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JasminePoulton__02Yesterday we played out one of my personal fantasies of glamour and fashion high atop the city skyline in a Mandarin Oriental suite with our British Wilhelmina model Jasmine Poulton. We were talking about dreams, the way so  many come to New York to find them or fulfill them. I asked Jasmine about her own life, what brought her to our city, a place where it seems everyone is from somewhere, and how she ended up on this beautiful fall day in front of my lens…


New York is a city of dreams…my New York dream is….

Leaving every other weekend.

When I model I….


The reason I moved to New York is…

To be free.

I am most inspired by…

 Nature, music, love, a mind’s endless ideas.


Fashion is…

More than what’s current.

Women are…

One of nature’s greatest beauties & powers.

Beauty is…

Without definition.

Love is…

What life is about.


What do you wish more people appreciated?

Pleasure that isn’t instant.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Happiness is now and you can choose it anytime.


What are the big differences between your hometown Chelmsford outside of London and New York City?

New York offers almost instant access to anything you want. It’s fast and full of energy and a white noise that you get used to. In Chelmsford I notice every bird sing and car door close and let go of tension I didn’t even realize I was holding.

What’s your favorite trait of New Yorkers?

Their brutal honesty – whether it’s to compliment your outfit or tell you to get out of their way.


You are an artist in many mediums – poetry, photography, modeling, and drawing. Which one are you most drawn to?

Drawing and poetry are my fail safes, I’ve felt comfortable expressing myself through them longer than anything else but I’m reigniting my interest in acting and painting. Photography is something I feel I’m constantly learning about and evolving at. Writing/playing music (I play guitar and sing) is my ultimate dream. I think they’re all connected and I’m not in a place yet where I need to dedicate to just one.

When do you first remember thinking, I want to be an artist?

Art has always been my love but it is New York City that made me realize it could become my trade.

When did you first start making art?

I first realized I could draw when I started secondary school when I was 11 and it’s really what got me through my years there! It’s just the last year that I have been taking it a lot more seriously and really dedicating myself to it though.


My favorite artist is…

M.C. Escher or John Craxton.

The best way I express myself is…


I am most passionate about…

Living the happiest and healthiest life I can and sharing that with people I love.


If you had to use five words to describe yourself, what would they be?

A dreamer. Nostalgic. Complicated. Kooky. Passionate.

Do you draw inspiration for your artistic projects from things that happen to you or from fantasies?

I mix both. Some of my poetry is very personal which I combine with slightly abstract photography that is inspired by personal philosophy. The ideas for my drawings really come from fantasies.

Who do you admire? Who are your heroes?

David Lynch. David Bowie. Kate Bush.


Jasmine online: Twitter // Personal Instagram // Art Instagram // Facebook

Modeled by Jasmine Poulton of Wilhelmina // Clothing by Donna Karan // Jewels by Chopard // Hair by Jennifer MacDougall of L’Oréal Professionnel // Makeup by Ashlee Glazer // Shot in the Oriental Suite at Mandarin Oriental New York

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