lurker, but couldn’t resist taking a moment to tell you how much I love your travel posts and photography. Always stunning. Can’t wait to see part two.

  2. As usual, I am absolutely loving all of your photos. I caught that you have been working with LAN to do these amazing stories, but I was wondering – and maybe I missed it somewhere – is this part of a larger project? I have seen some of the destination guides/blog posts on LAN’s website, but I didn’t see any of your experiences shared there, which is kind of a shame!

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