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When you think of green companies, you may not immediately think of jewelry. But John Hardy is absolutely a sustainable, environmentally focused company, and nowhere is that clearer than with their Bamboo Collection.

The John Hardy Bamboo Collection is inspired by nature and the wonder of bamboo. Bamboo is used in Bali for so many purposes – rituals, building, decoration, even fishing! It is a backbone of their economy and we saw it everywhere in Bali. It is no wonder this piece of island landscape is such a huge part of John Hardy’s identity. The company is very focused on their relationship with the surrounding community, as many of their employees come from it, and part of that relationship is making sure they limit their own impact on the environment and work toward making it healthy. Part of that promise involves bamboo: the prevalence of bamboo can spur the economy, and bamboo is also incredible for the environment – it limits soil erosion, grows quickly to offset carbon emissions, and helps maintain water levels.

In 2007, John Hardy began the “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” initiative, which allowed its consumers to help them plant bamboo by purchasing beautiful pieces of jewelry from the Bamboo Collection. This initiative has yielded 900,000 bamboo seedlings so far – in a space roughly 4 1/2 times the size of Central Park!

The pieces are special not only for their clean design and polish, but because each piece of jewelry is etched with the number of bamboo seedlings John Hardy was able to plant with the money paid. How wonderful to find a company creating such beautiful, peaceful designs and knowing that they work equally as hard to become greener every day…


Below, an artisan begins working on a Bamboo Collection cuff, starting with the traditional French wax molding technique, after which the cuff is casted in silver and continues through the process of filing and polishing.

John_Hardy_Bamboo_003 John_Hardy_Bamboo_004


Below, evoking the spirit of nature and an amazing attention to detail, the intricate design on the inside of John Hardy’s bamboo cuffs are like silver murals of island nature whispering a song only the wearer could ever know.

John_Hardy_Bamboo_006 John_Hardy_Bamboo_007 John_Hardy_Bamboo_008 John_Hardy_Bamboo_009 John_Hardy_Bamboo_010

Below- immersed in Bamboo. At the John Hardy compound I loved all the creative building ways they used bamboo to blend into nature and be eco friendly.

John_Hardy_Bamboo_011 John_Hardy_Bamboo_012

Above – bamboo tableware!


Villa Campuhan

Opening the doors on a new place… Bamboo was a huge influence in the building of Bali’s Villa Campuhan with Linda Garland’s goal to be environmentally friendly and seamlessly integrated into the natural setting. She also used recycled ironwood poles and native grasses for the thatch of the building. In addition to plaited bamboo walls, bamboo was used for the frames of the furniture in designs Garland created herself.

John_Hardy_Bamboo_014 John_Hardy_Bamboo_015 John_Hardy_Bamboo_018 John_Hardy_Bamboo_020

Above – in John Hardy’s epic bamboo cuff and ring with black sapphire

John_Hardy_Bamboo_021 John_Hardy_Bamboo_022 John_Hardy_Bamboo_023 John_Hardy_Bamboo_024 John_Hardy_Bamboo_025

Below, even the faucets were inspired by bamboo and seamlessly integrated into the design environment. Wearing John Hardy’s bamboo flex cuff and stackable rings.

John_Hardy_Bamboo_026 John_Hardy_Bamboo_027 John_Hardy_Bamboo_028


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  1. Jamie,

    I am wearing bamboo socks! I love them. Never heard of bamboo fabric, and now I have ten pairs of these socks!

    Bamboo is a mystical plant, and these images of yours, so full of grace and humility.

    Be well


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