Les Costans Hotel


I am expanding my reach in France beyond my beloved Paris these days, first with Cannes then to Normandy. When we signed up for the Origins project that sent us around the world, I was thrilled to learn we would be going to the Côtes d’Armor region of France to a charming little town called Perros-Guirec, where we would find the natural origin of the Origins ingredient Crithmum. In between shooting on the Brittany coast and culture about town, we laid our heads down in this perfect little luxury boutique hotel with its rich history of being a school, a hospital, occupied by the Germans in WWII and back to being a hotel again, where the most important thing to do is sip your wine as  you watch the sunset over the bay. Les Costans will forever remain as beautiful a memory as the roses in the garden…

PerrosGuirecHotel_003 PerrosGuirecHotel_004 PerrosGuirecHotel_005 PerrosGuirecHotel_006 PerrosGuirecHotel_007 PerrosGuirecHotel_008 PerrosGuirecHotel_009 PerrosGuirecHotel_010 PerrosGuirecHotel_011 PerrosGuirecHotel_012 PerrosGuirecHotel_013 PerrosGuirecHotel_014 PerrosGuirecHotel_018 PerrosGuirecHotel_019 PerrosGuirecHotel_020 PerrosGuirecHotel_021PerrosGuirecHotel_023 PerrosGuirecHotel_024

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