5 Favorite Lunch Spots of Tribeca


We’ve been living in Tribeca for a year now – not that long, but long enough to sample many of the neighborhood’s restaurants and make habits of where we like to go most often. Here are my current top 5 Favorite Lunch Spots of Tribeca

KAFFE 1668

coffee shop turned lunch spot

I’ve been coming to Kaffe 1668 for coffee and organic juices (the Brazil nut is my hangover cure) for months before I realized they have an extensive and amazing lunch menu with many of the ingredients coming from local farms. Their Alkalizing Salad with Quinoa is a weekly staple of mine but when I’m really feeling like an all-American treat I go for the Turkey Club which is TO DIE FOR. Bonus – your lunch items come with a complimentary tea. Yay.

Kaffe 1668, one of my 5 favorite Tribeca lunch places I'm currently loving

Below, outside Kaffe 1668 in Banana Republic’s recent collaboration with designer Roland Mouret which made the PERFECT high-waisted pant I’ve been living in! The collaboration is mostly sold out online but can still be found in-store.

Kaffe 1668, one of my 5 favorite Tribeca lunch places I'm currently loving


The little space that could…

First off, it’s pink. When you’re a building as old as the one Tiny’s hangs out in, you have to really make a splash to be seen. Even if the facade wasn’t pink though, we’d still know about it because the food is DELISH. Why I love it: Perfect lunch spot for business meetings or casual dates with a very ‘hip’ crowd…. and the burata salad with peach compote is on my list of “last meal” items. SO GOOD.

EH9A7386 EH9A7409

Cafe Clementine

The brown bag lunch

Just around the corner from our studio, Cafe Clementine is our most frequented lunch spot. Why I love it: the menu changes daily, offering an ever changing seasonal soup, sandwich and salad options so you never get bored… it really feels like you’re being fed by Mom which also explains the fresh baked cookies on the counter (DANGER). It’s more of a grab and go place, however, they do have a small bar with seating if you don’t mind small spaces.

EH9A7341  EH9A7371

Mulberry & Vine

“Eat Local, Cook Global”

It’s Tribeca’s take on a cafeteria dining which goes like this: Everyone who works at Mulberry & Vine is good-looking, everything you order down the line is made from scratch with organic and locally sourced food and then you take your tray and seat yourself under an oil painting and abstract light fixture. Why I love it: because my body loves it. Local, seasonal, organic, pesticide-free, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free food, it’s as healthy as it gets especially on the go. And the people watching is major, the chicest business women pop in for their daily green juices.

Tribeca's Mulberry & Vine, an organic, farm to table lunch spot

Tribeca's Mulberry & Vine, an organic, farm to table lunch spot

Locanda Verde

The Business Lunch

So you live in New York, you’re going to have the occasional business lunch which I always prefer over conference room meetings. My FAVORITE place for that is Locanda Verde, which I describe as Tribeca in restaurant form. The drawings on the wall, the bright window light, the explosion of plants in the concrete jungle are all balanced just perfectly to your glass of Chardonnay. They also serve up one of the best pastas in Manhattan- Spaghetti all’Amatriciana. On another note, if your meeting turns into a bore, there is always great celebrity people-watching here.

Tribeca's Locanda Verde

Tribeca's Locanda Verde

Are there any that we missed? Let us know!

17 thoughts on “5 Favorite Lunch Spots of Tribeca

  1. I love Locanda Verde, the food is fabulous, though it’s always a pain to get reservations here. Haven’t tried the others. Thanks for the recommendations. I am always looking for good places to eat.

  2. I was over staying in Tribeca for a week just over a month ago, and seeing these photos are really making me miss it. I was only able to try out Kaffe1668 (for breakfast), but I must have walked past all of these other places half a dozen times over the course of a few days. I was always taken by how adorable Tiny’s looked.

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