Paris Time


For the past 4 years we’ve have the greatest pleasure of enjoying Paris in the fall. First with Esteé Lauder, then for MAC Cosmetics, following with Ralph Lauren and this past trip with CHANEL. I feel so fortunate to be able to shoot for clients who see the magic in this city of lights as much as we do. After work we always stay as long as possible to eat, drink, shop, get inspired and take epic long walks in the enjoyment of life. I’m happy to have french friends and favorite restaurants. I adore how things never seem to change here- the same woman sells me my favorite chocolates, the same waitress serves us that day’s seasonal dish, though this year her english is much better… which kind of makes me sad. Then there is always the thrill of discovering something new. The rooftop of the Raphael Hotel was enchanting. Dinner on the terrace of Monsieur Bleu with this sparkling view was so elegant. And the home stores where on. point. this time.

Standing under the watchful eye of time I looked out over Paris thought about the years that have passed and how one day I’ll look back on this time in my life and say… “now wasn’t that just magical.”

Paris_Time_03 Paris_Time_04 Paris_Time_05 Paris_Time_06 Paris_Time_07 Paris_Time_08

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A history in Black & White

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  1. This was such a treat, thank you for sharing. After spending an inexplicably long Tuesday and waking up this morning with very little expectation from life, seeing Paris through your lens was just what my soul needed. This just fuels my need to visit Paris and I may have to arrange a trip sooner than I thought. x

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